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Well, for those of us in South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria (all celebrating Labor Day), and the ACT (celebrating Canberra Day, which is really 13 March) it is.

It’s also a thoroughly deserved long weekend away for Bushfire Bill and HI, who from the contents of an earlier comment will be glamping in a secret location somewhere on the New South Wales coast (which sort of inspired the picture chosen to start this thread).

Strictly speaking, it’s not a holiday weekend for moi: my university does not have Labor Day as a public holiday which is a Good Thing – otherwise three days of classes would have to be rescheduled during Semester 1 instead of just two (Good Friday and Anzac Day) – and rescheduling two causes more than enough chaos.

However, here’s to all the lucky devils who are having Monday off. May your weather be perfect, your beverages appropriately cold or hot, and your batteries fully recharged by the end of it.

What do people think about having a raffle this evening? I’m prepared to run it, and it would be on a first in best-dressed basis: no saved numbers from previous raffles.

If youse think it would be fun, let me know and I will give it a whirl, starting 5pm and closing 7:30pm Melbourne time (I will need a short break to deal with food).

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  1. Section 2 . . . with Cartoon Corner

    Are we ready to confront death without religion?
    Is it time for an overhaul of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency?,8772
    Inside the deep web.
    “View from the Street” at its sarcastic best.
    Dave Donovan goes after the Gold Coast mayor.–the-gold-coasts-bovver-boy-mayor,8771
    Andrew Dyson introduces “touching etiquette”.

    David Pope loves drawing machines. Here he has Sam Dastyari with one.

    Mark Knight and the violence at the Moomba festival.
    A lovely little image from The Australian.
    David Rowe has the Trump followers worked out.

    • And negotiation and consultation is weak and stupid, right? It just wastes time and nothing ever gets done – or, in the case of the government of Julia Gillard, passes 500-plus pieces of legislation in a scant three years, the highest rate of any Australian government in history, despite Labor having control of neither house of Parliament.

      We shan’t forget.

  2. (Still practicing with the ‘smart’ phone so I have my fingers x’ed that the images work.)

    Greetings all!

    It’s a long weekend here and weather has been good. 30C and a little humid in the afternoons.
    I’ve been up before daylight both Saturday and Sunday.

    Saturday to check out the balloons with nephew and his brats.

    Sunday to ‘Trash and Treasure’ to buy some Herbs (with nephew and brats again – the brats like going out early, him not quite so much). I’m really over the crappy herbs that the supermarkets sell and have pots with Parsley, Basil, Dill and now Chives. Four pots will have to be it because they need a sunny spot but also to be under the eaves so as to survive the Winter here. That I’ve got these, I guess, must mean that I’ve given up for now the idea of a European Spring. The doctors are most insistent that any flights be limited to two hours. Blood chemistry not so good it seems. This pisses me off as I feel quite well – a bit dodgy on stairs and no good on ladders but other than that good.

    Jamo Trash and Treasure a lot better than I remember it and my ‘mini’ buying spree continued.
    Fortunately enough I haven’t decided a Ferrari 575 Maranello is essential so it’s just little things to keep me amused until Ciara makes it home.

    Wind Chime $2 – it just needed a bit of fishing line and a scrub:

    Spoon $4:

    Barometer/Thermometer – $10! Huger from West Germany, small about 10” long only. The thermometer not original – it would have had one with a Celsius scale on the left and Kelvin on the right and domed brass screws. A bit of a touch up with some brown boot polish and metho and it will be good as new:

    It needs recalibrating so I get to use ‘small tools’ (Less than $20 and I just knew they’d come in handy sooner or later, even though I haven’t come up for a use for the ‘shifter’):

    Next I wanted something nice to have salad dressing in. $5:

    When I got it home I decided it’s too large (5” x 3”) so it’s going to be a terrarium instead with one or two very small succulents and some moss only. And some shell grit.

    At the local mall I found this to cart stuff around. $14.95:

    (The feet are mine and I don’t know what their cost is – probably more than the Maranello!)

    Lastly four of these:

    Highly recommended. I’ve bought some before and they’re quality but very cheap at the moment. I hope that Charles & Tyrwhitt are not having a liquidation sale.

    For those of you who still work and have a long weekend Enjoy! Others who are off to work ‘suck it up, princess’.

    • Not a government commissioned study, though, just something PwC did of their own accord because they support marriage equality, and they were not at all kind to Turnbull.

  3. At last I’m getting the hang of the smartphone.

    A couple of hard returns where their should be paragraph marks and I forgot to rename the images as ‘JPG’ (I think they would have turned up directly like most of BKs cartoons rather than as links).

  4. jaycee

    Therepy shopping?

    I guess so … as long as I limit these impulse buys to cheap stuff I survive it.

    Not quite so cheap last week – $600 for new disk brakes, pads, etc for the front of the car. They’re in the garage and also on the To Do list. 40 minutes will see them done.

  5. Magnesium pills … mine are Blackmores as well. None of the rest of the stuff I’m supposed to be taking at the moment is. 7 different pills a day, some multiple times, total 20 per day at the moment!

  6. kk

    20 a day.You must rattle when you walk.


    As part of it I’ve got to take Potassium Chloride. That makes me feel queasy in the stomach which is near enough to a minor manifestation of the original problem and provides the temptation to not take them.

    That I succumb to often so the reason I’m planted on my ar#se here still is likely my fault..

  7. Barnaby wearing some Emerald Green today.

    Has no one told him that St Patrick’s Day is not until Thursday?

  8. What Katharine fails to realize is that the proposed plebiscite bears very little relationship to a democratic process.

    I suspect it’s worth posting Eric Abetz’s full response to the PricewaterhouseCoopers study of the full costs of the proposed marriage equality plebiscite. I agree with Abetz that it is quite odd to analyse a democratic process in terms of opportunity cost.

  9. gigi

    I always ask my doctor to lower the dose. Sometimes he listens to me.

    I tried that on Wayne last week. He was here for reasons other than to treat me and I thought I might get a ‘freebie’ from him.

    He just laughed at me and went to his car and came back with a “Pathology Request” form whereon he’d ticked every box possible “Get these done and I’ll think on it” …

  10. PlayUp: PM Malcolm Turnbull got money out, staff missed super and pay

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his family have retrieved some of their investment in a failed tech start-up as other wealthy and famous investors face losing $100 million, thanks to a deal struck with the company’s former chairman, ex-NSW Premier Nick Greiner.

    The former staff at PlayUp, a sports technology start-up, are owed at least $3.7 million with the company now in liquidation after former employees recently took winding-up action over wages and superannuation going unpaid in 2015 – at the same time a loan to Mr Turnbull and his son Alex Turnbull was being repaid with 12 per cent annual interest

    The Liberal Party Boys Club in action.

  11. There will be a new threadstarter up in about half an hour, so if you have anything really exciting to comment about . . .

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