Fabulous Flamenco Friday

Made in Medina

I have ABC Classic FM on at the moment, with some wonderful flamenco being played by Paco Peña

so, I thought to moiself, let’s have a Fabulous Flamenco Friday evening.

There’s plenty of sangria to go round


(or order what you will at the bar)

plus a good batch of this, piping hot and ready to eat

Flavours of Spain

Put on your dancing shoes and your best bib and tucker, and let’s trip the evening away . . .

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  1. The helicopter blades wheels are coming off Broomhilda

    Hunter S Thompson was right in his excoriating obituary for Richard Nixon (http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1994/07/he-was-a-crook/308699/). Sometimes journalists need to get subjective to see public figures clearly.

    It is said within the New South Wales Liberal party that there is one thing that unites Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull. Her name is Bronwyn Bishop. And with the close of NSW preselections on Friday, her time has come.

    In a funny way, Bishop was largely responsible the factional system that could take her down. The factional system that is choking the NSW Liberal party.


    Quite some words from Ms Chan.

  2. When you watch those lovely flamenco dancers spare a thought for the poor seamstresses who make the costumes.

    Eighteen months ago a friend’s daughter asked me to help her with her HSC Textiles and Design project. She had been told not to make a tutu, (her first choice) because of the problems involved in getting tutus mailed to Sydney, so instead she opted for a full-on flamenco dress. After she had cut mountains of frills she realised she didn’t have time to hem the frills, so I got that job. I have no idea how many metres of frill I hemmed, let’s just say ‘an awful lot’.

    It all ended well, she did the work getting it all together and her marks were fabulous.

    It was something like this –


  3. Just saw this – Channel 10 news last night, not impressed with Scrott and his raving. And just look at the bloke in the booth behind Scrott at about 0.45 in when the idiot says ‘pixie horses’.

    Ready for a snap election? I don’t think so.

    • I think the ‘top work’ was done by the young lady who had to design her dress, make the patters, choose the fabrics, cut it all out and sew it together. All I did was hems.

      We don’t always realise how much effort goes into these high school major projects.

  4. I know it’s not flamenco, and the composer is not even remotely Spanish, but this is still a remarkable performance:

  5. When visiting a fiesta in Seville I saw mothers and dughters decked out like this. Mothers costume is over 2000 euros, they are made by dressmakers, not off-the-rack stuff, so only worn by the very well heeled


  6. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria-police-investigating-cardinal-pell/news-story/09609ca949fdb490842fd72d73faf779

    Victoria Police investigating Cardinal Pell
    18 minutes ago

    EXCLUSIVE: A VICTORIA Police taskforce has been investigating allegations of abuse by Cardinal George Pell.

    A team of detectives from Sano taskforce has compiled a dossier containing allegations that Pell committed “multiple offences” when he was a priest in Ballarat and when he was Archbishop of Melbourne.

    It has been alleged the 74-year-old, who says he is unable to fly to Australia to give evidence to the Royal Commission due to ill health, sexually abused minors by “both grooming and opportunity’’.

    Legal sources say detectives have worked for the past year on the investigation which has involved interviewing ‘’numerous’’ alleged victims.

    The taskforce has not yet heard from Cardinal Pell or considered his position.

    The Herald Sun is not suggesting the Cardinal is guilty, but that there have been allegations made which are being taken seriously enough by police to justify a year-long investigation.

    The evidence has been presented to superiors at Victoria Police, they say.

    Cardinal Pell has vehemently denied all claims.



    Cardinal Pell is due to give evidence to the Royal Commission in just over one week.

    The timing of these leaks is clearly designed to do maximum damage to the Cardinal and the Catholic Church and undermines the work of the Royal Commission.

    The allegations are without foundation and utterly false.

    It is outrageous that these allegations have been brought to the Cardinal’s attention through a media leak. These undetailed allegations have not been raised with the Cardinal by the police and the false claims investigated by Justice Southwell have been ignored by the police for over 15 years, despite the very transparent way they were dealt with by the Cardinal and the Catholic Church.

    The Cardinal has called for a public inquiry into the leaking of these spurious claims by elements in the Victorian Police in a manner clearly designed to embarrass the Cardinal, in a case study where the historical failures of the Victorian Police have been the subject of substantial evidence. These types of unfair attacks diminish the work of those good officers of the police who are diligently working to bring justice to victims.

    The Phillip Island allegations have been on the public record for nearly 15 years. The Southwell Report which exonerated Cardinal Pell has been in the public domain since 2002.

