I’m so tired…


With the news that Nikki Savva’s husband, Vincent Woolcock, is working for the PM’s office, it’s starting to look like a typical Turnbull black op is underway.

It’s nasty. It’s vicious. It’s over the top. Quite Turnbullistic.

Abbott Savva

Not that Abbott doesn’t deserve some payback for all the trouble and misery he’s caused.

But whatever the reason, and whatever the truth about Abbott and Credlin (and I’m still waiting for some insider, pundit or Possessor Of The Savvy – where are you, Laurie Oakes? – to put on the record a denial that something sticky was going on) the Liberal Party has turned into a soap opera.

It’s got everything: betrayal, sex, money, beautiful people (well…), power, and greed.

Or perhaps The Munsters Ministers? 

This is what you get when you put a wrecker in charge. It’s a classic Frankenstein’s Monster scenario: when the Beast gets tired of chowing down on villagers, it just burns down the village. Wreckers wreck. It’s in their nature.

Scorpion and frog

Putting Abbott in charge of a party was bad enough. But putting him in charge of a nation? Then cutting him loose? We got “dead” and “buried”, sure, but someone forgot  “cremated”. When you’re dealing with someone who’s so good at coming back from the dead, that’s a serious omission. Pretty soon the public will adding 2+2 on the politics and the party that put him there.

Abbott Credlin Bride of Frankenstein

It was entertaining to see Laura Tingle call the ex-PM “an oaf”, on Insiders Sunday morning.  The Insiders un-loaded, big time today, but where was an assessment this blunt just a few months ago? They even had Nikki on to spruik her book. Gone were the “Prime Ministerial At Last” declarations and the “Bill Shorten is a nerd” jokes. Without the slightest whit of self-reflection it was declared that Tony Abbott had been all bad, all the time. If you ever doubted the Theory Of Evolution, Insiders today was a quintessential example of Darwinian adaptation.

The pushback against Abbott is on the way. The Turnbull forces are hoping they can warn Tony off. They can’t. Tony only listens to himself. If anything is the hallmark of Abbott’s career it’s that, and an inability to toe the party line. When you’re against everything, you stand out, be it in the party room, the cement factory or the seminary. Tony doesn’t like being told what to think. Tell him the subject of the day and he’ll find a way to take the contrary view. It’s his best bet to be different.

Turnbull is similar, but slightly more suave about it. But even with Turnbull the cat gets strangled, the rival is pilloried, the enemy is disgraced. His anger management problem isn’t smaller than Abbott’s, just different.

Right now the Liberal Party has two leaders. Neither will give in. The problem is that neither of them are leaders. The nation can only stand by, watching this farce unfold and for the spoils to sift through the cracks.

(Hint: when things descend to the level of sex-scandal, and you’ve sooled the Feds onto your rival, there’s only one way down.)

Abbott Turnbull Torches

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  1. U.S primary update CNN projects that Hillary Clinton has won Mississippi, no call on the republican side.

  2. Bugger, I should never believe msm……

  3. More reason to turn off Waffles

    Consumer confidence has fallen back into negative territory, as households say their finances have deteriorated and now is not a good time to buy major household goods.

    The widely watched Westpac – Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment fell by 2.2 per cent in March to 99.1.

    A reading below 100 indicates that pessimists outnumber optimists.

    Westpac said the index is back to its average reading over the last six months, after having lifted 8.3 per cent in the two months after Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister in September.

    The key drag on the index was a reduction in household assessments of their financial position compared to a year ago, which dropped 8.2 per cent.


  4. http://m.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/jeff-kennett-attacks-malcolm-turnbull-for-selfinterest-and-lack-of-courage-20160308-gne4e3.html

    Liberals eating their own… or Kennett trying to create momentum / political cover for Turnbull to push back on the RWNJ on a few key issues during the election – eg. if MT announced that he would abandon the ssm plebicite if elected and 2pp polling improved, the RWNJs would have keep quiet on the issue… or Kennett could just be genuinely pissed off with MT but ‘genuine’ is not a word I would usually associate with Kennett…

  5. Spanish Champin:

    Anything claiming to be Champagne that was made outside the region, or claiming to include Champagne when it does not, is liable to be banned from sale.

    But the Champagne industry, which is perhaps used to getting its own way, lost its bid to take the fizz out of Champín, which is sold for under three euros in all major supermarkets in Spain.

    Spain’s Supreme Court ruled that the name of the fizzy drink, a fruits of the forest and strawberry-flavoured drink for children, did not make consumers think that the product was made from Champagne – or had anything to do with the luxury beverage.


    • Any statement he makes should include “I’m a prat”.

