Fiery Christmas

Keith Packenham

From the ABC:

The number of properties lost in the Christmas Day bushfire along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road has risen to 116.

At Wye River, 98 homes were destroyed, while 18 were lost at Separation Creek. Fire officials said the majority of the properties lost were holiday homes.

The Insurance Council of Australia estimates the losses to be worth $38 million and it is expected that number will increase as claims are made.

The Great Ocean Road area has been declared a catastrophe allowing the insurance industry to “escalate its response” to the fire crisis.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews who flew over the fire zone, said the property losses were “significant”.

“It’s kind of confirmed for us just how hot, just how volatile, just how intense this fire was, burning right to the water’s edge,” he said after a community meeting at Apollo Bay.

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The one thing I am thankful for (and I am sure all would share my relief) is that nobody died.

However, it ain’t over yet: the terrain and vegetation in the Otways are particularly difficult, and we are in for a long, hot summer.

South Australia and Western Australia have already shown its potential for length, heat, and cruelty.

Stay safe, everyone. Remember, houses can be replaced.

Lives can’t.

ABC News


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  1. scorpio6to2

    About descriptions of Kathy Jackson, a great many possibilities come to mind to us all when doing that. In the current Perpetual Present no one in the MSM seems inclined to revisit Mr Pyne’s version. But of course that’s the point of having a Perpetual Present, isn’t it. Mr Pyne’s version never existed.

    The ABC coverage I saw last night (just the regular old Channel 2 stuff) tripped my hair trigger loathing of the current media. Straight into creating an ambience for the liebrals to exploit. Pink Battsish, if you see what I mean.

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