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  1. Gotta go attend to the horses..put a night-camera on their trough the last few days..different troughs..lots of nightlife!..mostly roos a couple of other things..a couple will have to see on the big screen tomorrow. I suppose it’s because we are the only supply of water around here and this is where they congregate.

  2. OMG !!! I am so in awe of Truffles. Apparently we “don’t want to be in Afghanistan forever”. Such insight.

  3. Not just medals. There are Border Farce trophies as well. The Golden Potato –

    Seriously though – the medals are not a new idea. When you read carefully you learn we have been paying for medals for this lot for years. Why?

  4. It just gets worse. Truffles thinks he has a right to determine the future of Syria. Sorry Velveteen Ballcup for good or ill Putin and Assad will whip your lilly white arse on that point.

  5. Dang, I need to do an English as a second language course, I didn’t understand a word of Waffles on Syria.

  6. You don’t need to read Turnbull’s responses. They all summarise the same way:

    “There are things. And things that determine those things. We’re dealing with the things and we’re confident we can resolve them. Until then, those things will be things.”

    That’s pretty much what he says with regard to everything.

  7. I spent the afternoon excavating the fridge in the garage. Use by dates of 2008 were to be found.

    Relaxing with Herr Mahler. He’s a real romantic. I like it.

    Symphony number 1, second movement, just finished

  8. Claudio Abbado and the Berliner Philharmoniker are throwing everything at it.

  9. Waffles should take lessons from Russia:

    According to Seymour Hersh, one of America’s best-known investigative journalists, the US recognizes Russia’s military success in Syria.

    Russians have acted in a very professional manner and managed to strengthen the Syrian Army, while US policy in the region has remained inconsistent, Seymour Hersh said.

    “Americans have not recognized one thing above all: Syria, like Iraq and Libya, was a secular ally of the West, with moderate Sunnis. And we have intervened into these countries, overthrown their governments, and thus helped those whom we view now as our worst enemies — ISIS or Daesh and all the other extreme Sunnis,” the journalist said in an interview with the German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN).

    Hersh argued that Americans’ hatred for Syrian President Bashar Assad has no logical reasons. The Syrian leader repeatedly tried to build a good relationship with the US, while Syria’s intelligence services provided Washington with hundreds of documents, warning about Islamist attacks against the West and the US in particular.

    “The Syrian intelligence [service] is one of the best in the world. It gave Americans the information on Mohammed Atta and the Hamburg terror cell,” the journalist said, cited by the newspaper. “But in his foreign policy, Obama — from his very first day in office – continued the Bush strategy. He continued with the ‘war on terror’.”

    Hersh claimed that after 9/11, the US should have enhanced its cooperation with Moscow because “Russians know exactly what the Islamist threat is”.

    However, better late than never: the “US military has now recognized the Russian military’s success in Syria,” Seymour Hersh said. Referring to his sources in the US military and the intelligence services, Hersh said, that Americans have great respect for Russia’s armed forces and especially for Russian General Valeri Gerasimov.

    In the journalist’s opinion, Putin pursues a “clever” policy in the Middle East. The Russian leader managed to strengthen the Syrian Army and made it capable of fighting.

    Nevertheless, the US has continued to maintain its tough stance against Russia and Hersh doesn’t understand the motives behind this.

    “Lavrov is a very straightforward person. He has always said openly what the Russian position is,” the journalist said, adding that the US media tend to pretend that everything Russians say is a lie.

    “Why not just listen to them? I cannot understand why Obama has such an anti-Russian stance. The Russian secret services are the best in the world; they know more about the region than we do. They know more about Daesh and al-Baghdadi. And they always have said — as well as the Syrians — that they are open to a better relationship with America. But the President pursues a surprisingly hard line against Russia and I do not know why,” the journalist stated.


    • The Russians do focus really well.

      It’s a pity that the US of A uses the scatter-gun approach.

      And it matters not a doit what the other 200 countries in the world say or do.

  10. eJames,

    He won’t. Just as America won’t.

    The neoCons have things taped (I am not being sarcastic).

    They work the population, the media, and even some people in or close to government with calls for ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy’, while busily pointing out the revolting behaviour towards their own peoples of the various strongmen.

    So the pressure is applied, and so the boots are moved to the relevant ground. With predictable results.

    In reality, it’s all about control of oil, with is one of the few things the neoCons really care about.

  11. eJames

    Waffles should take lessons from Russia

    A few day ago I watched a piece on the ME. Something that really hit me was a comment by a Russian boss cocky in their parliament’s foreign affairs committee. He was asked about how Russia had put together some odd coalitions in the current shemozzle. Commented “We are weak, so we have to talk to everybody”. Relatively weak of course but for me it chimed in with comment by a foreign policy chappie about the US not bothering with diplomacy for a couple of decades.

    • “the US not bothering with diplomacy”

      Like a certain ex-PM and his loyal girl.

  12. In the croquet, India only got 295 this time.

    Smith won the toss and sent them in. Good tactic, IMO, since they weren’t able to defend 300+ in the first two matches. The MCG is way easier to score runs on, because of its size. We shall see.

  13. Fiona,

    So true, it is about the “Black Gold”. I did read a an article sometime this week that added to that view:

    As viewed from American, European, and Israeli angles, a system of united Arab states presaged a challenge mainly on three issues: the primacy of imperialism, Zionism, and anti-communism in their geopolitical agenda. This explains why the West has consistently adopted anti-Arab policies. For the imperialist West, accepting the emergence of unified or even confederated Arab states means dealing with the largest political entity on earth sitting on an enormous land mass in excess of five million square miles stretching from the Arab-Persian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean and having the vastest wealth imaginable.


