Safe Rates Fiasco


How did it all come to this. Libs sticking up for labor voting truck drivers, while labor are sticking up for big business.Every owner driver says that this law that labor brought in and are still pushing for is a bad piece of legislation.


It has been wrapped up under a banner of safety and looking after drivers.Pay them more and drivers wont have to work so hard is ridiculous and will do nothing to alter the road toll. Most of the accidents involving trucks are caused by car drivers doing stupid things and most of the trucks that are involved belong to Non owner drivers that this legislation doesn’t affect.


Safe rates legislation was intended at its start was all about the the big 2 Woolies and Coles demanding set delivery times and then penalising drivers if late.For example say a driver had a load from Sydney to the Brisbane distribution centre at  he his set a specific unload time within 30 mins.


That is leave Sydney at 12.00am be in Bris at 11.00pm +-30 mins. Miss that slot and you are put in a holding pattern. ,No excuses. Accidents, road closures floods etc, be there at your allocated time or get put into the pattern. Now for drivers with the major companies they were on a hourly rate and got paid for waiting anyway but subbie Owner drivers are paid to deliver the load ,so if they s miss the slot they have to wait …Depending on how urgent they want the goods on the truck you could be stuck there for anything up to 24 hrs. You can,t leave your truck in case you get called up and all this time is unpaid and the return load that you had lined up has gone to someone else because you are stuck in the line, If you can,t find a return load it becomes a expensive trip home.

So labor came up with safe rates and at first was a pretty good piece of legislation.Make Coles and Woolies pay for the truckies time waiting to be unloaded, and take into account road closures, floods etc. all pretty sensible stuff and supported by most people. I can guarantee you that the distribution centres would operate a lot more efficiently if they had to pay for waiting times.

What has come now is nothing like what was intended. Owner drivers AND ONLY OWNER DRIVERS have to charge so called safe rates determined by the RSRT. They have a neat calculator for you to work out how much you have to charge.


I had a little play around with it and If I charged what the calculator tells me to charge I would have gone broke in about a month. There is no allowance for back loads where you just want to cover your fuel expenses to get back to do another full load. Particularity important if you are hauling to north qld were there is a lot of freight going up but not much coming back. I could always rely on the aluminium smelter at Gladstone for a load home as they used Owner drivers all the time to take freight back to Brisbane. I have heard that they will no longer use Owner Drivers because of what they have to charge. Instead the will use toll or one of the other bigger companies that are not affected by safe rates.



And that is the major problem.

Single Owner- Drivers are the only ones affected by this . They have to charge what they are told and if they don,t they face a $52.000 fine.Bigger companies with employed drivers are not affected. They can charge what they want. So Billy Blogs wants someone to take a load from Brisbane to Sydney . He rings a owner driver that he has worked with before and says how much mate? same as last time? Nope says OD will now cost almost double than last time,Billy then rings large company asks how much and is nearly $1000 cheaper. Who do you think will get the job.It is blatantly unfair for owner drivers to be forced to charge exorbitant rates while others are under no such obligation. It will drive single owner operators out of business while increasing business for the others.

Why are only owner drivers being singled out. They have invested heavily in a truck.found work,built up relationships with clients and now they are being forced out of business. This has zero to do with safety and more to do with giving the big boys more work. Owner drivers look after there trucks and take more care of them then payed drivers. If there trucks aren’t working they get no pay while the other drivers just jump in another fleet truck.

As it stands now it looks like the RSRT will be abolished which in my opinion is a good thing. I hope if Labor win the next election that when they get to reintroducing the legislation it is in a vastly different form than what was established . Everyone is concerned about making our roads safer, ,especially the drivers that go out to work every day and night knowing that one mistake can cost them their lives ,but to penalise one section of the industry is not the way to do it.



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  1. Mum’s moved on to another relationship which has produced a child.

    Dad said on The Project that he was concerned as to what he was seeing on Facebook regarding the Mum. God knows what that was.