    The Victorian police have taken no steps in all of that time to pursue the false allegations made, however the Cardinal certainly has no objection to them reviewing the materials that led Justice Southwell to exonerate him. The Cardinal is certain that the police will quickly reach the conclusion that the allegations are false.

    The Victorian Police have never sought to interview him in relation to any allegations of child sexual abuse and apart from the false allegations investigated by Justice Southwell, the Cardinal knows of no claims or incidents which relate to him.

    He strongly denies any wrongdoing. If the police wish to question him he will co-operate, as he has with each and every public inquiry.

    In the meantime, the Cardinal understands that several media outlets have received confidential information leaked by someone within the Victorian Police. For elements of the police to publicly attack a witness in the same case study that has exposed serious police inaction and wrongdoing is outrageous and should be seen for what it is.

    Given the serious nature of this conduct, the Cardinal has called for a public inquiry to be conducted in relation to the actions of those elements of the Victorian Police who are undermining the Royal Commission’s work. .

    The Cardinal calls on the Premier and the Police Minister to immediately investigate the leaking of these baseless allegations.


  7. So yeah. In 2 weeks, Season 4 of the US House of Cards series will be released. I’ve got a subscription to Netflix for the past 10 months, enjoyed it quite a lot, and I’ll be tuning in.

    Although, going by what season 3 had to offer, I’ve been a bit disappointed thus far. Frank Underwood is nowhere near the nigh-invincible monster that Francis Urquhart was. However, with the news that it’ll be stretching to 5 seasons so far I’ve been a bit satiated. However, hopefully this time around the writers will be able to portray the full Machiavellian villain that Underwood is meant to be.

    • The problem with high-rating TV shows is the producers think they need to drag them out for season after season, well past their use-by date.

    • Yes, that’s right. It’s highly obvious that in the last season the writers of House of Cards decided to veer off the works of Michael Dobbs’s works to shoehorn in modern issues of the day to pad out the series. Which of course would be okay if only they didn’t dilute the experience.

      Frank Underwood of season 3 was an entirely different character to the FU of seasons 1-2 in my view, that was how far they messed up. And there’s the fact that there’s obvious lazy cliches sliding into the series from the last season.

      But I’ll keep my optimism on for season 4, hopefully they’ll have learned a bit to tone down the “silicon valley liberalism” that was starting to be a bit overbearing on the story.

  8. Oh My!

    Possum Comitatus summarises Turnbull brilliantly in a series of tweets.

    Possum Comitatus ‏@Pollytics 2 hours ago
    A brief history of Malcolm Turnbull

    1.A bloke that screwed up the Republican vote because he *refused* to listen to anyone. Howard then ate him, so he chucked a tanty

    2.He finally got into Parliament, and his first decision was to approve the controversial Bell Bay Pulp Mill

    3.The mill still doesn’t exist – the economics of it was non-viable from the start, as he was told, and the enviro aspect a tragedy

    4. As minister, his first policy -MDB water. Ignored farmers & pissed the once in a generation opportunity to fix the MDB issue up the wall

    5. Then we have the 2007 campaign where his notable achievement was rain making – google “The Australian Rain Corporation” for the lulz

    6. As oppo leader: Utegate-a fuckup that only someone whose ego is a magnitude of order larger than their political brain could ever execute

    7. As a note on judgement – he appointed Chris Kenny as his COS

    8. The NBN. You can’t describe in less than 5000 words just how comprehensively he’s fucked our largest ever infrastructure project

    9. It’s not fast, it’s not affordable, and it’s not cheaper – to the point where it’s endangering its off-book budget status

    10. Today – grandfathering out existing negative gearing and only allowing it to enhance supply will destroy your house values.

    Never has a man with such a history public policy and judgement failure ever floated so far to the top of what passes for our politics


  9. Some excellent news from the Wild Wild West. Liberal party voters are revolting. In oh so many ways. Full front page treatment of agreat swathe of blue ribbon seats up in arms with much traditional “will never vote for them (Libs) again” . State Libs but it is a start.

    The issue Land tax. Oh and not on the family home but on investment properties worth $300k+ , Didn’t look too onerous re the levels but good to see all the frothing from the uber rich North of the River ‘burbs, land of the Bondy’s, Gina and Rose et al. Ah the pleasure of thinking about the double whammy of those taxes and a CGT clean out/up.

  10. At last found a drink for the night. The Flame-enco. Unfortunately it is sold in a Tapas bar in………., Florida.

  11. eJames,

    Thank you for a wonderful selection! More, please?

