Fluorescent Friday

The faux election campaign is in full swing, with Labor announcing real policies and the Coalition faffing about with busywork, flatulent slogans, and – it goes without saying – Hi Vis in all its fluorescent glory.

Calla Wahlquist; The Guardian

Ray Strange; News Corp

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull inspect a building site in Canberra – hey, isn’t something missing?

ABC News; Jenny Magee

Not that Turnbull will ever be able to equal the patron saint of Hi Vis and – even more so – Fluoro, tny bbutt:

Nathan Richter; News Corp

Alan Pottitt; AAP

David Mariuz; Fairfax

While on the subject of fluoro, how could I resist a bit of fluoro lycra and the usual snouts in the latest trough extravaganza?

Alex Ellinghausen; Fairfax

Kevin Andrews, left, Angus Taylor, Josh Frydenberg, David Gillespie and Tony Abbott prepare to leave Canberra yesterday for the 1000km Pollie Pedal. ‘Nothing better symbolises the best in our humanity than the things we do for love’. PUKE

Ray Strange; Newscorp

Sensible tortoise!

Alex Ellinghausen

Enjoy the evening, everyone!

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  1. Is the French submarine deal going to happen, or is it already on the skids? Is there a long-term agenda to have nuclear submarines? And why was the price double the amount it was supposed to be when tenders were called?

    Why did we agree to pay too much for French submarines?

    The evidence now mounting shows that the submarine tender is one of the most irregular ever conducted in Australia. Defence officials in the US, Japan and Germany are shocked at what is now being revealed.

    Within 24 hours of the tender being announced, both sides are saying different things so, as anyone experienced with tenders knows, that means the deal has every prospect of becoming a disaster. (The good, the bad and the ugly of the submarine tender process, Apr 29)

    There is mounting evidence that the French do not want to build the first two submarines in Australia. They need to make the first two submarines back home.

    In Paris, they were shocked that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was so definitive in his statement that all 12 submarines would be built in Australia

    There’s more –

  2. jaycee

    Well 1990’s is after I left the area, so I don’t know from about the early 80’s. Sounds like you had a bad time. One thing I do know, it was probably cold, warmer to have gone and slept in the caves. 🙂 Today was one of the warmest days I’ve ever experienced up there.

  3. This is a personal declaration:

    Tomorrow is a work-free zone for moi (except for seriously panicking students).

    I will, of course, be propping up the bar at The Pub – except when I’m taking me mum to lunch for what would have been her 63rd wedding anniversary and what was DD’s 28th birthday last Friday.

    G’night, all.

  4. The fighting between right-wing columnists continues…


    Rage of the tiny delcons
    Miranda Devine
    Sunday, May 01, 2016 (12:35am)

    THE Essential poll last week quantified that strange beast: the delcon, or delusional conservative. These are Liberal voters so angry about Tony Abbott’s ousting they would rather Bill Shorten win the election than Malcolm Turnbull.

    Essential asked: “Has the re-election of Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Liberal Party made you more or less likely to support the Liberal National Coalition at the next federal election?”

    Just 14 per cent say they are less likely to vote for the Turnbull-led Coalition. Just four percent say they are “much less likely”. That’s what you could call the delcon community, small but noisy.

    Abbott appeared this week on Andrew “Delcon” Bolt’s new Sky show where he was asked about “critics” who had urged the removal of his chief of staff Peta Credlin.

    The only people named were two women: me and Niki Savva, with the implication that criticism of Credlin somehow was a “woman problem”. Meow.

    It’s not the first time the suggestion has been made, so for the record, among those calling for the removal of Credlin were Rupert Murdoch, John Howard (at least twice), Chris Mitchell, Paul Sheehan, Piers Akerman, then-Liberal Party treasurer Phil Higginson, half the ministry and at least half the backbench.

    “Tough to write,” tweeted Murdoch on January 28 last year, the day after I wrote a column urging Abbott to replace Credlin to save himself, “but if he won’t replace top aide Peta Credlin she must do her patriotic duty and resign.”

    Conservative criticism of the Abbott government by that stage included Peter Costello, John Roskam, Tim Wilson, Dennis Shanahan, Greg Sheridan, Janet Albrechtsen, Alan Jones, Chris Kenny and even Bolt, who went further than anyone to call Abbott’s gonging of Prince Philip “so damaging that it could be fatal”.

    So let’s not rewrite history to blame the chicks.

  5. https://theconversation.com/five-budget-myths-that-refuse-to-die-56358


  6. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. It’s Sunday so not much to look at.