      There is no way known that the Libs (so long as they have the Nats in thrall) or Labor will go into a coalition with him.

    • …..Greens leader Richard Di Natale has floated the idea of one day forming government with the Liberal party, but says “it’s much more likely the opportunity rests with Labor

      What a prat! As if Labor would want to be in a coalition with this snake. Seriously, who does he think he is. The Liberal Party is his natural home, he should just admit it, leave the Greens and join the Liberals.

      He is going to destroy the Greens. If I was a Greens voter I’d be worried about where he is taking the party.

    • To be charitable – how unlike me – Di Natale might have been verballed by the GQ magazine

      Di Natale rang all Greens workers and asked us to oust sitting ALP members, I bet I am not the only person who told him that the Liberals are the enemy and that I was unavailable to work in an ALP held electorate

      After supporting environmental causes since the 1982 election I think its time to hang up my spurs. This is the Greens GST moment. I am no less passionate about the environment and letting asylum seekers live in the community

    • I think its too late for that, I think that Sims will get #1 spot in South Australia so its bye bye Sarah Hanson-Young

  6. Yeesh, what happened in Michigan? Sanders looks like he’s just in front there and will probably just win it, despite the polls saying that Clinton would win there easily.

    This might make the contest in Ohio interesting to watch as well.

    Also Trump has failed to win more than 50% of the vote in any state so far today. Might indeed end up as a brokered convention.

    • However it looks like Clinton will increase her delegate lead as she and Sanders will most likely tie for delegates in Michigan and Sanders will only win, at most, 2 or 3 delegates from Mississippi.

    • on the republican side next tuesday will be very significant as Ohio and Florida go to the polls and on the republican side the delegate allocation is winner take all rather than proportional, if Trump wins both of those states then his delegate count will jump by 165 delegates.

  7. From BK’s links this morning (I’m a bit slow catching up, too many distractions today)

    CSIRO looks to Britain to outsource climate research

    The first step in privatising the CSIRO. When everything they do has been farmed out or sold off this farce of a government will kill it off – if they survive the election.

  8. We were expecting to hold an election on a Saturday, until we found out that’s the day Peta takes Tony to his toilet training classes.

    • How will that help whichever failed Australian politician’s bid for a United Nations Humanitarian position?

    • I’m wondering how many billions the government will offer Iran to take these people back. $25 million per person to Cambodia sets quite a precedent.

  9. I tried to read Robert Fisk’s history of the Middle East, The Great War for Civilisation. It was depressing reading a chapter on each country detailing how the security services tortured their nationals. Once the Americans overthrew the old governments conditions got worse and the torture became more brutal – I couldn’t read anymore.

    In 2015 Fisk said that Syria had ceased to exist. I can not imagine what it is like to have my existence blown to smithereens, old Corolla blown up, house destroyed, shares worthless, money at bank gorn, public hospital a pile of rubble

  10. I was pissed off with 7.30 gushing about the messiah speaking in a aboriginal language on closing the gap speech that I sent this off to their ABC.

    Subject: Boosting LNP by not telling the public the full story

    Comments: On the story on “Closing the Gap Speeches”, no mention was made of the disgraceful display of the LNP backbenchers that could not be bothered to turn to listen to their leader speak. They have form on this as they have previously walked out on the “Sorry Speech”

    Abbott was so concerned he walked as well

    This is the reply.

    Thanks very much for your comments and engagement with the program. I’m sorry you found cause for complaint.
    Obviously not every aspect of every story can be covered in a short report. There will be different aspects which are considered more important than others by different people.

    I’ve noted your comments and will draw the reporter’s attention to them.

    Yours sincerely

    Deborah Richards
    Supervising Producer
    ABC 7.30

    They certainly treat letters with respect

  11. 7 News Melbourne
    A South Australian woman walking her dog has crashed the PM’s press conference and issued him a warning over international trade and Australian jobs.

  12. A fly in the New England ointment –

    Greens Jeremy Buckingham is thinking of running in New England. If that useless clod knocks Tony Windsor out I will not be very happy. Buckingham has been useless in the NSW parliament and has shamelessly taken all the credit for things he had no part in. Here’s hoping the voters of New England ignore him.

    I suppose his preferences will be directed to Barnaby.

    Barnaby Joyce faces pincer-movement threat from Tony Windsor and state Green Jeremy Buckingham in New England

    • “Delimiter would welcome assistance from readers with interpreting this document.”

      😀 😀

  13. I see G. Robinson got his pommy “toff” dialect from listening to the ABC. as a little boy with a speech problem…could this be other’s excuse, I ask?

    • I listened to the ABC a lot when I was a little kid, and I don’t have a pommy ‘toff’ accent.

