Feral Friday

What with Australia’s own Tea Party wingnuts struttin’ their stuff in the USA, certain footballers losing what few marbles they ever had, msm churnalists making stuff up, and Their ABC not even pretending to be fair and balanced, the joint seems to have become ever so slightly

1001 Fonts

Not to mention the wild weather of the past few weeks – everything from bushfires, drought, flooding rain – it’s a real


It feels like time for

dot com Women



(even if it’s waning)

because I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if this is where we’re heading

Have a ferally fun Friday evening, Pubsters!


326 thoughts on “Feral Friday

    • Puffy,

      We’re supposed to be OVah all that – after all,

      God’s in his heavenThe Libs are in power,
      All’s right with the world.

  1. Australian Story tonight is fascinating. It looks at Peter Hall, the architect who finished the Sydney Opera House after Utzon left. The Labor gov’t started it and then the Libs got into power and started strangling the funds and arguing with the architect. Utzon upped stakes and left.

  2. I can’t recall the last time I took the ABC seriously. Must have been years ago, when I first read an article quoting Mark Scott saying he wanted them to compete with commercial stations. My immediate thought was, “Oh no, this won’t end well.” A national broadcaster is no longer an independent national broadcaster once its imperative is to chase ratings. Most areas of the ABC have gone downmarket in recent years, but the effect has been most pronounced in its news coverage.

    I know I was out for good the day Sales and Uhlmann took over 7.30. That was a black, black day.

  3. Aguirre

    “I know I was out for good the day Sales and Uhlmann took over 7.30. That was a black, black day.”
    Lasted about 3 days of Failed Seminarian Uhlman’s era before packing it in for good. RN used to be the morning listen on the way to work but that was banished a few of months after the last election. Fran and co used to gleefully pick through every poll before the election but post election as Tones sank not so slowly beneath the waves it became “don’t mention the polls” and laments of how poll driven “we” had become.

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