I’m so tired…


With the news that Nikki Savva’s husband, Vincent Woolcock, is working for the PM’s office, it’s starting to look like a typical Turnbull black op is underway.

It’s nasty. It’s vicious. It’s over the top. Quite Turnbullistic.

Abbott Savva

Not that Abbott doesn’t deserve some payback for all the trouble and misery he’s caused.

But whatever the reason, and whatever the truth about Abbott and Credlin (and I’m still waiting for some insider, pundit or Possessor Of The Savvy – where are you, Laurie Oakes? – to put on the record a denial that something sticky was going on) the Liberal Party has turned into a soap opera.

It’s got everything: betrayal, sex, money, beautiful people (well…), power, and greed.

Or perhaps The Munsters Ministers? 

This is what you get when you put a wrecker in charge. It’s a classic Frankenstein’s Monster scenario: when the Beast gets tired of chowing down on villagers, it just burns down the village. Wreckers wreck. It’s in their nature.

Scorpion and frog

Putting Abbott in charge of a party was bad enough. But putting him in charge of a nation? Then cutting him loose? We got “dead” and “buried”, sure, but someone forgot  “cremated”. When you’re dealing with someone who’s so good at coming back from the dead, that’s a serious omission. Pretty soon the public will adding 2+2 on the politics and the party that put him there.

Abbott Credlin Bride of Frankenstein

It was entertaining to see Laura Tingle call the ex-PM “an oaf”, on Insiders Sunday morning.  The Insiders un-loaded, big time today, but where was an assessment this blunt just a few months ago? They even had Nikki on to spruik her book. Gone were the “Prime Ministerial At Last” declarations and the “Bill Shorten is a nerd” jokes. Without the slightest whit of self-reflection it was declared that Tony Abbott had been all bad, all the time. If you ever doubted the Theory Of Evolution, Insiders today was a quintessential example of Darwinian adaptation.

The pushback against Abbott is on the way. The Turnbull forces are hoping they can warn Tony off. They can’t. Tony only listens to himself. If anything is the hallmark of Abbott’s career it’s that, and an inability to toe the party line. When you’re against everything, you stand out, be it in the party room, the cement factory or the seminary. Tony doesn’t like being told what to think. Tell him the subject of the day and he’ll find a way to take the contrary view. It’s his best bet to be different.

Turnbull is similar, but slightly more suave about it. But even with Turnbull the cat gets strangled, the rival is pilloried, the enemy is disgraced. His anger management problem isn’t smaller than Abbott’s, just different.

Right now the Liberal Party has two leaders. Neither will give in. The problem is that neither of them are leaders. The nation can only stand by, watching this farce unfold and for the spoils to sift through the cracks.

(Hint: when things descend to the level of sex-scandal, and you’ve sooled the Feds onto your rival, there’s only one way down.)

Abbott Turnbull Torches

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  1. You may wish to reallocate the extra “k” in Ms Savva’s name.

  2. From the previous thread on the theme of the teacher whose phone containing naked photos of herself was stolen and photos shared amongst school community

    As a casual teacher in the past decade it is expected that teachers carry their phone at all times. Ideally the school’s office number has been stored. And in a perfect world your phone fits in your pocket or in your bum bag with your white board markers, pens, pencils, erasers, chalk and dusters

    I remember doing yard duty at a lunch time when there was a union meeting going on, 4 large lads in foreign school uniform jumped the fence and the oval descended into 1200 pupil riot. I didn’t know what to do, phone was in staff room. A teacher returned with his hamburger and proceeded to insert himself between the fighting youths. Oh, so I copied him.
    Later found out that the teacher was a former police man and one pupil sustained a broken jaw. I wondered whether I would be blamed.

    Casual teachers often keep their mobile phones close so they can accept the next day’s teaching if the agency phone’s through a job in school time

    • Yeah, all that. At the local Catholic schools staff are issued with tablets to use for all the classroom paperwork. Many have phones that are just for work.

      BUT – only a half-wit would keep nude photos on a phone they take to school, especially when it is used in the classroom and can be easily nicked by a passing student. The rule I learned as a newbie teacher decades ago still applies – keep all your personal possessions safe, either on you or somewhere secure. Still applies to phones, too. She left hers on her desk and then left the room. Just asking for trouble.

