Hello Pubsters ,

Did you know that on this Friday

1782 – The Spanish captured Minorca from the British.

images (10)

And it is now full of British Tourists

1861 – Samuel Goodale patented the moving picture peep show machine.


Must have been pretty popular as there was a shortage of pennies after it was introduced.


1917 – Mexico’s constitution was adopted. c700x420

Tacos became their national Dish

1953 – The Walt Disney’s film “Peter Pan” opened at the Roxy Theatre in New York City.


Not real keen on the green outfit. But then again I don’t know fashion.

Andre-Gustave Citroen was born


Will not comment about Ciroen pieces of sh.  I mean cars


1869  – The world’s largest recorded gold nugget is found in Victoria, Australia.


Probably worth a few $

Ned rolled in a dead rat


He thought he smelt nice

And Syd chased balls20141028_112815 (Copy) Again  and Again and Again etc..

I hope you all had a Fabulous day to remember as well.




298 thoughts on “ON THIS FRIDAY NIGHT (and day)

  1. Section 2 . . .

    Payback for the underarm incident all those years ago?
    A good insight from Andrew Leigh on the vexed subject of productivity.
    Annabel Crabbe writes on how Australia ignores the UN while pretending it still has a role to play.
    Heath Aston on how “Mr Agility” has collided with reality.
    Michael West does a splendid job to show us the rapacious and potentially illegal behaviour of big business, private equity, auditors and insolvency outfits with respect to Dick Smith. And the government reckon the ABCC is the thing we most need to weed out corruption?

  2. Section 3 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Ron Tandberg and an update from Dutton.

    Is Andrew Dyson giving out a message that Shorten has hope?

    Matt Golding apparently doesn’t like the tennis commentary team.

    Pat Campbell laments the CSIRO cuts.

    A recommendation to Assange from Mark Knight.
    Money laundering with Matt Golding.

    David Rowe and the election warm-up.

  3. Also on Downer –

    From The Saturday Paper’s ‘The Gadfly’, how Lynton Crosby obtained that knighthood.

    One of Adelaide’s former political insiders, Michael Zerman, reminds me that 12 months before the South Australian elections in March 2014, Liberal Party machine men received pitches from strategy firms on how to spin the forthcoming campaign.

    Fishnets was president of the South Australian Libs and the party chieftains decided against hiring Crosby Textor, as they were thought to be too expensive.

    Anyway, the Liberals were regarded as a shoo-in, so why spend money when the result was foregone?

    The Labor Party went with Neil Lawrence’s creative team, which famously helped get Kevin Rudd over the line in 2007.

    Surprise and upset. Labor was returned to office for a fourth consecutive term, with the Libs grinding their teeth and blaming anyone and everything. Fishnets said the cards were stacked against opposition leader Steven Marshall and the way the electorates were distributed was so unfair.

    For this major clusterfuck Fishnets was promptly promoted to London, as high commissioner. The award of UK Australian of the Year for Sir Lynton looks like Alex’s way of saying he’s sorry for picking the money instead of the box


    Also in there – the mysterious disappearance of the Cole and Volker reports on the AWB scandal.

    The Gadfly is a must-read for me. I highly recommend it, if you aren’t already a regular reader.

  4. Peter Dutton has accused asylum seekers on Nauru of deliberately self-harming so they could be brought to Australia. He has also accused adults of coaching their children in self-harm, using the same lies Scott Morrison used when he said Save the Children staff were doing the same thing.

    Dutton claims that since he stopped allowing entire families to accompany sick family members to Australia for medical treatment the incidence of self-harm has dropped.

    The Oz has a story on the Dutton version, not paywalled, where dodgy figures are quoted as evidence to back up the claims/lies. Would you believe anything Dutton said? Find your own link, I really don’t want to promote this tripe.

    It’s really just Dutton coming up with new ways to torture those who are in his ‘care’. Sick kids can’t have their mum or dad with them if they have to be brought here for treatment. Mothers and fathers needing medical treatment that can’t be provided on Nauru have to leave their kids and partner behind. Not so bad, you might think, Australians travel to cities from the country for medical care all the time, but these are people who have been through traumas we can’t begin to imagine. They deserve a bit of consideration, not more punishment.

    Here’s a better account of what has been going on.