    The bottom line is that Nine paid a bunch of mercenaries hundreds of thousands of dollars to snatch the kids off the street. If it had come off, Nine would have exploited it to the hilt. We’d have never heard the end of it. It would have been packaged, promo’d and advertised to an infinite degree.

    Now, the “failure” story will probably be shamelessly promoted as “Poor Tara, separated from her kids, facing 20 years in a filthy Muslim jail”.

    It would not surprise me if Julie Bishop interposed her own scrawny neck into this somewhere along the line.

    • No-one seems to care about the kids. It’s all about Sally. Has anyone stopped to think those two little kids might be very, very happy with their dad? The youngest is only two years old but Sally Whatsername did relinquish total custody, she leapt into a new relationship, she already has another child – it doesn’t sound very stable to me. Better off with Dad, I think.

    • “Sally Whatsername did relinquish total custody, she leapt into a new relationship, she already has another child”

      Now, very rich.

    • “Mum’s moved on to another relationship which has produced a child.”

      BB, there’ll be a lot of happy with that.

  2. ow could I refuse?


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    For more than 150 years we’ve supported people and businesses with great financial products, services and advice. But we want to do more.

    Banking has always been based on service, ethics, trust and integrity. There has been a lot of comment lately about such values, and we want you to know we are absolutely committed to them. Our vision is to be Australia and New Zealand’s most respected bank, and to do this, high standards and constant improvement are essential.

    Our industry has agreed to changes to make it easier to do business with us. You can read more about these changes here.

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    We’ll continue to listen to you and act on your feedback so you get the service you deserve. We look forward to continuing to support you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ken Henry
    Ken Henry AC
    NAB Chairman

    Andrew Thorburn
    Andrew Thorburn

  3. Anyone not watching repeats of Letters and numbers?

    SBS 1730 weekdays.

    • Weird thing is, Fiona, that they dress her in all sort of unbecoming gear. Very loose tops, wide belts and all sorts of flutterbys.

      Lily has the face, figure and smile for a wonderful dress-horse.

      She has her orders about what to say (dumb blonde stuff) but she has a quick wit.

    • This is one lady!

      “In August 2010, she began co-presenting Letters and Numbers as the show’s arithmetical guru while completing honours studying part-time in mathematics with applications in biology looking at the effects of flooding on the Fitzroy River and Great Barrier Reef. Serna intends to complete a Ph.D. in environmental science.”

      My BIL and I, if I may be allowed a sexist comment, say she forgot to take her ugly pill.

      The BBC has an equivalent who does the arithmetic just as well.

  4. I think that the lot of them were at fault here. Why can’t people just agree to custody and visitations without all the hooha of who owns the kids? Maybe Dad was surprised by how far a mother will go to see her kids, even if it meant getting down and dirty with channel nine? I mean, it was a dumb decision and Nine exploited her to hell, like they do with human misery. Anything for a rating, your best friend until they are not. But she wanted her kids and he kept them away from her, so anything can happen.

    I am not going to kick the mum over this. It must have been an irresistible offer. Nine stumps up and the kids get back to Australia, where Mum has custody, and she never has to let them out of her sight again, certainly not to go for a holiday to the Dad’s country never to return.

    Now she has no Australian custody rights and relies on the goodwill of the Dad for visits. And what was this about not letting the kids see their mother for many months? Does not sound like a good Dad to me, neither should;ve the Mum put the kids through a kidnapping attempt.

    None of the parents come out of this with any integrity intact. Damned if I know why people marry and have kids with persons who have another country to take the kids to, out of reach. But I suppose it was all gooey and kisses at the wedding. Maybe people should be required to lodge divorce contracts before they get the marriage licence.

  5. Anyone else here have a pulse of 35 bpm?

    My medicos don’t don’t know what to do about it or if they should.