    • Oh that’s not true, Leone..there are days when you sound just like Penelope Keith!

  14. Those cunning effing bastards!!..it just dawned on me so I googled it..and sure enough..there it was..This new “Telstra Advanced 4G.” modem that I had to buy because the old “Gateway” modem was kaput, was a con..we were cornered…and forced to buy the bloody thing, not because the old Gateway was cactus, but because the signal had been switched from wireless broadband to mobile broadband..and that Advanced 4G. is no more than a , quote: “Crap mobile phonne with a shit screen”..unquote…we’ve been dudded!

    • So this entire MTM. thing is a swindle between the main media providers and the LNP.s NBN. club!..It’s a bloody effing huge…DOUBLE BETRAYAL MONEY MACHINE for the LNP. mates!

  15. jaycee423

    Goggling Advanced 4G I got pages of only Telstra links. Methinks “Advanced 4G” is just a brand name thought up by the Telstra “pony tails” .

    • I googled : “Does Telstra’s Advanced 4G.” modem work like a mobile phone receiver?…and there were a number of detailed responses..

      I believe, as I said in some other posts , that all us regional low-usage clients were taken off the wireless broadband system and dropped onto the mobile broadband (like the one on a tablet) so as to make “room” for more serious regional players and to take us off relying on that satelite provider.
      In effect “selling us” as a usage block to Telstra, requiring us to buy a new modem system and signing up for a new plan.

      Perhaps I am mistaken..but it sounds like the sort of corp’ deal the LNP. crowd would do!

  16. jaycee

    You mentioned that the recently launched satellite’s capacity was already getting maxed out. So in an effort to get your blood pressure even higher a reminder of what Bankster Truffles said about it.

    The ‘Rolls-Royce’ NBN satellite Malcolm Turnbull didn’t want is ready for launch

    He once described it as the ‘Rolls Royce’ option. Now the $500 million NBN satellite Malcolm Turnbull never wanted is ready for launch.

    In opposition, Turnbull had derided the satellite plan approved by former Labor communications minister Stephen Conroy as wildly expensive and completely unnecessary.

    “Don’t buy yourself a Camry, a Falcon – buy yourself a Rolls-Royce, a Bentley,” he said in February 2012. “Nothing but the best will do. Nothing but the most expensive will do.”


  17. Jaycee,

    For what it is worth, I use a 4G dongle to connect to the internet and log-on to my office computers when I’m traveling. I usually don’t have problems unless I am on the road between towns and the signal is poor. I tend to log-on from my laptop to my desktop in the office in Sydney with team Viewer and I do most of my work on desktop. It saves having to sync my laptop every few hours to keep it up to date.

    I also use it to surf the net at airports and in hotel/motel room and never have the need to use the airport/motel/hotel’s Wi-Fi. This all and unlimited for an extra $19.a month

    • We tried those dongles out here in the donga, E..but they couldn’t pick up the signal…that’s when they sent that effing great Gateway receptor with the three aerials!..it worked good, but not consistently…and i believe when that failed it was because they switched the signal from wireless to mobile…in effect dropping us in the lap of Telstra to deal with…..and they did!

  18. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Rudd at his worst never behaved as badly as Tony Abbott says Nicki Savva. She is defending herself very well. (Google search this string).
    Mark Kenny reckons the Coalition is hoping for a resources led recovery.
    Oh oh! Iron ore prices just dropped 8.8%.
    Peter Martin says we are becoming a nation of landlords and serfs. How politics took over sane discussion.
    “View from the Street and Peter “Duffer” Dutton’s $55m flight of fancy and the return of Barnaby’s nemesis.
    Heath Aston looks at the potential trouble Barnaby Joyce could face at the election.
    Jeff Kennett’s attack on Turnbull.
    Don’t tell me! Campbell Newman may run for federal parliament.
    Curbing negative gearing could be good for banks.
    More on the collapse of Dick Smith.
    Sydney’s heatwave is going to be longer and even more uncomfortable.

  19. Section 3 . . . Cartoon Corner

    David Pope has Tony Windsor pondering his comeback.

    Ron Tandberg is unimpressed with Crown Casino.

    And John Spooner is unimpressed with the banks.

    Mark Knight has some fun at Eddie McGuire’s expense.
    David Rowe goes to Mississippi with Donald Trump.

  20. “Don’t tell me! Campbell Newman may run for federal parliament.”
    Yaaaaay. CanJoh For Canberra . Hilarious. Coming to Canberra to teach those Southerners how to totally fcuk up a landslide win ?

  21. Holy shit!, Batman…we’ve had over 60mm. rain overnight!!…it’s gone from dry as an Arab’s fart to a flood!

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