    Minister playing loose with Nauru asylum and self-harm figures

  5. When Labor gain office, it wouldn’t hurt for them to institute a series of judicial inquiries into these current MP.s expenses and associations..That’s all they have to call them..:”inquiries”…then leave it to us in the social media to re-name them as :”The treason Trials” and they can reveal all the connections and payments from a “certain” foreign national and other corporations and could also drag in the MSM.”players” via email contacts and favours.

  6. Well, Turnbull’s done his interview on Insiders. I must say, it’s a very strange re-election campaign he’s got going on here. His plan seems to be to do nothing, commit to nothing, offer nothing, and just hope that the poll boost he picked up when he replaced Abbott will be enough to see him through to the election. Which would be fair enough except for two things:

    1. He’s letting the far right of his party set the agenda. So that all we’ve seen since September last year is Turnbull half-heartedly going along with all these terrible policies, while at the same time giving the impression that he’s not really gung-ho about any of them.

    2. He’s in no hurry to get to an election.

    The first of them will inevitably erode his popularity, while the other extends the time for the erosion to occur.

    And I really can’t see Australians remaining enthusiastic about a leader whose message is “I know, I know, terrible isn’t it, I don’t like it any more than you do. but look, I ‘m sure the party knows what it’s doing.”

  7. Jon Stewart finished his New Rules segment with
    ‘I also lost my viriginity at 15 to David Bowie’

    I was a leetle slow on the uptake

  8. Turnbull just as Abbott relies on his MSM support. A couple of nights ago I saw a bulletin where the pretty announcer, also working in the Labor Scare Campaign, told us that Mr Turnbull had confronted the GST issue Head On. Followed by a couple of minutes of Olympic standard self contradictory waffle committing to nothing. The point I’m trying to make is that I thought the punch line from that was the announcers’, that Mr Turnbull had Done Something. His verbiage being thrown in as background while the media did the real promotion.

  9. i watched a bit of Insiders, near the end. I missed truffles. woe is me.
    That niki savva is a appalling Fiberal buttkisser. I thought she was supposed to be a journalist.

  10. Nikki Sava was John Howard’s Press Secretary and what a loyal employee she has turned out to be
    I noticed that Laura Tingle and Phil Coorey rolled their eyes at a Sava comment

    Laura Tingle’s father is Hunters and Shooters Party

    We are badly served by our openly partisan press. I consoled myself with a re-run of Sherlock Holmes last episode – the baddy was a foreign media baron prone to blackmail

    • John Tingle lives in Port Macquarie. He is in his eighties now and fills in his time by doing the odd classical or swing music program on local community radio.

      I don’t tune in.

      When Rob Oakeshott was still in parliament Laura Tingle was seen as the Insiders expert on what was happening in Lyne because her dad lives here. The stuff she came out with was always very reflective of her father’s conservative views and was never anything like local opinion, but Bazz Cazz always asked anyway.It used to drive me nuts.

  11. Excellent but scary article from Vanbadham in the guardian today about the impacts of insecure work – the comments are worth reading as there are more troubling anecdotes and that was just the first couple of pages.


    Fiona – a number of the comments are about the trend to more casual employment in the Uni sector.

    This is the broader issue that ALP need to use to underpin their message about penalty rates and they need to commit to a federal inquiry to build on the one the Vic govt is holding..

  12. On BSA. Bob’s observation above…The LNP. is now completely at the mercy of a benevolent MSM.. They have all their PR. policy eggs in the one basket..no wonder Turnbull would interfere in ABC. broadcasting policy..they have no choice now but to push it to the next level..with no policies, little taxation options left, it has to be election spin all the way down!

  13. Soon, the only recalcitrant will be the Commonwealth. Makes sense?

    A second Australian jurisdiction is set to offer to resettle a group of asylum seekers, including 37 babies, awaiting removal to Nauru, as Malcolm Turnbull resists growing calls by state premiers, doctors, church leaders and activists to allow the 267 to stay.

    The chief minister of the Australian Capital Territory, Andrew Barr, has said he will make a statement on Monday in line with Victoria’s offer “to accept full responsibility for all of these children and their families”.


