Feral Friday

What with Australia’s own Tea Party wingnuts struttin’ their stuff in the USA, certain footballers losing what few marbles they ever had, msm churnalists making stuff up, and Their ABC not even pretending to be fair and balanced, the joint seems to have become ever so slightly

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Not to mention the wild weather of the past few weeks – everything from bushfires, drought, flooding rain – it’s a real


It feels like time for

dot com Women



(even if it’s waning)

because I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if this is where we’re heading

Have a ferally fun Friday evening, Pubsters!

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  1. It does mean that the ALP can ramp up demands that Pyne step down from the front bench, which would be fun. There’s no way he should be leader of the house under these circumstances. Could be a major point of irritation to Turnbull if Burke and co get their teeth into it. Hearing the words “We have a leader of the house under investigation by the AFP…” over and over again could really get to Pyne, I reckon.

    • Could depend on answers Ashby gives. Can’t see him going down alone, can one.

      I would like to go back to beginning. How Ashby managed to meet Slipper in the first place.

  2. If ABC wants to lose more viewer they certainly know how to do it. I agree you are entitled to an opinion- but to skew facts is a different thing- who in their right mind puts the losing figure first? They could have reported it as only 37% support a rise in the GST and no-one would have considered it odd- but they are ignoring the more significant majority figure.
    Given that their ‘stars’ all earn higher than average incomes perhaps not surprising- wonder how ABC rank and file feel?

  3. Does anyone know if the proposed superannuation changes will also mean industry funds must also be always an option for any employee? For example in retail super wrap accounts? Anyone with proper information would put most of their money in industry funds, and in fact many private advisors do so, whilst meanwhile pushing the retail funds to their clients.

    I think this change would be OK, so long as no wrap fees could apply to any such investments.

  4. I’m not expecting anything to come of Pyne’s interview with the AFP, but it makes such a good headline and might even wipe that smirk off his face for a while.

    Ashby consulting his lawyers is good news though.

  5. I hope those mongrels get to eat porridge, but of course they are a protected species. And Pyne would know where many cadavers….

  6. Can anyone explain why an apparently female Fairfax reporter is writing what is effectively an article promoting this group and their meeting?

    Supporters of anti-woman group Return of Kings to meet in Sydney

    A “neomasculinist” online group whose supporters believe rape should be legalised on private property and that women are biologically determined to follow the orders of men will meet for the first time in real life in Sydney on Saturday.

    Are they so hard up for news to print that they just re-write any media release that drops in their email Inbox without considering the content?
    Or potential consequences?

    • I can’t imagine why Fairfax is promoting this piece of human garbage, or why a female reporter was assigned to do it. It’s hard to work out if it’s serious or not, how ludicrous is ‘Where is the pet shop?’ as the secret question? Seriously?

  7. Looks like the ABC have finally moved to deal with that misleading headline over 37% supporting the GST rise. They now have this instead:

    Labor faces internal battle over campaign against GST increase


    As you can see the headline doesn’t reflect the title in the URL, which I assume was the original title for the piece.

    ABC a tool of the Turnbulll government? How could you say such a thing….

  8. I’m sorry, really sorry, the heat and humidity here must be getting to me, but that ‘Where is the pet shop?’ thing made me think of the Pet Shop Boys which, of course, made me wonder if this will become the neomasculinist anthem……..

  9. This is right near the start of the article:

    The Newspoll of more than 1,800 voters, published in today’s Australian newspaper, found 54 per cent of respondents were against a higher GST.

    But it also found 37 per cent of voters are open to “raising the GST from 10 per cent to 15 per cent”.

    As you will no doubt notice, they’re making a attempt to divorce ‘being against a higher GST’ with the idea of ‘being open to the rise from 10% to 15%’. The suggestion being that maybe some of the people who don’t want the rise would be ok with it if it was just an extra 5%. When in fact it’s referring to the exact same polling group. It’s supposed to make you as an uninformed reader think, “I don’t want to higher GST, but…. if it’s just from 10% to 15% then maybe….”