    More money for education in the budget? They will fall short of Gonski.
    This case might have big ramifications for Coles and he SDA union.
    Peter FitzSimons writes from New York.
    Who says we don’t have a housing affordability problem?
    More political advertising paid for by the taxpayer.
    The geopolitical demographics of negative gearing in Australia. No surprises here.
    Now THAT’S a recall!
    Adele Ferguson says Kelly O’Bigmouth is talking crap on protection for superannuation holders. “This isn’t a transition. It’s capitulation” she says.
    A really good essay from Charles Waterstreet on the stars of the courtrooms.
    What disgusting things happen in the name of religion, in this case Mormonism.

  7. Section 2 . . .

    Sophie Mirabella, the unwitting corruption whistleblower.
    This is a good article on Turnbull’s cack-handed efforts to discredit Labor’s negative gearing policy.
    Matt Golding with a hint of conflict of interest on negative gearing. http://www.smh.com.au/content/dam/images/g/o/j/0/j/2/image.related.articleLeadNarrow.300×0.goimww.png/1462024117367.jpg
    Pat Campbell and the budget table from which all things have been removed.

    Mark Knight with celebrations over the celebration of the Kidman non-sale. Worth a look.
    David Rowe and Dutton Island.

  8. BK

    Let us all hope that every Sunday until the 3rd July is quiet so that we can all catch our breath, as from now on it’s going to be full on me thinks. Thanks again for your links everyday, and somedays I have quite a few left over to keep me going until you post the new ones. I do get to catch up on Sundays.

  9. ” What disgusting things happen in the name of religion, in this case Mormonism.”…OH NO!..Not a release of ; “Donny and Marie..The Best Of…”

    • If I ever hear again in my lifetime the strains (and I DO mean STRAINS!) of :

      “And they call it puppy- lu-uhuh-uhve…”…I will vomit!

  10. When will women of all ages realise that eye makeup like this makes them look like a panda after a hard night on the tiles?

    • “Tony Abbott has a ‘fire in the belly’ ”

      Habaneros will do that to you.

  11. Tonight live on Sky News – Chris Kenny will give Waffles a foot-rub and full body licking.

    I will not be watching.

    • From the few programs I’ve caught in recent times The Even Worse Kenny and his guests have not been very kind to Truffles . On the other hand he may have at last got the memo from Mordor. Last saw him enthusiastically polishing some turd Truffles had dropped .

    • Whenever I do these sort of tests I always come out strongly Green. I would never vote Green, not ever.

    • That’s because these tests align only with what the Greens say they want to do, and doesn’t account for the ham-fisted political chicanery they indulge in, which undermines any chance of getting any of it done.

      If the questions could discriminate between practical solutions that can work right now, and pie-in-the-sky touchy-feely fantasies of a ‘perfect world’, they’d result in a whole lot more people finding themselves aligned with the ALP.

      This whole “we won’t support it unless it’s absolutely perfect” attitude from the Greens is killing any chance this country has of getting back on the right foot. I’ve long reconciled my general outlook being green with the reality that I wouldn’t actually vote for those idiots in a pink fit.

    • Me too. And Natale has moved the Greens way past Labor to the extreme right.

    • I am 97% Green and 95% ALP
      and people most like me live in Gippsland, electorate north of Lyne and southern Tasmania south east of Hobart

      As its 13 degrees here I think north of Lyne sounds good

    • Funny – the ‘people’ who agree with me all live at Blackmans Point, just across the river. It’s not part of Lyne any more, it’s now in Cowper.

      I suspect there have not been too many responses as yet.

      ‘North of Lyne’, which is where I am now, thanks to the redistribution, is gloomy, wet and dismal today, but it is still 19.3C. It managed to struggle up to 20C for a few minutes earlier.

  12. Once again, a cartoonist says so much in just one image.

    Cathy Wilcox –

  13. what have I done to deserve such frequent exposure to Malcolm Turnbull’s image? And why is he the only politician who seems to have this commercial promotion? Or is it just that previously I’ve not noticed others similarly appearing on my screen?

  14. Leone

    That was always the result I got from these things. With this one though there are more nuanced responses, and if you don’t agree with any of them then put in your own. I was pleasantly surprised that this one found I was Labor, the greens not far behind, and the lnp in the low sixties.

    • I think my more nuanced replies made me lean even more to what whoever made that test up considered was ‘Green’.

