Fractals Friday

Haiku Deck

Just because.


They are beautiful.


So beautiful.

Nature’s Fractals

So . . .

River Time

Just because.



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  1. From over the road BK’s excellent apprentice lizzie.

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    Mr Denmore ‏@MrDenmore · 7m7 minutes ago

    Superannuation will be a big election issue, so bone up & listen to this doco from @richardaedy on @RadioNational

  2. A bit norty 🙂 having Cormannator in a ‘cherman’ pickelhaube and Erica in uncle Otto’s officers headgear.

    • Couldn’t bear the idea of a woman as PM, I think. Had to denigrate Julia Gillard no matter what she did. It’s not only Liberal men who can be misogynists.

    • Once I had quite a collection of Bob Ellis’s books which I enjoyed reading. After one of his attacks on PM Julia Gillard I took them all and threw them into our salvage bin. Okay, he didn’t desert the ALP but I could never warm to him again

  3. Bakkkk after a trip across The Pond.

    The USA is absolutely the most uncivilized of countries in so many ways even if they all think they are the bees knees. Where else in the world would one encounter crimes like this one?

    Turlock man convicted of holding girlfriend captive in dog crate

    or, the fact they they are one of only two countries in the world, the other is PNG, that don’t have some form of guaranteed paid maternity leave:

    I only ever go there if I absolutely must, even then I never stay an hour longer than I need to.

  4. Oops! Bill Clinton Says He ACCIDENTALLY Took $500,000 From Algeria During Key Arms Negotiation With State Department

    Bill Clinton is claiming his foundation “accidentally” accepted money from foreign governments who were negotiating with his wife while she was Secretary of State – a definite no-no.

    The Clinton Foundation received $500,000 from Algeria in 2010 while the country was lobbying the State Department for an increase in weapons export authorization.

    The International Business Times says that “some of those export authorizations were for weapons classified as “toxicological agents, including chemical agents [and] biological agents.”

    “[Critics] said, ‘Oh you got $500,000 from Algeria at very same time they were lobbying the State Department,’” Clinton said. “Those two facts are accurate but if you put them back-to-back they are incredibly misleading. Here’s why: I never considered that the Algerians gave me the money.”


    Clinton said that at the time of the donation, “We put out the word that if anyone wanted to send me money I would forward it on quickly to Haiti where it would do most good and would take zero overhead.” The sequence of the money and the lobbying, he asserted, “was just an accident. To me it was like a pass-through. I didn’t even think about it.”

    Clinton did say he does not fault those who raise questions about the donations.

    “I don’t blame whoever saw that [Algeria story] reported for asking the question about it, because they would have no way of knowing the context,” he said.

    As IBTimes has reported, Algeria is one of six countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation and received weapons deals from Hillary Clinton’s State Department at the same time the department was criticizing its record on human rights.

  5. ejames

    Also some heavenly voices just over the Tasman.

    And a great voice from Ireland.

  6. It does look more and more as if the Liberals placed all of their political capital into TURC. And that they expected their election campaigning would flow naturally from it. They’re certainly placing a lot of their faith in anti-union propagandising. They don’t seem keen to talk about anything else at all.

    I reckon they thought TURC was a massive story, and continued to believe it would dominate the political landscape right up until the time the findings were released. It would help to explain why Turnbull was in no rush to go to an election last year. I can’t think of too many other possible explanations. Why they would think that I have no idea, as the indications that it was a fizzer came pretty early. But then I think the Liberal Party have tin ears when it comes to reading the political mood. They do the planning and the execution of their gutter politics with metronomic efficiency, but they wouldn’t have a clue how to respond to anything else that’s happening.

    In fact, I think they only had one political tactic for the entire term – denigrate the ALP. And do it as loudly and publicly as possible while the IPA agenda was quietly and relentlessly implemented behind the scenes. It never worked, mainly because oppositions will be forgiven for flinging dirt but governments are required to do a lot more than that.

    Turnbull banging on about the evil of unions is sounding very quaint. Events are overtaking him, and the public simply aren’t interested.

  7. Aguirre I think you are right. Waffles has also turned out to have the charm and charisma of a wet smelly rag which will hurt his election prospects. As well, the fact that the greater public do not recognise the large majority of the cabinet is indicative of their standing in the electorate.

    We can only hope and pray it falls over for the scum.

  8. Agree Kaffee, so much talent over there. I was listen to some of Nadia Reid the other day, she is really getting noticed across the pond. These guys are popular in Europe too but may not be your scene, (not sure):

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