Stone the flamin Crows. It’s Friday

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Strike me pink and knock me down with a feather Flamin Friday is here already


I just got off the ol dog and bone and me mate  gave me the oil that ol money bags Mal is gonna get done over buy the rabid rancid right of the party


They reckon they are spewin that much they are gonna cause that much Barney Rubble for the toff that he’ll blow the next election and rack off ,leaving them to once again install Red Budgies and do 2013 all again


Ol gas cooker J. Bishop will go down the dunny as well


Along with all the other pillow biter,Mr Whippys   that done por ol Tones in.


So me ol china plates


let’s have a few and get on the turps


And catholic pope that all the drongos stick to their plans like a goanna up a brick wall7001860-3x2-940x627

Catch youse round the barbie sometime.

424 thoughts on “Stone the flamin Crows. It’s Friday

  1. Speaking of Stan Grant, I highly recommend this interview with Gary Foley from 15 Feb. I wouldn’t agree with Gary all the time, but its a real insight into why the Recognise campaign is having no impact on the bulk of the indigenous population. In the interview he makes a brief but negative comment about Stan Grant. from the 1 hour & 55 minute mark

    For more on the meeting he talks about see this from early Feb.

    And for the surprising Victorian govt response, see this from Friday.

  2. Leroy

    Maverick state Liberal MP Rob Johnson lashes WA Liberals over ‘religious cults’ taking over in Moore division

    Rob had reasons for concern and they’ve ben at it a while. I wonder how much of this sort of “infiltration’ by the religious loons is going on around ‘Straya ?

    Liberal ties with church of supernatural
    Jul 27, 2013
    A northern suburbs church, which embraces supernatural healing and speaking in tongues, has become closely aligned to the Liberal Party with two church members – Environment Minister Albert Jacob and Joondalup MP Jan Norberger – already elected to Parliament.

    At least six other members of the Globalheart Church in Joondalup hold senior positions in the Liberal Party’s Moore division or have taxpayer-funded jobs in the electorate and ministerial offices of Mr Norberger and Mr Jacob.

  3. I have been a bit busy over the past few days launching a second year compulsory subject with an enrolment of ~750, six lecturers, 12 tutors (three new to the subject), and one head girl (moi). Two lectures (with two repeats) per week, 31 lab classes every fortnight.

    Today has been hectic, making sure the extra technology worked and that the in-class handouts were actually returned.

    Tomorrow I have my own two classes (and I need to finalise my Thursday lecture in another subject).

    So I was wondering what to do about a new threadstarter.

    Then I remembered.


    White fur.

    Fur that kept appearing long after the demise of its owner.

    Fur that kept appearing not only long after the demise of its owner, but also in a different location . . .



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