      The relief teaching thing – never heard of relief teachers having to carry their own white board markers, chalk, dusters etc, not in all my years of full-time and relief teaching. My relief teaching booking were always made direct by the schools, not by an agency, and were made either well in advance, because the school knew someone was going to be away for whatever reason, or early in the morning on the day I was needed, because someone had called in sick. The latter was the usual.

    • Leone I agree with you about keeping nude photos on your phone, I won’t even photograph life drawing sketches although if the viewer could identify the model would herald huge plus in my skill level.

      Yes I can see the advantage of a cheap Aldi phone for school only

      In 2005 in Victoria teachers provided own white board markers in most schools

      When I worked at Telstra a well paid manager was charged with stealing from hand bags.

    • to be fair the next sentence is

      The prime minister watches from the sidelines, while the opposition leader joins the 38th gay and lesbian march to show support for marriage equality

    • why bother, the plebiscite vote isn’t binding on the legislature and we all know that if Howard could insert 2 words into the Marriage Act then those 2 words can be removed just as easily

    • Labor will immediately put legislation in front parliament for a vote. No $70K needed, No extension of time.

  3. Some useful advice from The Shovel:

    Perhaps your organisation has been busted hacking a schoolgirl’s phone. Or maybe you lived and worked with dozens of child abuses but totally forgot to do anything about it. It happens to everyone.

    The thing is, these types of matters can land you in hot water. In some cases it could even lead to you facing a public enquiry. But there’s no need to lose face. Follow these five steps and you’ll be back at the top of your game before the next witness can say ‘my level of recall is not sufficient’.

    1. Act really old

    Old people are endearing and harmless. Some of them have dementia. They certainly don’t have knowledge of the inner-workings of large organisations.

    Spend some time visiting a nursing home before your appearance, and try to mimic the behaviour you see. For example, you might want to shout ‘What’s that sound?’ midway through a barrister’s question. Or just randomly say, ‘I’m telling you, she came in here and stole my things’. Basically just give the impression you have no idea what’s going on.

    Tip: When your appearance has finished, make sure you’re at least 100 metres away from the courtroom before you take out your fake hearing aid/execute a complex takeover of a foreign media outlet.

    • Damn it, they revealed my clever trick for dealing with unwanted sales calls from Telstra. I act vague and dotty, tell them my son looks after my internet connection and I have no idea who I’m with or what it costs. They give up and go away.

      I’ve asked Telstra to stop the marketing calls now, it seems to be working, but they keep sending me emails with offers for old-fart broadband plans that are supposed to suit me because I’m old and dotty. They don’t

    • Bleijie can’t be too familiar with Queensland primary schools. At the weekly Assembly at my grandchildren’s school, they all sing the first 2 verses of Advance Australia Fair in English – and then repeat in the local Aboriginal language.

  4. I bet that the entire Indigenous population of Australia – with the possible exception of Noel Pearson – is offended by little bleijie.

  5. Interesting how Abbott was attacked at his most vulnerable side..; his sexual indiscretion…nothing ruins a politician like salacious scandal, especially if it humiliates an innocent party..ie; Margie. I don’t suppose it will be long before a “friend of the family” comes forward to “candidly” reveal the shame and hurt that Margie felt at the so public displays of affection between her husband and that “scarlet woman”…How could Abbott’s backers continue to support him after that?

    In some ways it reveals the weakness of Abbott’s social status..Born into aspirant middle-class, but without a notion of “genteelness” and lacking the “establishment network”, he was always on probation by the “Melbourne Club” management. Sure, they would need him as a wrecker in opposition, as a stormtrooper to get the party over the line, to do the dirty-work…but when he became unmanageable and Credlin had him c#nt-struck and in her grip.he had to go..after all , while he was ” with us..he was really not one of us” and who better to replace him with but one of their “own”, the limp-puppy ; Turnbull.