  15. Interetsing chat on RN. just then about male terminology domination in the workplace…you know, like; “Man the pumps”…or “Don’t come the raw prawn..”..or ; ” We’ll hammer that one home!”…that sort of thing…

    So I have decided, where suitable, I am going to use more of the “women’s world” familiar terminology..like..f’instance..: “Don’t come the raglan-sleeve with me pal!”…or perhaps..; ” Keep it plain or pearl..one or the other”…or ; ” Well!..THAT’S flambe’d THAT theory!”..or ” Bloody hell!..there’s a 40 denier intellect for you!”….that sort of thing…I reckon it’ll work…don’t you?

    • No, because 99% of women won’t have have a clue about what you mean.

    • Bulldust!..they’re no more difficult to understand than say ; ” That’ll be four , mate…” …anyway what do others think…..(for themselves)?

  16. This could be fun –

    Malcolm Turnbull’s medical problem

    MALCOLM Turnbull will go to the July election at war with the medical profession as pathologists, imaging clinics, dentists and doctors all campaign against his budget cuts.
    Pathology clinics have already become campaign headquarters against the government as the industry fights the end of a bulk billing incentive that could see a blood test cost $20 from July 1.
    Nearly 500,000 patients have so far signed a petition against the cuts and the industry today (Thurs) releases a report which shows how it saved the government $2.4 billion by providing free tests last year.
    The Ernst and Young report shows Australian pathology costs $381m less than the USA, and $45m less than Canada.
    “Our campaign will not only go ahead, we will be doing everything we can to make the government see that this is the wrong approach, that will continue election or no election,” Pathology Australia president Dr Nick Musgrave said.
    “Should the minister not realise this is a mistake it will be a major issue during the election campaign,” he says


  17. Deaths of elephants and rhinos:

    By the time the last flames flicker out tonight, Kenya will have reduced 105 tons of elephant ivory and 1.35 tons of rhino horn to smoldering ash—the final remains of some 6,500 elephants and 450 rhinos killed for their tusks and horns. As President Kenyatta said in a speech earlier today, the burn is meant to send a strong and clear statement to the world: “For us, ivory is worthless unless it is on our elephants.”


    • Or perhaps even : “That’s put the rolled collar on THAT blouse!..and that’s a fact !”

    • Hey!…There’s more than a touch of the old herringbone weave between those two and no mistake!

  18. And from the why not ? section a post of a couple of lassies from Japan rocking out on their tsugaru shamisens under the cherry trees


    • I wish the bustards would quote the median rather than the average. Median tells us what half of what we peasants earn. The average ? Bill Gates walks into my local and hey ho we are all billionaires……………………..on average,

    • OMFMD ~ how did I get that so wrong ! ? The bloody song was on super high rotation, annoyingly so, back in the day on the station I listened to. Insert embarrassed emotion.

  19. Bloody yuppies! Doing up Victorian inner city cottages, formerly workmen’s cottages, buying up Aesthetic Movement items to decorate their cramped but trendy digs, bidding the price WAY up!

    I bought two items of AM transferware (unknowing what it was, just looked old to a very young me) at school fete type of prices, 20¢ an item. Now I would have to pay $30 and up for transferware for goodness sake!

    Bloody yuppies!

    • Yeah, bloody yuppies…as useless as a flat front tyre on a jogger stroller!

  20. Transferware = printed! I want hand painted, real! Luckily the Worcester porcelain AM items I bought are handpainted and are porcelain.

    • I am sure all here remember Commodore Perry and how he opened up Japan and that is one of the two legs of the Aesthetic Movement. The other leg was Oscar Wilde.

      The Gilbert & Sullivan operetta “Patience” gently mocks the Aesthetic Movement.

    • Pol Animal,

      Another operatic work about that era is, of course, Madama Butterfly.

      *sniffs quietly*

      Puccini’s operas are, for me, the ultimate tear-jerkers. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen/heard them, I always have at least two sodden handkerchiefs by final curtain.

      Another interesting result of Perry’s “opening up” was the commercialisation of satsuma ware.

      I’ve always loved Japanese ceramics and art. I’m having a couple of my parents’ Japanese prints (note: prints, not woodcuts, so not valuable) reframed at the moment. When done, they will have pride of place in my bedroom.

  21. Yeah, I have some English (Derby) imari ware but have not yet looked at buying Japanese imari and satsuma ware. Also have a Spode kakiemon platter but no Japanese kakiemon ware.

    So much fun reading up and trying to find nice samples (= I can afford them) of various wares. Keeps the little grey cells going.

  22. Madame Butterfly, La Boheme, the local tissue makers do well when they are played here.

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