First Foodie Friday of 2016

Alright then, youse people, since the topic seems to have turned (once again) to food, please feel free to put up your fave pics of your fave eats and we will have a virtual progressive feast.

I have just finished cooking this, but as a sauté rather than as a daube (and definitely without carrots), to be served very soon with noodles and asparagus:

Bleu Ribbon Kitchen

The bar is open: help yourselves!

Cescaphe Event Group

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  1. CTar,

    Further to our recent discussion about Bananaby’s lush office fit-out, here’s an interesting comment from Kaye Lee’s piece:

    Not quite. He has an electorate office located at Shop 5, 259 Peel Street Tamworth. This office was ‘inherited’ from Tony Windsor. No money spent there.

    He also set up an electorate office at 255 Rouse Street Tenterfield which cost (approximately) half the monies spent.

    He then set up a Ministerial Office in Armidale on which the other half (approximately) was spent.

    He also has a Canberra parliamentary office.

    While some people collect ‘stamps’, and the like, Barnaby collects ‘offices’.

  2. “Secondly, he won many points on the matter of Johnny Depp’s dogs … that was the correct call.”

    Talking about Barnaby, Tim Fisher must be getting senile.

  3. Keep essential diagnostic services out of reach of the poor. Good way to make sure that the poor die first.

    Cancer patients could be left hundreds of dollars out of pocket by federal government cuts to the bulk billing incentive for diagnostic services, an organisation representing private radiology practices has warned.

    The Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association (ADIA) said that patients required several different diagnostic services, like CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) before cancer was diagnosed, let alone treated.

    Melanoma patients would fare the worst if they were made to pay a gap payment to cover reductions to the bulk billing incentive, ADIA said, pointing to the fact that up to seven services may be required to test for the harmful skin cancers. The group estimates that out-of-pocket costs could be up to $1,120 for previously bulk billed patients, depending on whether services introduced a gap fee or scrapped bulk billing altogether.

  4. Rather a silly comment about Barnaby’s offices, really, when you look at the facts. I’m all for criticising MPs and ministers when they deserve it, but this is just being ridiculous.

    Yes, he has an office in Tamworth, the same office Tony Windsor had. As required, he took over when Windsor left. That’s the rule. Electorate office leases are handled by the Commonwealth, not by politicians. His entitlements claims show he managed to cope without spending much for 18 months before he splashed out on a refit. For the money spent he must have installed a gold-plated toilet and hand-woven carpets.

    He also lists a Tenterfield electorate office on his parliamentary website.
    It does exist, it can be found on Google maps, a small shop-front, nothing at all flash. But that office is not mentioned on Barnaby’s ministerial or personal websites.

    Most likely Joyce visits it once in a blue moon and for the rest of the time it is run by one or two staff.

    He does have that ministerial Armidale office, but it is not mentioned on any of his websites. Maybe he needs to update them all. He says the previous minister had his office in Kogarah, so there’s nothing wrong with Joyce moving that office to his electorate. Or would whoever wrote this comment prefer he flew from Tamworth the Sydney to work at that office? And there are not many people involved in agriculture in Sydney’s inner south, either. It’s just a transfer of costs, it probably works out much the same as when the Kogarah office was run by whoever opened it, probably Tony Burke.

    Joyce closed the Inverell office that Tony Windsor used to have there, so that’s another trasnfer of costs, the costs that Windsor incurred in running that office now go to running the office in Tenterfield. There’s no unusual extravagance in that. There is nothing unusual about MPs having offices in different parts of a large electorate. For example, Rob Oakeshott used to have a main office in Port Macquarie and a branch office in Taree. Sussan Ley, who has a huge electorate, has her main office in Albury and a second office in Broken Hill. If you go through the official parliamentary websites of regional MPs you will find many more examples. Because all the leasing is handled by the Commonwealth. MPs wanting to open a new office somewhere have to get approval.

    As for his office in Parliament House,every MP has their own office, ministers get bigger ones. So what if they want to refit a new office? It’s Parliament House. Do we want ministers holding meeting with overseas government representatives in shabby rooms with peeling paint and worn carpets and furniture?

    But – regardless of how many offices Barnaby has the fit-out costs for his regional office/s are nothing but extortionate.

    And I do wish people who make claims online would provide links or citations to back up what they say, otherwise it becomes nothing more than hearsay.

  5. Rather a silly comment about Barnaby’s offices, really, when you look at the facts. I’m all for criticising MPs and ministers when they deserve it, but this is just being ridiculous.

    One of the downsides of hyper-partisanship.

    • Probably not..but then, in the world of bogan culture, those two “lifees” could become reverse heros!!..aka : “So drown; you bastards!!”

  6. Anne Summers –
    Why Jamie Briggs, Peter Dutton and Barnaby Joyce have done us a favour

    It is now than five years since Tony Abbott stood at a rally in Canberra in front of signs that described Prime Minister Julia Gillard as “Bob Brown’s bitch” and enjoined Australia to “Ditch the witch”.
    If we thought those days were mercifully behind us, Peter Dutton’s words were an ugly wake-up call to the fact that they are not gone and, as far as some people are concerned, nor should they be.
    The language used to castigate women is telling.
    They are either “bitches” or “witches” or, possibly, both since the terms are not interchangeable

  7. paywalled, try opening from tweet or googling – Jackie Trad dismisses royal commission into trade unions

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