    “These institutions which have thus been handed down, these habits of thought, points of view, mental attitudes and aptitudes, or what not, are therefore themselves a conservative factor. This is the factor of social inertia, psychological inertia, conservatism. Social structure changes, develops, adapts itself to an altered situation, only through a change in the habits of thought of the several classes of the community, or in the last analysis, through a change in the habits of thought of the individuals which make up the community.” (Thorsten Veblen..: Theory of the Leisure Class)

    There is only two ways Tony can go now…he can try to gather his forces and go the full monty to take the party back, or he will merge into the shadows and bide his time…and there will be another time, the RWNJ.s have only this one shot at the bunny of Australian social democracy..and they want to turn it on it’s head and make the place a capital based society.

    And this is their only chance..

    And there is ;”The Murdoch Factor” .

    • Jaycee I don’t believe that catholics like Credlin, Loughnane are members of the Melbourne Club. Abbott’s family is middle class – his father enlisted in the RAAF.

      The Melbourne establishment accepts successful people* who went to the great public schools, not where ever Credlin went

    • Fiona…is that run by The Marist Brothers, like Sacred Heart College in Adelaide?

    • No, Jaycee – it was established as a girls’ school by the Sisters of Mercy. Of course there are no nuns teaching there any more, though when I went to the College some years ago to help out one of our PhD students with a big data collection I met an elderly and very feisty nun who was still active on the counselling and outreach team.

      It’s an impressive school – the buildings both old and new are stunning but far more importantly the staff appear completely dedicated to the all-round education of their students.

      Such a shame Ms Credlin finished her schooling there without taking on one of the main goals: to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

    • My point exactly..Abbott and Credlin in opposition were acceptable, whatever the relationship..Abbott / Credlin “In Charge” was unacceptable..

    • Moreover, Credlin could not be a member of the Melbourne Club. It’s stag only.

      My very nice responsible partner at the law firm couldn’t even take me there for lunch.

    • On the contrary. The time he regretted not being able to take me to dine at his club was when we were lunching at my club, the Lyceum, which has a rather nice view over the garden of his club . . .

      I do remember one time when he took me to lunch at Fanny’s, back then regarded as one of the best Melbourne restaurants in terms of food, service, and so forth:


    • sexual smear of Abbott and Credlin has been wafting around them for quite some time.
      sexual smear is the tool in trade used the Coalition
      – by Kathy Jackson against Craig Thomson
      – by James Ashby against Peter Slipper
      – about Julia Gillard’s home renos
      – about Julia Gillard setting up rules of association for her then boyfriend

      Couldn’t happen to a nicer couple

  6. BB

    It’s a case of here we go again. Been there and done that with Toxic, now have to go through it all with the Messiah. The msm are the last ones to see what is happening. It will be interesting to see how the general public are absorbing these latest events.

    Funny about ‘the polls’, there used to be one or two every week, now we only seem to get one now and then.

  7. It didn’t seem to affect F Hollande long term to have an extramarital affair but then his lover wasn’t his COS. And that’s the main difference.

  8. Then again …

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has refused to endorse a pledge by Attorney-General George Brandis to hold a same-sex marriage plebiscite by the end of 2016, after it emerged electoral authorities warned of increased “risks and costs” if a public vote was rushed.

    Speaking on Sky News on Sunday, Mr Brandis said the government would hold a plebiscite on same sex marriage before the end of the year if it won the next federal election.


  9. Sacred heart college is a Sisters Of Mercy institution…ohhhh…those bastards!

  10. I read somewhere Abbott has gone to France with Credlin…perhaps to drop in on the happy married couple?

  11. You know, we all think the Libs killed the NBN (for us plebs anyway) to protect Murdoch’s Foxtel and that may have had something to do with it, perhaps. But I have been thinking—always dangerous, yes—of other reasons.

    Now, remember, those in the leafy inner city suburbs won’t get FTTH but they will get DOCSIS3.1. Almost as good as FTTH.

    OK, imagine FTTH had been rolled out ubiquitously in our suburbs and larger country towns. Now imagine you are in an entry-level job and are starting a family. Where are you going to buy a home?

    The outer suburbs—but with FTTH telecommuting is possible and will be adopted as soon as business realises they can cut down on the amount of expensive CBD office space they have to rent.

    You like fishing, so you move to a place on the coast well out of sight of the big city. You get to know your neighbors, your kids walk/cycle to the local school. Quite an exodus from the city—oh dear, there goes the property bubble! Lots of Lib MPs have huge negatively geared property portfolios, others have shopping centre investments etc.

