Melbourne Breakfast 14/02/2016

This is a post for those interested in Meeting up with Fiona and myself for Breakfast on the 14/02/2016. I will be in Melbourne for a few days on a mixture of business and pleasure and unfortunately have a fairly tight schedule again. I can make breakfast on the Sunday from about 7.30am till 10 when sadly I will have to leave to attend to other business.

Fiona has suggested Via Verona in Kew,which is the place where we caught up with each other last year


A fantastic little cafe with excellent fare and at a  reasonable price .

It is pretty easy to find and am sure it is well served by public transport. Fiona would know more of those details .

So if you would like to meet up  and have a chat and some breakfast with us that would be fantastic. probably let Fiona know if you are attending so she can make the appropriate booking if required.

Looking forward to it.

9 thoughts on “Melbourne Breakfast 14/02/2016

  1. Joe6pack,

    Thank you for putting this up.

    Via Verona is indeed easily accessible by public transport (tram and bus). On Sunday mornings there’s plenty of parking – well, if you get there before 9:00am.

    One huge advantage for The Pub is that it has a large covered courtyard out the back, so if there are lots of us we will probably be able to book that and not annoy the usual Sunday breakfasters.

    Let me know if you intend coming. If I don’t have your phone details, I will email you.

  2. Leroy,

    I will phone tomorrow to pre-empt if possible.

    Anyway, shouldn’t Valentine’s Day people still be in bed at the time we are contemplating?

  3. Simand I return from Malaysia on 10th Feb. Since we normally stay a few days in Melbourne I, maybe both of us, should be able to attend. I may contct my daughter Renee and her partner Trent about attending. They live in inner Melbourne at Cremorne (Richmond). So it not be very hard for them unless something else overlaps.

  4. Okay, I have booked Via Verona (most likely the courtyard) for 10-15 people 8:00am Sunday 14 February, with the rider that the number is likely to increase.

    So keep those replies flowing in, Pubsters.

  5. Fiona.
    I hope to attend, probably accompanied by my better half. I would expect that we wouldn’t arrive until about 8.45.

    • PJF,

      It would be lovely to see you and Mrs PJF again. I hope the cookbook is getting a good workout.


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