  6. From The Angry Arab:

    Did I not tell you? Middle East regimes are savage and cruel–but not against white people
    “An Australian woman and television crew charged with kidnapping her children from their father in Beirut were set to be released on Wednesday, a judge said, after an out-of-court settlement was reached between the sides.” If this woman was from Bangladesh she would have been harassed and sentenced to life. (thanks Basim)

    From the same blog yesterday:

    The Australian violent kidnapping attempt (of children) in Lebanon II
    I have been angry at the audacity of privileged Australians who went to Lebanon in order to kidnap little children from their fathers. The hired Australian goons also hit the grandmother and the maid (the hitting of the maid didn’t make it into Western media accounts, naturally). Look, it seems that the children are victims of their parents: both parents seem to have been cruel to their children. A relative of the father tells me that he indeed is guilty of depriving the children of their mothers, and he admitted that he broke into the email account of his ex-wife. That is the kind of father. All that however does not excuse the cruel decision of the mother who, using her race privilege and nationality privilege, thought that she could just storm into Lebanon and kidnap her children. Of course, they will be released from jail because they are not Africans or Asian. We know the legal standards of a country like Lebanon. I don’t like the father but he has a point here: “”If the tables were turned, if I were to show up in Australia trying to kidnap someone … I would have probably been shot on the spot, called a terrorist,” he said. The 32-year-old father also said he wasn’t willing to drop charges against Faulkner because he believes it would also lead to the release of the news team who filmed the operation, and those who carried it out.”

    • If you engage with (that’s a very stupid phrase but I can think of no other) unfamiliar cultures then you have to be educated to those cultures.

      I plan to go to Morocco next year and there is no way I’ll not do a lot of research.

      Sad to say, no time to learn decent Arabic.

  7. Erica doing his bit

    At a Senate committee hearing into a national integrity commission on Thursday, Abetz objected to the possibility it could investigate conduct that falls short of criminal behaviour, including “commercial immorality” which he said was as “very vague notion”.

    “We’d all have our views on … commercial governance and acting with the very best levels of morality. But don’t we actually need an objective test, such as that behaviour is either criminal or not criminal?

    “When do we start impugning people’s reputation by saying ‘it wasn’t criminal behaviour but’ and leaving people’s reputation besmirched?”

    Abetz cited the example of former New South Wales premier Nick Greiner who he said had his career “absolutely demolished courtesy of an over-eager [Independent Commission Against Corruption]”.

  8. kk

    The Cherman things are a revelation about how technology is supposed to work for us..

    FMD Red.


  9. On the Invitation thing.

    It was delivered by someone from the BHC.

    I declined on the basis I couldn’t be stuffed attending even if they were paying for the trip.

    One of my grand nieces snaveled the invite to keep in her scrap book.

  10. From the Guardian:

    Construction on the next stage of Sydney’s WestConnex project could begin within weeks after the NSW government approved a plan to build a “New M5” in the city’s inner-west.

    The 9km tunnel will run between the existing M5 East at Kingsgrove and a new interchange at St Peters and is intended to reduce congestion and improve travel times, planning minister Rob Stokes says.

    Let me just say this.NOTHING that has ever been built in Sydney to alleviate traffic snarls has EVER worked.

    The M5 is perennially subject to kilometre long jams, max headroom incidents and breakdowns. It is possibly the worst motorway traffic-throughput-wize in the history of the World.

    Making it even bigger is a recipe for disaster.

    The only ones who will benefit from it are the constructors… Oh… wait…

    • Is Leighton going to get that contract too?

      I worry about all this tunnelling under Sydney. I fear one day soon we will see a re-enactment of the tunnel collapse scene in ‘Paint Your Wagon’.

  11. EXCELLENT videos E James! Loved them both!

    With that and a Fiona-call from our den mother, I am completely cheered up.

    Thank youse all.

  12. Fiona

    Not red. Burgundy.

    I was taking the piss out of the NZ’er.