    Just the fact of the relocation of a fair part of the population will be enough to make conservatives uneasy: conservatives fear change, that is what defines them. A huge change in how and where we live? No way!

    So—why kill the NBN and with it our future prosperity/competitiveness? Fear of change could certainly be the reason.

  12. A year or two before the Sep 13 election I was at a meeting called by my Lib MHR, Andrew Southcott. a couple hundred Lib luvvies and me. Waffles addressed the meeting, talking FTTN, infrastructure competition etc etc. After his talk there were questions. Every question was about problems with their landlines, so Waffles knew FTTN was a no no yet still went for it. Why has puzzled me ever since.

    • Simple – this government wants to undo everything Labor ever did. We can’t have Labor’s NBN because this government doesn’t want to admit it was a damn good idea that came from the ‘wrong side’ of politics.

      it has nothing to do with Murdoch, Foxtel, what Waffles may or may not understand about internet speeds and the need for decent connections. Ir’s all about political ideology. And it sucks!

    • It sucks alright!

      But why do us plebs get hardly any money spent and a crippled NBN while those in the leafy inner suburbs get a lot of money spent on them? And it will be a HUGE amount of money.

      More to it than what you said tho abbott is a childish wrecker, no argument there.

    • Might have something to do with those leafy suburbs being blue ribbon Liberal electorates.

    • Yup.

      I think the blatant discrimination/pork barreling is something the ALP can use to attack the MTM, also why spend all that money (more fibre, new coax cables etc) if 25mbps is all we need?

    • No..it’s bad..so very bad…god it is awful..there is evil rampant in the world..

  13. The winner of the V8 Supercars Clipsal 500 street race in Adelaide just now is a Holden car driven by a former worker from the Holdens Elizabeth factory, Nick Percat.

  14. The outer suburbs—but with FTTH telecommuting is possible and will be adopted as soon as business realises they can cut down on the amount of expensive CBD office space they have to rent.

    I used to comment here and elsewhere along these lines. I think I even wrote a post that included this point a while ago here: https://pbxmastragics.com/2015/07/20/let-them-eat-cake-humiliation-is-no-way-to-run-a-country/

    CBD rents, motorway constructors, tunnel borers, and inner-city apartment builders all profit from a centralized CBD with a plentiful data supply and office commuters. Throw in child care providers (if Mum or Dad can telecommute from home, even one or two days per week).

    Losers are: the suburbs, country towns, parents, people who like to use the Cloud for data storage, uploaders (thinking of Audio Visual firms here, but there must be plenty more), medicos who want to remote-diagnose etc. etc.

    No longer just a shame. More of a crime against society.

    • I wrote in our local blog of the benefits of real-time vid’ links allowing more candidates for local elections rather than the usual ‘footy club” nominees..ie; stay at home parents/carers, disabled, remote, aged etc. which would break the conservative monopoly on local politics…

      Not trouble..: TREASON!

  15. I can’t be bothered with politics today.

    So another music arvo. I’m a little ‘mellow’ after lunch.

    Today’s tracks are (very unusual for me):

    * Ronan Keating with –

    (If I’m allowed to be a little crude I’d bet he never missed out on a root when he had a guitar to hand); and

    * James Blunt with –

    (Because the idea conveyed by the lyrics appeals and the voice very imperfect but he still gets the job done.

    Blunt’s very much a product of S-E England’s very much upper class – A direct descendant of the first Baron Mountjoy (and 1st Earl of Devon), an ex-Guards Cavalry Officer and, not mentioned much, nephew of Sir Anthony Bl{o}unt KVCO, the Queens Surveyor of Artworks, and the 4th man i.e. a ‘Russian’.)

  16. The outer suburbs—but with FTTH telecommuting is possible and will be adopted as soon as business realises they can cut down on the amount of expensive CBD office space they have to rent

    One of the reasons the kiwi gubby went for it strongly and highlighted . Get out of the Wellington CBD and the associated rents. Lots of work now being done in regional centres north of Wellington. Revived the towns/cities and a large group of people very happy to take up the chance to move to greener surrounds and the way cheaper housing to do the same job.

