Fluorescent Friday

The faux election campaign is in full swing, with Labor announcing real policies and the Coalition faffing about with busywork, flatulent slogans, and – it goes without saying – Hi Vis in all its fluorescent glory.

Calla Wahlquist; The Guardian

Ray Strange; News Corp

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull inspect a building site in Canberra – hey, isn’t something missing?

ABC News; Jenny Magee

Not that Turnbull will ever be able to equal the patron saint of Hi Vis and – even more so – Fluoro, tny bbutt:

Nathan Richter; News Corp

Alan Pottitt; AAP

David Mariuz; Fairfax

While on the subject of fluoro, how could I resist a bit of fluoro lycra and the usual snouts in the latest trough extravaganza?

Alex Ellinghausen; Fairfax

Kevin Andrews, left, Angus Taylor, Josh Frydenberg, David Gillespie and Tony Abbott prepare to leave Canberra yesterday for the 1000km Pollie Pedal. ‘Nothing better symbolises the best in our humanity than the things we do for love’. PUKE

Ray Strange; Newscorp

Sensible tortoise!

Alex Ellinghausen

Enjoy the evening, everyone!

237 thoughts on “Fluorescent Friday

  1. But I like G&S too

    “. . .everyone is now a fairy. . .”

    What’s not to like?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Pol Animal,

    G&S are great – Sullivan’s music is fantastic, and Gilbert’s libretti exquisitely clever, and so readily adaptable to political events of whatever happens to be the current era. Very very clever gentlemen, both of them.

  3. Mozart is my fave composer tho. Staid back 3 days in Vienna (Jan ’79) for “the Magic Flute” performed in the Vienna State Opera House. Cost me a fortune in train fares to get back to Holland (Eurorail pass expired) but wild horses could not have dragged me from Vienna!

  4. Pol Animal,

    My Vienna experience was in the second half of February 1979. A flying (or training) visit only, but all four nights at an opera:

    Saturday 17: Il Trittico

    Sunday 18: Der Freischütz

    Monday 19: Il Seraglio (Volksoper)

    Tuesday 20: Tosca – the biggie, in more ways than one.

    DD said something really interesting and insightful, and rather touching in retrospect (more to do with OH than with me) after her Viennese experience three or so years ago. She loved Vienna, and was amazed OH and I hadn’t moved there, given our interests.

    Yes, OH had (still has) a magnificent voice (interesting – he can’t stand Teddy Tahu Rhodes and was most disconcerted when I pointed out how similar their voices are). Yes, he could have made a go of it as an opera singer. However, it’s a precarious life, and at that stage (we weren’t married then) he had to consider his then wife and their children. Rightly so.

  5. I saw Beethoven’s one and only opera Fidelio there and Tosca and one other, will have to find my notes.

    I did walk in the (bare) Vienna Woods and saw a squirrel.

    Then on to Munich and Scloss Neuschwanstein—and Dachau. Bit of a contrast that!

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