    I’ve sipped enough Burgundy to ‘reconise’ the colour.

    • CTar,

      Hey, I’ve been marking assignments. Enough to make even moi more than usually pedantic and picky 😛

  13. Fiona,

    But it’s done now and you’ve made your best choice.

    Some times your advice doesn’t turn out the way you’d like.

  14. CTar,

    I haven’t had any death threats yet.

    Out of the approx. 700 students enrolled, only two so far are seriously agitated about getting high H2As (otherwise known as really good Distinctions) as opposed to First Class Honours / High Distinctions.

    I am hoping my tactic of pointing out that if they apply for a re-mark and get a lower result, that’s the one they have to live with scares them off.

  15. I have my account back and hence, my gravatar. Shep, my Mum’s tenterfield, who is Trafford’s son, and Crackerjack’s grandson. Shep won best in show for desexed dogs.

  16. Poor old Shep would not win many show ribbons now. He has pancreatitis which flares up every now and again, is blind in one eye, and gives short shrift to any annoying youngsters who try to invade Meodema’s lap, which is HIS domain.

  17. The fuss the rest of the media are making over the ch9 crew coming home is disgusting, live at the airport just to watch a few journalists come home.. unlike Greste who was just doing his job, these idiots, broke local law, stuffed up and ended up in jail for a few days. Now they are going to do interviews and sell the story to other networks.. ch9 will more than recoup their costs. What a crock of sh!t!!

  18. Vale The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. (Now formally the former TAFKAP?)

    (I would have included a link to “Raspberry Beret” – but they’ve all been lawyered.)

  19. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    The Australian’s David Uren writes on the $10b of additional spending of Turnbull’s that has to be funded before they start on the numbers for the 2016 budget. (Google)
    This Narev guy is in a class of his own! He’s a banker!
    Laura Tingle says that Turnbull’s budget must leapfrog Shorten and escape Abbott. A tall order. (Google)
    Here we go! ASIC has moved on Unaoil over the Panama papers.
    There’s some in the Coalition who would say this was good productivity.
    Another Liberal who thinks laws are for other people.
    At the Senate inquiry yesterday the Tax Commissioner revealed that he’s close to striking a deal with the Federal Court to fast track big tax avoidance cases.

    Ben Eltham is far from impressed with the ASIC announcement and its usefulness.
    Michelle Grattan adds to the discussion on the “biffo over the banks”.
    Turnbull’s performance has been lacklustre says The Independent Australia.,8901
    This SMH editorial has a good crack at the 60 Minutes disaster.
    Greg Jericho examines the issue of housing rental affordability with his usual rigour.

  20. Section 2. . .

    Lenore Taylor has her say on Australia’s responsibilities regarding climate change action.
    Australia is the hollow man of the climate change compact.
    Why we may never know the full 60 Minutes story. It could be a PR and financial disaster for Channel Nine.
    “View from the Street” examines how the financial sector will regulate the financial sector. He also writes of Sophie Mirabella’s “charm” offensive.
    The Puff Adder is back!
    Nick Xenophon’s possible success in SA could see him hold the balance of power in the Senate. (Google).
    Trades unions call out Eric Abetz’s hypocrisy over a prospect of a federal ICAC.
    “Sisters of Mercy”. What a misnomer!
    Mark Kenny on how Shorten has been playing with their heads.
    He goes on to say that Turnbull faces a tougher race than expected. I like the last sentence in the article.
    George Pell’s good work in cleaning up the Vatican’s finances has hit a big snag with the old guard. Hardly surprising.

  21. Section 3 . . . with Cartoon Corner

    Glen Stevens is close to retirement. He has had his frustrations.
    In a good move the government is set to announce a public register of the beneficial owners of shell companies.
    Matt Golding on the synergy between ASIC and the ATO.

    Andrew Dyson at the start of the campaign race.

    David Pope on the eve of the climate change summit.

