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  1. Would it be good for Labor to govern with a hung parliament with help of independents and/or a small majority?

  2. There has been an ongoing debate chez moi regarding certain road rules.

    OH maintains that until as late as 1973, when he left Tasmania, the local law was that one could not reverse out of one’s driveway into a public road. He maintains that in 1973 that was also the law in Victoria (and tries to imply that it was an Australia-wide rule).

    Well, moi cannot remember any members of moi’s Sydney-based extended family doing anything other than reversing out of driveways. Certainly reversing seemed to be the rule in Canberra from my earliest impressions.

    Some of youse people have been around for a bit longer than moi. If you are prepared to share your experience as very youthful drivers, I would be delighted.

    • I’m going to be rude- your OH is talking absolute rubbish.

      How else are you meant to get out of a driveway? We do not all own palatial properties with circular drives that allow us to cruise out into the traffic.

      I learned to drive in 1963, in NSW. I had a professional driving instuctor. Neither he, nor anyone else, including the very nice police officer who took me on my licence test, ever suggested that it was illegal to back out of the driveway, which was just as well, as my parents’ home, like mosr others, had a narrow drive that did not allow any other option. All you had to do was keep an eye out for traffic and not charge out and expect everyone to give way to you.

    • We had a drive through so never had to…We’d just drop the clutch on about several thousand revs to leave a bit of rubber on the cement apron and to give the old man the shits..: “LAZZERON !..Boia che boia!!” throw a 90deg once you hit the bitumen and make marino station while the echos of abuse still lingered in the home driveway.

    • I had a discussion with the constabulary in 1972 about reversing down a carriageway in Clayton.
      Research indicated that the charge would be heard before a magistrate who would oblige the police by cancelling offenders license. Since my research included head of Dandenong traffic – not even my parents knew

  3. Ah 1973, Fergies, Fordsons and 125cc Kawasaki farm bikes. No probs reversing there.

  4. Leone,

    You are not being at all rude. OH frequently talks complete rubbish about things outside his areas of expertise.

    Mostly I ignore him, but every now and then, when his nonsense puts other people at risk of being in breach of really truly laws, I get ferocious.

    This one doesn’t particularly matter; besides, Tasmania was in certain respects a law unto itself for a long time.

    • I was last in Tasmania in 1974, no-one ever said anything about backing out into the traffic when we hired our little car for our grand tour of the island.

    • in 1974 I got pinged for underage drinking in Tas.
      All I wanted to do was bum a lift to Launceston after completing Cradle Mountain walk
      Anyway I was stuck on verandah with a lemonade while the barman found me a lift

  5. A FFS + FMD from the ABC . Reporting on the fires in ‘Canadia’ the ABC presenter yokel explained how huge the fires were by telling us they covered an area larger than that of New York City. An area we be so familiar with.

  6. Catching up…

    Nightwish have a new vocalist (Floor Jansen) and drummer:

  7. Lord ot Fridge,

    Last Sunday’s Ockham’s Razor was a wonderful audio snapshot of Edith Cowan, Australia’s first female MP (in Western Australia, and I am restraining myself from further comment).

    She became a champion of women’s rights at an early age. When she was elected to WA’s Legislative Assembly in 1920, and introduced a private member’s bill enabling women to enter the legal and other professions, this exchange happened:

    During the reading of the Bill, a fellow Parliamentarian Charles Latham, asked her “Surely you do not want … to bring women down to the level of men?”. Edith answered “No, I want to raise men to the level of women.” She added: “Women are very desirous … of their being placed on absolutely equal terms with .. men. ….. We ask for neither more nor less than that.”

    The transcript is here: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/ockhamsrazor/edith-cowan/7364378

    and the audio link is here: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/ockhamsrazor/edith-cowan/7364378

    Very well worth a read and/or listen.

  8. I’m not a fan of live gigs – usually way too loud.

    I’d like to see this live, though:

  9. Fiona

    Thanks for the link. I used to be a very regular listener to Ockham’s Razor , your post made me realise that I have fallen out of the habit and not listened to it for a couple of years.

  10. Kaffeeklatscher,

    I am really enjoying the new Sunday Extra format. Jonathan Green is a most laid-back host, and adept at dealing with particularly partisan commentary. When I’m sufficiently awake I love the DA conundrums, and Tweet of the Week is interesting even to a total non-twitcher like me.

    Also, I do like the repositioning of Ockham’s Razor. If I know that Background Briefing is on a subject I’m likely to find distressing, I can at least have 10 minutes of interesting and often enlightening information. I then have the choice of hitting the “off” button or getting up – and I leave it to your imagination which is my usual decision . . .

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