    • Exactly. We could be doing this here too. Places like Smithfield and Hackham West in SA are no place to bring up kids!

  17. CTar1

    not mentioned much, nephew of Sir Anthony Bl{o}unt KVCO, the Queens Surveyor of Artworks

    Wow, an amazing connection. Soooo an “upper class twit” eh ? 😆 Then again such “breeding” may be a bit of a handicap when it comes to getting “street cred”.

  18. Results of this weekends US primaries and caucuses so far

    Kansas: Sanders 67.7% Clinton 32.3%.
    Louisiana: Clinton 71.1%, Sanders 23.2%
    Nebraska: Sanders 56.4% Clinton 43.6%

    Kansas: Cruz 48.2%, Trump 23.3%, Rubio 16.7%, Kasich, 10.7%
    Kentucky: Trump 35.9%, Cruz 31.6%, Rubio 16.4%, Kasich 14.4%
    Louisiana: Trump 41.4%, Cruz 37.8%, Rubio 11.2%, Kasic, 6.4%
    Maine: Cruz 45.9%, Trump 32.6%, Kasich 12.2%, Rubio 8%

    Maine Democrats will go to the polls on Sunday United States Time

  19. Primary and Caucus schedule for the rest of March

    6th March: Maine
    8th march: Michigan, Mississippi
    12th March: Northern Mariana Islands
    15th March: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio
    22nd March: Arizona, Idaho, Utah
    26th March: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington State

    6th March: Puerto Rico
    8th March: Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi
    12th March: District of Columbia, Guam
    15th March: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Northern Mariana Islands, North Carolina, Ohio
    19th March: U.S. Virgin Islands
    22nd March: Arizona, Utah

  20. More of the “typical Turnbull black op”


    Tony Abbott tried to block Wyatt Roy’s bid for Longman
    The Australian March 6, 2016 7:13PM
    Stefanie Balogh Sydney Chief of Staff

    The youngest person ever elected to federal parliament faced a major roadblock in his ambitions: Tony Abbott.

    The Coalition’s Wyatt Roy, who was elected in 2010 at the age of 20 in the Queensland seat of Longman, faced stiff resistance from the then opposition leader.

    History would prove it would be one of Mr Abbott’s missteps.

    Mr Roy was a member of the close-knit group of core supporters of Malcolm Turnbull who engineered last September’s leadership challenge and met at Peter Hendy’s home to plot the coup.

    In Niki Savva’s book, The Road to Ruin, on the demise of the Abbott government, The Australian’s political columnist details how Mr Abbott was not impressed with Mr Roy’s youthful ambitions.

    “In a heated confrontation, he tried to talk Roy out of running; then, when that didn’t work, he began lobbying senior Liberal National Party officials, including the LNP’s then president, Bruce McIver, to dump him, saying over and over that a candidate his age was ‘not credible’.

    “McIver encouraged Abbott to at least meet Roy. Abbott flatly refused,’’ the book says.

    Pressure was also brought to bear on Mr McIver from then Liberal federal director Brian Loughnane and then federal Liberal president Alan Stockdale, but Mr McIver resisted, the book says.

    The claims follow The Weekend Australian’s exclusive extracts revealing how Mr Abbott was personally warned that the perception he was having an affair with Peta Credlin was damaging him as prime minister and he needed to sacrifice his chief of staff to protect the government.

    NSW Liberal conservative Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, now a minister, raised the whispering campaign with Mr Abbott when she confronted him about the Coalition’s performance on the eve of a vote on whether to spill the leadership in February last year.

    Speaking for the first time since the extracts, Ms Credlin dismissed Savva’s book, saying the author did not contact her or Mr Abbott to fact-check the claims.

    “After 16 years in politics, I’ve always made it my practice not to comment on gossip or stories from unnamed sources,’’ Ms Credlin told The Sunday Telegraph.

    “Sadly, modern politics is full of both. So I’m hardly going to change this practice especially when the so-called journalist didn’t make any effort to contact me. This book says a lot more about her lack of ethics than it will ever say about me.”