    Simon Letch expresses some concern over Barnaby.

    Mark Knight with another beauty. It’s the Queen’s 90th birthday.
    David Rowe has fun with the “anonymity” of Abbott.

  22. Nice to see Simon Letch has caught up with the “Hare v. Tortise” metaphor for “Turnbull v. Shorten”.

    We’ve been waiting a couple of weeks, Simon. What kept you?

    And what kept Mark Kenny?

    Imagine this. You challenge your opponent to a marathon but come race day, you phone ahead to say “look, I’m caught up with some things, why don’t you get going and I’ll start my race when I’m done here?”.

    That’s effectively what Malcolm Turnbull told Bill Shorten on Tuesday at the start of a marathon election race. Having given the Senate the choice between passing his government’s bill to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission, or face a July 2 double dissolution, Turnbull was the one caught out when it unhesitatingly chose the latter.

    Immediately, Shorten was out of the blocks spruiking policies and communicating Labor’s values…

    Read more:

    I have to say that Kenny is a little unfair in making Turnbull out to be a newbie. Sure, he points out that Turnbull’s only been in parliament since 2004, but Shorten’s been there for an even lesser time. Maybe what Kenny’s saying is: “It’s not how short the time. It’s what you do with it”?

    Turnbull is still sticking to the “gravitas” and the “panache”, while Bill’s more interested in getting from A to B with the minimum fuss.

    I overheard a couple of columnists from The Australian yesterday discussing the coming election. HI and I were in Double Bay, Sydney. We’d been over to one of my work sites in nearby Point Piper (Malcolm’s patch) to do a minor adjustment to some equipment and decided to take Nemo for a walk in Sydney’s equivalent to Beverly Hills, LA. On the way we stopped for a takeaway coffee. While waiting for the barrista to finish his act, I “couldn’t help overhearing” the conversation at the table next to the bar, especially when I recognized the faces.

    Let me just say they thought the campaign had gotten off to a terrible start and that – at this stage – they agreed Labor would win the election. This snippet just a “FWIW”, but it highlights the gloom permeating the ranks of Coalition supporters. They thought Turnbull was “too in love with himself” to win. He didn’t know how to get his hands dirty.

    Of course he DOES know. Turnbull is one of the dirtiest operators around. What I think they meant was that he didn’t know how to mix being a politician – with all that entailed – with keeping the luvvies who think he should be PM For Life in… love… with him. He wasn’t like Abbott, who never saw a head he didn’t want to kick.

    Malcolm may have been buoyed (and relieved) by the “Class Envy” line put about when the Caymans came up last year, neutralizing it for a while, but apparently he’s lulled himself into actually believing that the punters don’t hate banks. They hate ’em alright, and if the Coalition thinks that chaps doing a deal with chaps not to go in quite so hard on lifting the punters’ wallets (until after the election, at least) is a good look then “Now there’s yer problem!”

    Aussies are not in the mood right now for cosy deals designed to perpetuate the status quo. They are also not in the mood for rich people and obscenely profitable companies to evade taxes. They are not in the mood to see prosperous private schools build even bigger and better Olympic-sized swimming pools and “world class auditoriums” with taxpayers’ money. They don’t like illegal political donations, and if they work Sundays, they want to be paid extra for the bother. Until Parliament sits on weekends, penalty rates are well appreciated by the great unwashed. They’re getting sick and tired of obfuscation over Climate Change, as the Great Barrier Reef bleaches itself and last Summer continues into the present Autumn. And if the CFMEU gets up to no good, then call the cops, don’t deprive the workers of their basic legal rights, and don’t hang an election on trying to do it.

    As he did back in 2009, Turnbull is obsessed with convincing his own party that he’s as Right Wing as they are, as bigoted and as reactionary. In short, he wants to be loved by all, and can’t figure out that no really successful politician can last long doing that. What seemed a done-deal when the polls were riding high in 2015 is no longer certain in 2016.