  14. The failure of Cardinal Pell to attend the RC hearings is certainly not a good look, but for the first time in my life I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    I know well a bloke whose job it was to provide PR advice to Pell and other Catholic Bishops at frequent intervals. He has told me several times that his strong advice to Pell was to just shut up, silence was better than further stirring of a murky pot and that positive actins should always have precedence over bellicose words. He also told Pell and others that he was not a great spokesman and should leave it to a better presented option. But Pell could never be convinced that he was not the best choice and in any case believed it would be cowardly to not confront his detractors .
    I doubt that anything about Pell has changed in this regard. He is not a man who has changed his opinion on much over the last 50 years. His ego and combativeness would very likely tell him that if only he could enter the arena he could batter down the critics, force the press (who he despises) to change the tone of their reporting and rehabilitate the reputation of the Church all by the sheer force of his will. Every advisor he has in Rome and elsewhere would be desperately telling him to do what needs to be done to put this poisonous era behind the Church and commence the necessary rehabilitation by deeds and matching words.
    I am inclined to believe that the health problems he has claimed are valid and he cannot travel due to them. I think it would be in everyones best interests to make alternative arrangements asap and get this long sad saga into a rehabilitation/reparation stage.

    • I agree. I think Pell’s health claims may well be valid, based only on the fact there have been no recent photos of him. The ones the media (and Twitterers) keep dragging out are well over a year old and he does not look well in those.

      Time to get that video link up and running.

    • Can’t find the article in my history, but I read something recently on this subject that was a real eye-opener. It made me realise that the Catholic Church have an issue with even comprehending the gravity of the offenses they’re committing.

      It had a lot to do with the age most men are ordained into the priesthood – I believe it starts somewhere in their teens – which, along with the vow of celibacy, stunts their emotional growth. That tends to leave these men attracted to the type of people they were attracted to at that immature age, as there is no chance to develop it further. And it also has to do with the nature of the offence in the eyes of the Church – they way they put it, sex with anyone is an offence, and they don’t believe sex with any one person is of greater or lesser importance than sex with any other person. In other words, they don’t distinguish between adults and children when it comes to judging the offence. They just lump it all in as ‘succumbing to temptation’.

      I won’t go into the conclusions I drew from that, but suffice to say I’m a confirmed atheist.

  15. Sorry to burst a bubble, but it’s not just the Labor premiers offering to take in the refugees facing a return to Nauru.

    Mike Baird has supported Daniel Andrews –

    NSW Premier Mike Baird has supported his Victorian counterpart’s call to take in asylum seeker children rather than return them to Nauru, saying Daniel Andrews is “a good man”.
    Mr Baird said NSW was also “prepared to help” but put the onus on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to make a request.
    “I recognise the humanitarian impulse behind [Mr Andrews’] letter to the Prime Minister,” Mr Baird said in a statement on Saturday night.

    “The same impulse has driven us to work co-operatively with the Commonwealth to resettle an additional intake of refugees in NSW following the recent turmoil in Syria, which is where our focus remains.
    “If the PM has any additional requests for NSW we are prepared to help.”


    The ball is in Turnbull’s court now. Whether they go or stay is up to him. I don’t think he has the balls to make a decision either way.

    Richard Marles should just shut up and go away. He is not helping. He is a disgrace to the Labor Party and should be booted out of parliament.

    • My mistake about Baird.

      As for Marles he’s just following Shorten’s orders. It’s Shorten who should perhaps have made a kind gesture before Andrews, but I suppose the MSM would have called him weak on boatpeople. Still, he should try once to be kind to the refugees.

    • That horse has bolted. Both parties are trying to win the next election.

      Says more about us voters.

    • The pollies don’t see us as individuals. We are just part of the pollsters’ universe.

  16. TLBD

    “Says more about us voters.”
    + 1 brazillion. Pollies pander to the electorate so we get the government we deserve. A government that holds up a mirror and reflects our true face. Not a pretty sight.

  17. Labor had a chance to change policy on asylum seekers when the Immigration Act amendments were befoe parliament. They could have said ‘We were wrong, and we are not going to agree to this’, but they didn’t They just kept chanting the same old ‘stopping deaths at sea’ rubbish, over and over and over and voted for the whole lot to go through the senate.

    Labor could have changed policy at their national convention, could have said ‘we were wrong’ and adopted new policy. They failed to do that.

    Now the strongest voice in the parliament on this issue, Meliisa Parke, is leaving. What a pity. But I don’t blame her. It must sicken her to have to share space with these fools who keep on and on and one about stopping people drowning.