    Also plaudits for your rant against the current dishonest (on the part of the current régime, that is) tax ‘debate’.

    What really irks me is the sheer short-sightedness of the 0.1%: if they have almost all the wealth how do they expect the rest of the population to afford their ‘products’?

    I suppose another possibility is that Hayek was intentionally ironic in titling his most infamous work The Road to Serfdom.

    ‘They’ probably want to reinstate droit du seigneur as well.

  12. Fiona

    Re Hayek. I know zilch about “economics” but you tell much about a person by the company they keep and as Maggie T and Ronny Ray-gun were fans it is a case of “Say no more !”

    • eJames,

      I appreciate your thought, but I didn’t particularly enjoy this one. Possibly because I’ve been having such fun looking at street tangos in Argentina.

      Also, more likely, I didn’t enjoy Moulin Rouge.

  13. Fiona

    Ah Horton,the very ‘person’ and your link the very story which gave me my first epiphany aged 5-6. The words Horton uttered while on the nest up the palm tree covered in snow “‘I meant what I said and I said what I meant. ” hit me like a bolt of lightning, . It encapsulated how I thought people should be in words I thought clever. It is a motto I have tried to keep ever since.

    • Can’t understand PM’s reasoning with this one. Would put to bed the problems these families with young children are causing.

      We already deny many people from NZ coming to this country. We are in process of deporting hundreds.

      Ensuring they never reached our shores from NZ would be easy.

  14. Good one from Lucky Phil


    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/revealed-eccentric-parish-council-chairman-7400371 bizarre story

    https://aeon.co/essays/what-lies-beneath-the-ice-of-our-fascination-with-the-north a good read if you like a bit of history

    Herald Sun not mucking about with their exclusive

    • Wonder why they are printing this story now. Seems accusations made and investigated years ago.

    • Jaeger,

      I fell hopelessly, besottedly and irredeemably in love with John Williams when I was 17. He is such a magnificent player, and I admire him even more now for his explorations of everything non-Western.

  15. Oh dear. I have just seem for the first time the Truffle’s “Welcome to the Ideas Boom” ad . Apparently “the most exciting time in Australia’s history”. I for one look forward to our Great Leap Forward under chairman (of the Board) Truffles.

  16. So much bad press for the government today.

    Just some of it –

    Liberal Party members Ross Cameron, Juris Laucis suspended for appearing on 7.30 preselection program

    Two Liberal Party members, including former federal parliamentary secretary Ross Cameron, have been suspended for six months for appearing on a 7.30 investigation into Liberal preselections.

    Mr Cameron and branch member Juris Laucis have been suspended under the party’s constitution.

    It is not known if a third member, former NSW Upper House member Charlie Lynn, has also been suspended


    Steve Ciobo stuffs up by breaking a diplomatic convention –
    ‘Training wheels fallen off’: Labor blasts new Trade Minister Steve Ciobo

    And –
    Medibank profits soar as members suffer.

    • The biggest mistake PM calling PC to announce one has to fear Bill. Fear him because he going to make housing cheaper. Condemning Opposition leader’s policy when he himself has none doesn’t sound that prudent.

  17. Fiona, The is a Melbourne band, La Rumba that I saw busking in the Bourke Street Mall a couple of years ago. I must have stood around listening to them for an hour before I had to leave.

  18. Nice music playing tonight.

    Well then. I kind of want to share the following music, kind of fills the soul with determination when it comes to the prospect of fighting Liberals at the election this year.

    Yes, more video game music but I think it’s really good.

  19. Kirsdarke

    Waaaaaaay before your time (1984) but “Popcorn” from Trolley Wally was a real ear worm back in the day. Feel the HD3D graphics from back in the day 🙂

    The game

    Original song

  20. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Just as Turnbull and his phalanx of fibbers get a negative campaign going against Labor’s negative gearing policy an independent modelling study comes out saying the very opposite, heaping praise on said policy.
    Many other economists think likewise.
    Here’s Stephen Koukoulas’s article in support of the policy.
    More from “The Kouk” on the NPC shambles from Morrison.
    Michael Gordon wonders whether the real Turnbull is agile or fragile. He’s worked Morrison out too.
    A very good summation of current politics by Paul Bongiorno.
    Never mind what negative gearing might do to house value, have a look at this effect! Do wind turbines generate any black dust?
    Karen Middleton says that legal questions are emerging over the Robb and Ruddock appointments.
    If these allegations have been mischievously put out there it is a disgrace. If not . . . . . ?
    This is a very good indication of the damage that was done to many, many children abused while in the care of many institutions.

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