    Anyway, then they help the government back away a bit by saying they’ve made no final decision. Then further down, a bit more massaging, this time courtesy of the guy who ran the poll:

    Galaxy Research conducted the Newspoll, and founder David Briggs said the way voters responded to tax questions was “predictable”.

    “What we’re seeing in the GST question here is that the majority are concerned, that they feel they will be affected, and as a consequence there’s no enthusiasm for an increase in the GST at the moment,” he said.

    Clear message there: “it’s early days yet, they’ll come around to the idea.”

    If they were honest with themselves, they’d have titled the piece, “You Want A Higher GST, You Just Don’t Know It Yet” That’s certainly the tone of the article.

    • Classic example of framing – wording designed to change perceptions without actually changing the basic facts.

      Between rigged polls, the MSM still blindly supporting every stupid thing this government proposes and Their ABC telling us a whopping huge 37% want a GST rate increase so that means everyone wants it and howling ‘Labor scare campaign’ every time someone from the oppositions says ‘GST’ us peasants don’t stand a chance.

      The Political Sword has just finished three excellent articles on framing the political debate. The first is here.

  10. The ABC. When the public broadcaster becomes a willing propaganda tool for the government you really do have to worry.

  11. A friend had opinioned that Tony Abbott staying in politics is the best thing for the Libs and for Malcolm Turnbull- the reasoning is – If Abbott goes all the relief that he is not Pm and wont be Pm evaporates- and Turnbull stand or falls on his own merits. Thinking about it – I can see it does have a certain logic about it
    ABC used to have viewing figures of 10-12%. and ABC24 managed to pull in about 2-3%- I wonder if those figures are going up or down- must check.

  12. The latest from Still There on 7.5 is that Wills is no longer a safe Labor seat.

  13. And there’s dirty work going on in Labor pre-selections.

    The Libs and Nats are all sweetness and light, then?

  14. What about all the Liberal in-fighting over pre-selection as the Abbott supporters and the Turnbull supporters both try to get their people up? Has that one slipped by Ms Sold-Out?

    Like this –

    And this –

    Ms Sold-Out has her orders, there must be no mention of Liberal Party instability, or defections to the Nationals, not a word.

  15. Well, there’s ‘balance’ for you.

  16. This little black duck

    And there’s dirty work going on in Labor pre-selections.

    The Libs and Nats are all sweetness and light, then?

    The last time there was as much sweetness and light as there is in NSW Libs was 1967 during San Francisco’s Summer of Love .

    • Bananaby and Concertina?

      Little Johnnie and Broomhilda?

      abbott and ? and ? and ?

      Heffalump and (no, doesn’t bear thinking about).

      Truss and – erm, sorry, lips are sealed.

    • Puffy,

      We’re supposed to be OVah all that – after all,

      God’s in his heavenThe Libs are in power,
      All’s right with the world.

  17. Australian Story tonight is fascinating. It looks at Peter Hall, the architect who finished the Sydney Opera House after Utzon left. The Labor gov’t started it and then the Libs got into power and started strangling the funds and arguing with the architect. Utzon upped stakes and left.

  18. I can’t recall the last time I took the ABC seriously. Must have been years ago, when I first read an article quoting Mark Scott saying he wanted them to compete with commercial stations. My immediate thought was, “Oh no, this won’t end well.” A national broadcaster is no longer an independent national broadcaster once its imperative is to chase ratings. Most areas of the ABC have gone downmarket in recent years, but the effect has been most pronounced in its news coverage.

    I know I was out for good the day Sales and Uhlmann took over 7.30. That was a black, black day.

  19. Aguirre

    “I know I was out for good the day Sales and Uhlmann took over 7.30. That was a black, black day.”
    Lasted about 3 days of Failed Seminarian Uhlman’s era before packing it in for good. RN used to be the morning listen on the way to work but that was banished a few of months after the last election. Fran and co used to gleefully pick through every poll before the election but post election as Tones sank not so slowly beneath the waves it became “don’t mention the polls” and laments of how poll driven “we” had become.

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