Stone the flamin Crows. It’s Friday

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Strike me pink and knock me down with a feather Flamin Friday is here already


I just got off the ol dog and bone and me mate  gave me the oil that ol money bags Mal is gonna get done over buy the rabid rancid right of the party


They reckon they are spewin that much they are gonna cause that much Barney Rubble for the toff that he’ll blow the next election and rack off ,leaving them to once again install Red Budgies and do 2013 all again


Ol gas cooker J. Bishop will go down the dunny as well


Along with all the other pillow biter,Mr Whippys   that done por ol Tones in.


So me ol china plates


let’s have a few and get on the turps


And catholic pope that all the drongos stick to their plans like a goanna up a brick wall7001860-3x2-940x627

Catch youse round the barbie sometime.

424 thoughts on “Stone the flamin Crows. It’s Friday

  1. doesn’t look like they did a preference flow however a good indication might be the 2013 vote in Indi

    LIB: 44.68%

    McGowan: 31.18%

    ALP: 11.65%

    2PP: McGowan 50.25%, LIB 49.75%

  2. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Matt Wade points out that hosing prices may fall without any help from negative gearing policy.
    Michelle Grattan says that John Howard has complicated Turnbull’s tax problems.
    It’s official! Frauband is f****d.
    Bloody guns!
    Tim Dick on how Turnbull has turned his back on one community.
    Terri Butler is going to try and re-introduce the SSM legislation into parliament. This will enrage the right wing rump.
    Beware the sexist creep (Trump) stalking the White House.
    The Republican Party is shit scared of Trump.
    George Williams does not at all like the new Senate voting proposal.
    And Ross Gittins also does not like it and points the finger at lobbyists.

  3. Section 2 . . .

    But dear old Amanda Vanstone bags Shorten for opposing it.
    From Michelle Grattan a former AEC official says that the Senate voting proposal is “incoherent”.
    “View from the Street”- Abbott is still PM of his own delightful imagination.
    The pathology industry is set to launch a national campaign against the cuts to bulk billing.
    Will there be an “arms race” between Labor and the Coalition to address the avoidance of tax by multinationals in Australia?
    The world’s nest minister invents a hew term in approving logging of red gum in national parks – “ecological thinning”!.
    Come on Tony Windsor. Do it!
    Michael Gordon and John Howard’s secrets to political success.
    Australia’s meth generation. A real worry.

  4. Section 3 . . . with Cartoon Corner

    Fund managers are of the opinion that the worst is by no means over for Woolworths.
    Ron Tandberg and the timing of the federal election.
    A good one from Pat Campbell on negative gearing.

    Mark Knight “welcomes” abuse victims to Rome.
    Bill Leak on Howard’s latest advice to Turnbull.
    David Rowe starts the week with an absolute cracker!

  5. RIGHT!…The Kraken wakes..a new day is dawned and the ol’ bod’ is still in one piece…surprising how bendable the human form is!

    Yes, that was one big Kahuna…most defin A tely the last of it’s kind for me for the rest of my bleedin’ life!!

    The guests were a delight and bloody good conversations…until it all starts to fade into a kind of for me at least inebriated blancmange…

    I thank the guests for their company and I trust ; tolerance…and I hope all had a good time…

    I have to congratulate Danny Lewis on her both her parental skills and excellent judgement at “casting off” in the “scout-boat” before the “weather got a bit rough”!…

    Onya. Jason, Puffy, and of course the most excellent and endearing OH. partner…

    I hope the patrons of the site were not too insulted by the exuberant language…a tad presumptuous if well-intentioned!

    One is only sixty five and retired once in a lifetime..

    Now….down to business of sinking the boot into the real bastards of the political arena!…once more to the breach , my friends…!

  6. Unemployed and underemployed Australians can be issued with on-the-spot fines by privately owned job agencies under a tough new Government proposal, writes Owen Bennett.

    This is all part of the government’s continuing ‘Blood From a Stone’ economic policy. Should be quite a winner for the budget bottom line because, you know, poor people is where all the money’s at.

  7. Has any journalist commented on the stupidity of Turnbull asking Howard for advice on his budget?

    Howard, the treasurer who gave us the Trifecta of Doom – simultaneous double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, double digit unemployment figures.

    Howard, the treasurer who gave us the highest interest rates ever – 21.4% in April 1982.

    Howard, the treasurer who left a $9.6 billion dollar deficit for the incoming Hawke government to deal with. I have no idea what that would be in today’s money. I’m guessing around $50 billion.

    Then there’s Howard’s dismal financial record as PM.

    And yet Turnbull, allegedly the smartest man in the country, if not on the planet, or so we are told constantly, a financial genius, his fans say, is so inept, so financially illiterate that he has to ask the worst treasurer ever for advice. Ir’s worrying to think what sort of fiasco this budget will be.

  8. I don’t think Howard had any advice to give. This was all a PR con, predicated on the idea that Australians ‘like’ Howard – he always rates really highly on those ‘best PM’s of the last x years’ polls. The idea I suppose is to have Turnbull associated with Howard’s four terms of government somehow.

    It’s further evidence that the Turnbull government has no economic plan, that they intend to hoodwink us with stunts and empty promises right up to the election.