    When Turnbull won the party leadership I wrote here that he’d have to learn how to deal with the troglodytes in his own party first. Abbott is merely their figurehead. But there are a lot of them. As we have seen with Labor, a sufficiently determined and bloody-minded usurper in the ranks can be blind to the electoral harm he’s doing, as Abbott and his bovver boyz are. Whatever the true strength of the RWNJs in the Liberal Party, they’ve sure spooked Turnbull. He’s wasting time, and it shows.

    And there isn’t much time left.

  23. “Accolades have been pouring in for Prince…”

    It’s a comfort to know that one’s demise could unleash a torrent of , perhaps in some cases, suppressed appreciation for one’s existence. Even so humble a person as YT., a tad unknown in many quarters, can perhaps look forward to an ‘appreciation society’ laying those same accolades on his inert form…It could, in some circumstances, tempt one to “pre-empt” the end-of-life-cycle just to hear them…
    I, for one am looking forward to the time when at least my corpse will have a greater respect than my living carcass!

  24. Mirabella was almost certainly lying. If there was $10M allocated to Wangaratta hospital she would have been trumpeting it in the 2013 election campaign. She’s just threatening and bullying, suggesting that if the voters of Indi don’t play along, they get nothing. It’s the kind of bastardry this government loves to indulge in. If it’s not promises they never intend to keep, it’s electoral blackmail.

    What’s more interesting (to me at any rate) is this tweet from Samantha Maiden late last night:

    She doesn’t appear to like Mirabella all that much either.

    • Sophie inspired by Singapore’s PAP . Visiting in the 80s I read about a district that had the temerity to not vote for the PAP. Quite by ‘coincidence’ from that point infrastructure stopped being repaired by the government in that district.

  25. Praise the Lord and bring on that election! Finally, a piece about Turnbull that most definitely does not tell us how faaaaaablous he really is, and does not offer loads of advice to the PM on what he needs to do to win.

    This just tells it like it is, and it’s very good.

    Turnbull’s Major Innovation Has Been Reinventing The Term ‘Innovation’

    In his 1946 essay Politics and the English Language, George Orwell wrote “The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.”

    There’s nothing Malcolm ‘Cuttlefish’ Turnbull likes more than spurting out ink. Just look at his disruptive, agile, mobile, dynamic, entrepreneurial, synergistic, technologically game-changing provision of opportunities in the nimble space of the ideas boom innovation, guided by his clear agenda of continuity with change.

    In this week’s episode of “Malcolm Says What He Doesn’t Mean”, let’s examine the sophisticated semantics of the PM’s innovation agenda.

    Many children, some breeds of dog and a few of the more intelligent guinea pigs will tell you innovation has something to do with being new, original, creative and imaginative.

    Yet as Australia’s most innovative PM since Mr Stop the Boats will tell you, children are idiots.

    In the brave new world of the ideas boom, Turnbull is even innovating with the word innovation

  26. Can someone explain to me in that clip from Sky, why did the audience clap when BK’s favourite polly said Wang missed out on $10 million for hospital?

  27. Sophie said she had ‘a commitment’ for that money and was going to announce it the week after the election. I’m calling bollocks on that. She knew she was in trouble back then, she would have used every possible lie and trick to win those few extra votes she needed.

    And who was the chap who asked the question? She said ‘you know that’, referring to the money statement, so he had to be a stooge planted in the audience to feed the question.

    Never trust anything Paul Murray sets up. He did the dirty on Tony Windsor in the staged session he had in Tamworth with Barnaby. I didn’t watch last night’s effort, but obviously it was just as carefully stage managed and choreographed as the Barnaby/Windsor farce.

    If the audience clapped (I did hear a few groans there as well) the it was because the majority of the audience were Mirabella fans, rusted-on supporters, probably her family as well, all put there to give the illusion Indi wants Sophie back.

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