    Ms Credlin also dismissed as “laughable’’ and “offensive’’ claims in the book from an unnamed MP that she had fed Mr Abbott from her own plate, using her fork, in an Italian restaurant in Melbourne.

    Exclusive in The Australian tomorrow: More revelations from Niki Savva’s explosive new book The Road to Ruin.

  21. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-06/abbotts-office-told-bishop-not-to-apologise-for-choppergate/7224596



    • I’m a proud owner of a dumb phone. A ‘seniors’ phone’ it’s called. All it does is allow me to make and receive calls, and text, if I can be bothered taking half an hour to compose a five word message I have it because it’s all I need. If I want internet access I do that at home, in a comfy chair, at a desk. I have it because I don’t need to take selfies every five minutes and post them on Facebook. I have it because even though I have the techie smarts to operate any phone I can’t see the point of paying more than I can afford to be able to access Twitter while I’m at the supermarket. I just don’t need a smart phone.

      I am sick and tired of the following signs of smart phone addiction –
      People so busy texting at the local shopping centre that they walk into me. I’m not small, I’m not easy to miss if I’m walking towards you, but they have their eyes on the fracking screen and have NFI what is going on around them. Sometimes I trip them up with my walking stick, just so I can see if they actually have faces.

      I’m sick and tired of my thirty-something and forty-something kids coming to visit and spending almost the entire time with their eyes and fingers glued to their bleeping phones.

      People who are addicted to smart phones are dumber than my dumb phone, really they are.

    • I just have a dumbphone too. It works really well as a phone. If I was still running a business maybe I’d have a smartphone but I am retired.

  22. I agree completely with Jennifer Wilson:

    There’s only one circumstance in which I consider the sexual lives of politicians to be my business, and that’s when they legislate about what goes on in other citizen’s sexual lives.

    Read the whole piece – another good one (as always).

    • Almost right.

      If politicians have been blackmailed (through sex or anything else) to do their work in a particular way then I want to know.

    • As a proud blue-collar contributor to this society, I like to hear of ANY salacious details about my “upper-class” rulers, most solely those on the conservative side of politics, so I can leverage, abuse, accuse and generally condemn to the deepest pits of infamy and depravity those S.O.B.s and bastards that bring so much hardship to the lives of those who give them the very bread they consume with such gluttony!..A pox on them and their hypocrisy… Just give me the slightest chance to sink the boot in and I will!

      Fuck being fair and understanding…

    • Jaycee,

      There are only two classes of people.

      The respectful class – who treat everyone as they would wish to be treated themselves (I think that’s the one all Pubsters belong to), and

      The disrespectful class – who don’t.

  23. “Sometimes I trip them up with my walking stick, just so I can see if they actually have faces.”
    I would like to see the vid of tha

  24. Mine’s not quite a dumb phone – it will connect to the internet, and will take photos, but I’ve never allowed it to do either.

    Its functions as far as I am concerned, are (1) for emergency purposes, and (2) an alarm clock when I absolutely must be up by a particular time.

    It’s now 5 years and 3 months old, and has a cracked screen, so I will have to replace it sometime. But for the moment, I can’t be bothered.

  25. Unlike Leone, I haven’t yet started tripping people up, but I do occasionally let (small) students walk into me so that I can make encouraging comments like, Lucky I wasn’t a train / tram / car, eh?

    As for the phones that ring during class, I’m really mean and insist they put the phone onto loudspeaker so we can all enjoy the call . . .

    Works like a charm.

  26. TLBD

    “Vic Libs pick Senate candidates ”
    He does a passable “I’m a little teapot……” dance.

    • Kaffeeklatscher,

      Stout, check.


      No doubt, however, there’s sufficient piss and wind there to get him all steamed up.

  27. Ducky,

    Interesting how keen the IPA personnel seem to be about the public teat when it can benefit them.

    Also – this is the first time I’ve ever seen a pic of James Paterson – this one looks like a young version of trump. His hairpiece isn’t quite as eccentric, though this will undoubtedly be remedied with time.

  28. One of Abbott’s smarter ideas might have been trying to stop Wyatt Roy being elected, what with Brough and Ashby and the AFP investigation and all. Whoever it was who tried to get young Wyatt out, either Abbott or Peta, things might have been better now if they had succeeded.

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