    The most amusing part of it is that most Australians these days look at Howard and go “Uh huh”, without any further interest in what he’s up to or what he thinks. Instinctively, they know Howard was all about a general air of complacency which belonged to an era that’s at least a decade gone. His only discernable skill was that of keeping his party united, and his behaviour when Costello started demanding a handover blew that image out of the water. Howard’s been irrelevant ever since.

    • ie. Howard was the best PM in the eyes of many, but that ‘was’ is a big factor here. Would anyone want him back right now? They would not.

  9. Canada, in just three months, has met its target of taking in 25,000 Syrian refugees. Just three months!

    Australia promised to take a lousy 12,000 and so far, after five months, only 26 have arrived. Dutton says he will take his time getting the rest here because only the ‘right’ people will be allowed in.

    “Ultimately we want to make sure that we’re bringing the right people,” he said.

    “People who can integrate into our community, that can get a job, can speak English, can give their kids the opportunity to go to school, that don’t treat women appallingly.”

    Mr Dutton said “Australia will decide who we accept”

  10. Stand by for more sickening gushing about The Rodent.

    There’s a dinner at Parliament house on Wednesday night to mark the 20th anniversary of Howard’s election in 1996. Turnbull will attend the festivities and I suppose we will pay for it all.

    It should be a wake, I think, or an annual day of mourning. The damage that man did to Australia in so many ways will probably never be fixed.

  11. “Former New South Wales premier Kristina Keneally is a must-follow if you’ve been following the royal commission on Twitter.

    A prominent commentator in the Catholic community, and holding a Master’s degree in theology, she has has been live-tweeting the royal commission this morning.”

  12. This, absolutely, does not bear thinking about. Or watching.

    It looks like the prime minister has become emotional. Sadly this teaser gives me absolutely no context for his emotion, but I can tell you this much: Turnbull has been interviewed for NITV by Guardian Australia’s indigenous editor, Stan Grant.

    The interview airs tonight.

  13. pell showing concern for boys.

    If he was so concerned why didn’t he get to the bottom of what he knew was going on?

  14. He’s being investigated by the police for possible criminal conduct, for crying out loud. What on earth is SC DH thinking!

  15. that is un bluddy believable. any miserable underserving twad can get a plum job as long as he is a discredited under investigation snake-in-the-grass liebral. this takes the cake. Turnbull is pathetic. no, pathetic is too good word for that craven jellyspined wangker.

  16. Waffles, judging by his tie, has given up on catholicism.

    Bananas is brought to you by DJs.

  17. My internet’s crashed totally, satellite it was, I think I’ll be off line for months until what’s left of the NBN can hobble to my rescue, with another satellite.
    So now, just looking at television news, I think more than ever that nothing’s changed since Abbott became leader of his party. The media supports the liberal party with a weird combination of virtually Unconditional positive regard & the Perpetual Present. The ABC tells me on an almost daily basis that Mr Turnbull is getting himself one of those Policy thingies, which by (their) definition is a Good Thing. It’s the fucking Federal Government fer Gorssakes, governments are supposed to have these things as a matter of course. There was a time, though obviously not in the Perpetual Present environment, when we learned the liberals had 200 Costed Policies Ready To Go. All of it gone with the media wind, all there is is now, when brave Mr Turnbull wrestles with…something or another but don’t he look so grand as he does it & that’s what matters.

  18. The mirth on the opposition front bench is in sharp contrast to the sourpusses on his right.

  19. Driving to Campbelltown this morning. On several fences on the southern edge of the Macarthur electorate electioneering posters for Russell Matheson (Lib, Macarthur). The same sleepy face now all of a sudden nodding behind the speaker’s podium in Parliament question time.

    What’s going on? Russell know something?

    Game on.

  20. In an early election, how would Wyatt Roy, Pyne and Roberts handle their campaigns with all this AFP innuendo flying around? Distractions (at best) they wouldn’t want.

  21. As the Govt gets an erection at the prospect of beating up on more poor people, meanwhile over at the big end of town:

    Jeffrey Knapp does a nice job of summarising some complex issues. 20 multinationals have switched from general purpose accounts to special purpose accounts. This allows them to avoid audited disclosures of transactions and balances with related parties in foreign jurisdictions including tax havens. No reason was given for switching to special purpose accounts. Mr Knapp astutely asks why the Big 4 accounting firms, who are paid fees in excess of a small nation’s GDP to dream up these atrocities, should be immune from public scrutiny.

    No wonder Mr Bean is having a whale of a time on that Committee.


  23. Why did Turnbull cry?

    “It’s an interesting story,” Mr Turnbull tells Stan Grant, managing editor of NITV news and current affairs, in an interview for his new show The Point.
    “She was a very old lady and she remembers her mother singing this [lullaby] to her. And the thing that’s so sad is to imagine that mother singing that story to her at a time when you were losing culture and the last thing that baby was was safe,” he said, wiping away tears

    No tears for all the babies about to be sent back to Nauru, where the last thing they will be is safe. Not one tear.

    What a fracking hypocrite.

    Probably crying on cue, done by thinking about something sad, like losing a few million or running out of truffles to bring on the tears,

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