  14. TLBD

    My “finger wagging moment of the century” was Peter “Hammock Dweller” Costello lecturing the Germans about economic management.

    • Ah, yes, the excrescence who sold OUR gold at a discount to fund middle-class welfare to win an election and stuff the country.

  15. Nick Ross ‏@NickRossTech 8h8 hours ago

    @Maynardgcrabbs @TonyHWindsor @denniallen Hold tight. I’ve only had time for social media so far. Next week it’s the details.


  16. eJames,

    . . . dealing with the largest political entity on earth sitting on an enormous land mass in excess of five million square miles stretching from the Arab-Persian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean and having the vastest wealth imaginable.

    The solution is blindingly obvious: decarbonise the West’s (and everyone else’s) economies really really fast.

    Two birds with one stone: the Arab (and Persian) states are deprived of their oil-based power, and something serious starts to happen with respect to global warming.

  17. I wonder what will happen to the soldier who dared ask Turnbull about Australia’s exit strategy for Iraq? Such impertinence!

    There is no exit strategy, so His Lordship just droned on for what must have seemed like half an hour, talking rubbish. I think he believes all this waffle makes him sound lawyerly, educated, knowledgeable, whatever when really it just makes him sound like a boring old fart who is having a passionate love affair with the sound of his own voice.

  18. I haven’t read the article but I can suggest a few things. Number one: exercise.

    I’ve been through it and can tell, if anyone wants, what I learnt at our sleep clinic. Awesome!

  19. But the President pursues a surprisingly hard line against Russia and I do not know why

    Simply because the land of the brave and the free would collapse without having a great Satan enemy. It’s in their genes.

  20. The neighbours are away ….. I’m watering gardens and I’m feeding the cats from next door (Sporty and Walter Furry-Griffen) as well as the 2 (Jazz and Harry Lee), who live here. I rather like doing this and it’s always good to swear a bit in Hokkien/Singlish/Manglish.

    At times, the scratches at the front door and the entrances/exits through the cat door in the kitchen, gives the impression of arguements at the customs check-point at the Woodlands Causeway. I was out most of yesterday and came home to find Sporty fast asleep on the sofa. Wally, is here now and sleeping in the kitchen – he’s a remarkably long cat and quite young- about 3 years year old. By the time he turns 10 or so, and has filled out to be a half-decent full-forward or ruckman, I’m sure he will end up as “Towkay Kuching” (big time boss cat) of the street . Sporty at about 15-16, currently fills this role – it took him about 10 -12 years to reach it – and like Mark Brandon (Chopper) Read, William (Big Bad Bill) O’Meally or, D’arcy Dugan in Pentridge or Long Bay, (or more accurately, a Burmese war-lord in upper Shan State) he is not likely to give the stand-over-merchant role up without a stoush.

  21. Trev,

    . . . he is not likely to give the stand-over-merchant role up without a stoush.


    When the time comes, we will expect regular reports from our war correspondent!

  22. leonetwo,

    It is always the weak in society that get kicked in the guts. I bet you London to a brick that Phoney Tony and Brussels Sprout won’t miss a minute’s sleep tonight.

  23. james

    I am nor surprised because Sisi would sell the souls of the Egyptian people for a sackful of silver.

    Why the Israelis didn’t hit the Aswan in 1967 and wash Egypt away is a continuing mystery.

  24. Another bitch about the cricket commentary on Rupert.

    A bloke comes on to bowl “medium fast”. Now, if you have two modifying adverbs then the first modifies the second.

    What he is about to bowl is actually a fast version of medium.

  25. Fiona

    Even the Americans might have regarded that as OTT.

    Do ya reckon? I recall that Curtis LeMay wanted to turn the whole of the ME into a glass bowl.

    But then I guess they believe they’re the only ones who have the right to destroy the planet.

  26. Ctar1,

    Why the Israelis didn’t hit the Aswan in 1967 and wash Egypt away is a continuing mystery.

    The only reason the Israelis didn’t was because of the Johnson administration’s put pressure on them not to.

    Nasser was never going to attack Israel, he amassed troops in the Sinai Peninsula because he received intelligence that Israel was going to attack Egypt, which it did.


  27. Tlbd

    The Indians are showing a lot more go-get at the MCG.

    My taxi driver from Friday will be cheered.

  28. Steve Smith is an artisan cricketer: they pack the off side, bowl there and he strokes ever so nicely in the gaps to the boundary.

    It is poetry. (if you like that sort of stuff).

  29. Another charming United Patriots Front member comes unstuck.



    This piece of scum is well-known on Facebook for all the wrong reasons. I hope they lock him up for a long time.

    In other news about UPF –
    ‘You are not welcome here’: residents’ message to visiting anti-Islam group

    The hatred in too many of the comments is distressing.

  30. CTar1

    “I recall that Curtis LeMay wanted to turn the whole of the ME into a glass bowl.”
    Of course he would. He was the man with the plan responsible for the Tokyo fire bombing. More incinerated than Nagasaki and Hiroshima combined.

  31. Leone two,

    Looking at the picture of Nathan Davidson in your drug bust link, I suspect that the tattoo parlours in the ACT must run a special, “Buy One Tattoo Get two Muscles free”.

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