    Melissa Parke at least managed a damn good shot. Good on her.
    Melissa Parke attacks Labor support for Government’s immigration laws after High Court ruling

  18. Well, kk, I’m not sure that’s true. Pollies pander, but only in a very devious manner, to this group or that. Bushfire Bill would call it a pea and thimble trick. It’s well known that a pollie will say one thing to this group and another thing to that group. Even labor pollies are known to do it at times. But pollies don’t reflect the “true” face of the electorate. The face of the electorate is far too multifaceted to be reflected. That mirror hasn’t been invented yet. I reckon the best way to handle pollies is to ignore what they say but pay careful attention to what they do. Pollies want you to keep your eye on the thimble. But it’s the pea that you have to worry about. I mean, that’s why we don’t vote liberal, right? All thimble and no pea.

  19. dedalus

    As a previously non engaged voter THE biggest thing is what is in the headlines. There is a reason why media moguls get full toe sucking frottage from pollies.

  20. Meanwhile in downtown SW Sandgropia @ 4pm temp = 39 . Not so bad as humidity a whole 9%. Come on down the 40+s in the next few days.

    – but that was just a warm-up for the week ahead with an expected 40C on Sunday, 42C on Monday and Tuesday, 41C on Wednesday and 39C on Thursday.

    That’s equal to the longest run on record of days above 39C, set in 1933 and again in 1965.

    Sunday’s expected high is hot enough to roast a chicken in a car parked in the sun, where the temperature can top 70C ]

  21. I lived in Perth from Jan 1978 to Jan 1982 and my memory of that time was that it was over 40 every day from mid-December til the end of Feb. Clearly my memory sucks!

  22. I watched the insiders buzzfeed segment and after asking whether politics has gotten so shallow that a media site which deals in memes gets a spot on the national broadcaster something came to me with the segment’s coverage of Bill Shorten.

    I have a feeling that attacking Labor’s policies will be a secondary task for the media and what they will do during the campaign is try to, for want of a better made-up word, Ed Milibandise Bill Shorten, that is, generate a perception that he is weird and un-relatable.
    I bet that they’ll be hoping that something like this featuring Shorten pops up

  23. Billie,

    Memory is interesting.

    I have lived in Melbourne for a mere 36 years but – as in Canberra – I realised that in spring and autumn, it’s essential to dress in layers (probably even more so in Canberra, with much colder winters and much better heated houses).

    Yet a close friend, who has lived in Melbourne all her life, can be guaranteed to proclaim at least three times every autumn and every spring that she never knows how to dress for the day, because it’s cold/cool in the mornings and evenings but warm to hot in the days . . .

    (Yes, I have – most politely – pointed this out to her, but it makes no difference to her amazement.)

  24. Waffle waffle waffle …

    Turnbull has stepped back from the idea of raising the GST to 15% and broadening its base to include fresh food and services like health and childcare.

    On Sunday he revealed that he has not been won over by the proposal, which until recently he had argued “remained on the table”.

    “I remain to be convinced or be persuaded that a tax mix switch of that kind would actually give us the economic benefit that you’d want in order to do such a big thing,” he told the ABC’s Insiders program.


    His slogan is “Don’t just do something; stand there!”

  25. He did, too. Here, starting at 15.00

    Turnbull might like to look back to 2007. One of the reasons Howard got the boot was voters were increasingly sickened by his stance on asylum seekers. Rudd promised to do better, and he did. Then Labor, under pressure from Abbott and the haters and bigots, went to water and decided to out-nasty Howard.

    This time around there is much more attention being paid to refugee and detention centres. If Labor carries on parroting the government line and supporting the government on the issue then Labor votes will bleed to the Greens, and that will be a shame.

  26. Turnbull not being won over by a GST increase –

    Don’t be taken in
    By his friendly grin
    He’s imagining how much you’ll pay
    When he gets back in ……….

  27. Australian Labor Party
    Today Malcolm Turnbull shared a video talking up the #ideasboom (even though he’s cutting hundreds of scientists from the CSIRO). We found what looks like an early draft…

  28. I can’t remember if someone has answered my crocodile question from a couple of weeks ago correctly, or if I’ve been kind enough to spill the beans.


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