Friday Fun and Games

Museum Victoria

Today’s theme is inspired by Gigilene, and her reference to the game knucklebones (or jacks).

Traditionally played with sheep ‘knucklebones’ (which I certainly used – both original bone, and plastic); it is also played with stones

Bylers in Africa (Sudan)

Games People Play (Timor L’Este)

while the Americans (who else?) apparently used these elaborate things:

Retro Planet

Then there’s the yo-yo

New York Times

which, like jacks, has a very long history


with even the odd canine proving adept:


Skipping games



Be a Fun Mum


Corbis Images

tag, hide-and-seek, Simon Says, What’s the time, Mr Wolf? – the list goes on and on.

Share your memories of your childhood games, wallow in nostalgia, remember the taste of that tea-soaked madeleine, or the smell of the tanbark in the pre-school playground . . .

Enjoy the evening, Pubsters.

305 thoughts on “Friday Fun and Games

  1. So, we now have “strivers”.

    I guess the rest are just “shrinkers” or “shirkers”.

  2. “Speaking of gagged, there are almost 2,000 journalists employed at the ABC – it’s simply inconceivable that not one of them has considered Thursday’s revelations newsworthy. The ABC hasn’t even published a defence of the revelations, let alone explored the claims.”

  3. This little black duck

    So, we now have “strivers”.

    I guess the rest are just “shrinkers” or “shirkers”.

    Scrott playbook straight from the ARSEHOLE Pomgolian Tories.

    Skivers v strivers: the argument that pollutes people’s minds

    Two words have dominated recent debate about benefits cuts, but if we accept either of them we allow ourselves to be diverted from the discussion we should be having…….”Skiver” v “striver”. It suits Cameron’s tabloid-slick delivery and Steve

  4. Their ABC – still scared of the gutless Turnbull, who with every day that passes reminds me more and more of the Wizard of Oz. A useless humbug of a man hiding behind a curtain, too scared to face the public because they will learn what he really is. The wizard uses machines, levers and a microphone to convey a false image, Turnbull uses the MSM to do the same.

    I used to hate seeing Australia referred to as ‘Oz’ and Sydney as ‘Emerald City’, but with Turnbull as PM nothing could be more appropriate.

    We should all take the sham wizard’s advice ‘ ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’.

  5. Oh goodness – more humiliation for the poor sods locked up on Manus Island. now they are being issued substandard undies.

  6. The manufacturer of those undies is known and the name – J C Best Pty Ltd – is being spread around. I hope someone, somewhere, asks if the order required the deliberate use of rotten fabric.

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