Must be Christmas time!


Plenty of drinks have been purchased and are now chilling down


A ham

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And a few Chooks are in a Fridge

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Some delights from the sea are chilling down as well


and I am constantly getting orders from the OH to CLEAN this,MOVE that,GIVE me your wallet and STOP complaining, that I suspect Christmas time has arrived



Our 3rd one here at “THE PUB”It started with this blatant rip off from J Laws.

  This will be our 367th thread starter

The Christmas theme will be up for a few days only. I can’t improve it any more but it is festive and I hope you can forgive it’s foibles and go with the flow. It is close to our original one.


On behalf of Ned ,Syd and my demanding but lovely OH, I would like to wish you,Contributors and lurkers alike a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a safe and Wonderful day




181 thoughts on “Must be Christmas time!

  1. cold cxollation and salad tonight. baked whatever the son brings tomorrow. Our Chrissy dinner will be in the evening when, hopefully, the cool change has arrived.

  2. Puffy,

    Fingers crossed for you. Evening sounds like the best plan. Meanwhile, I hope you and the dogs keep cool and well-hydrated (yes, I mean H2O).

  3. Possibly, just possibly, my favourite traditional carol (though I wish the Beeb’s sound recordists had been able to do something about the sibilants):

  4. Good morning and Merry Christmas Dawn Patrollers.

    Woolworths and Coles cover themselves with glory as they let down on-line (and other) shoppers. Have they not heard of “allocation” and “available stock”, two of the most important terms in a sales and distribution system? And as for their response to the disappointed customers …?
    This action by the US has angered many in the UK.
    Quiet achiever Daniel Andrews is setting out to restore Victoria’s socially progressive position.
    The price drop that is really worrying Big Oil.
    Dave Donovan writes on the responses to James Ashby’s smears and slurs.,8524
    What a disgusting thing much of private vocational training has become!
    More concerning allegations from Nauru.
    In a break from tradition Bill Shorten puts a political comment on penalty rates into his Christmas message. And there’s an Abbott family photo in the article which makes Tony look quite diminutive.
    Alan Moir pretty well sums up the current polling position.

    And here’s the best 45 Fairfax cartoons of the year.

  5. BK

    Good morning and Merry merry. Keep cool today and have a great time. Thanks for your links this morning and with very rare exception every morning.

  6. Christmas Greetings from this old atheist to all the great folk that live in the Pub; from management to the occasional imbiber you are all bonzer cobbers.

    So, may lots of good things like partridges, turtle doves, calling birds, gold rings, geese, swans, maids, ladies, pipers and drummers arrive for all of you.

  7. Thanks for the links, BK, and Merry Christmas to you, Gravel and all Pub viewers and families. Forecast in Portland is for 31, with late afternoon rain, which might be more comfortable than most.

    We will have our own miniature gathering of immediate family here this morning before going to the giant extended family Christmas Day lunch and afternoon fun at my nephew’s place.

    Looking forward to it, as I hope all of you will be.

  8. Good morning and Christmas greetings.

    Lovely cool morning here, there might be some rain on the way, maximum expected today 25C. Perfect eating weather, maybe not so good if you were planning a day at the beach.

    The NORAD Santa Ttracker – did you know Australia also has a similar service? For years Air Service Australia, in collaboration with NORAD, has been releasing Santa’s flightpath for Australia and providing updates via Facebook. Santa’s callsign is always ‘SLEIGHRIDER 1’. It all shuts down before Santa gets too close though, we don’t want little kids staying up too late in the hopes of catching Dthe Big Man making a delivery.

  9. It’s going to be 34c here today, but a lovely 23c tomorrow, so glad for that as will be cooking roast for lunch. I’ll get the 20 and 18 year old grandsons to help move the sheep to work up an appetite for the roast and home made plum pudding. 🙂

  10. BK

    Thank you for the links.

    Those Colesworths online shoppers are dills. And what a bunch of whingers! They don’t seem to be getting much sympathy in the comments.

    Anyone with even just half a brain would have booked their delivery for a few days before Christmas, just in case something went wrong. I know we are supposed to be cross about the big two letting down customers, but I thought that story was a good example of how dumb people can be. Have none of these fools every heard of a contingency plan, aka Plan B?

    • Sorry can’t agree. One orders, making delivery time. Bet many of these placed their orders early. It would be near impossible to get delivery date if one left it to the last moment. When one makes their order, they are or should be informed that item isn’t available. Well that is how it works when I have used their services.

      There is no excuse for things such as meat and hams not showing up yesterday. especially as it would spoil many a Christmas dinner.

      I though. as an item was sold, it was recorder on a stock list. The system let them down badly.

  11. Good morning Pubsters. Everything is relaxed and happy. i went to the fishmongers and bought Meoldema an Alaskan Crab portion, with the legs, and SA caught King Prawns. She bought a small freezer, (about a metre high) to give us extra space.

    We are watching the Carry-on movies marathon. on foxtel (yeah, i know). Those movies always make me laugh.

  12. Fiona
    So far so good. Looks OK. smells right, but it’s still sealed up in the bowl. It has to have a reheat for an hour or so before lunch, which I have to get underway soon. Then I get to turn it out and see if it worked.

  13. Off to the Canberra Hyatt soon with family for Santa Season lunch, after bugs and prawns for dinner last night. 4YO grandson had a marvellous morning opening Santa’s and our family’s gifts. Will sleep well tonight, me thinks.

  14. My gelato got a good run at the family christmass dinner. Were a couple leftover which I gave to two nieces.

  15. CTar,

    We lunched with me mum at her new residence. Much better than having to cook and clean up (mum thought I was brilliant to think of it). Pretty good food, too.

    I’ve had a nap too – it is very warm here so a siesta was almost inevitable.

  16. Fiona

    [Much better than having to cook and clean up]

    Minimal here. No cooking today – some seafood followed by cold turkey, ham and green salad. A bit of cheese after.

  17. Someone observed on Twitter that if Jon Faine is on ABC Melbourne Radio on Christmas Day, things are serious.

  18. Fiona

    Thanks for telling about Faine being on. We lived at Colac for 12-13 years, so it’s a bit like our back yard on fire. I know we are hundreds of klms away now, but even so…….what an awful Xmas day for all those concerned.

  19. Fiona

    There is never a good time for a fire, but that area is a very popular holiday spot, and having all those extra people there takes a lot more resources. Xmas and Easter would be the two worst times.

  20. Gravel,

    Indeed. It is, of course, the visitors/tourists who have been giving the emergency authorities the most grief.

  21. Fave neighs are having an xmas night party.

    Surprisingly, the music is subdued.

    Surprisingly, the drivers of the intruding vehicles seem to have parked with courtesy.

    Surprisingly (not), fave neighs have decided (1) xmas night is an appropriate time for fireworks, and (2) laws relating to fireworks don’t apply to them. Said fireworks are being let off from their back garden.

    Seriously surprisingly, I think they’ve sent their unfortunate dog on hols, so I haven’t heard any howls from that direction, at least.

  22. Puffy,

    I doubt it.

    The public interaction between the dog and the ‘humans’ of the household is minimal. She, poor animal, spends most of her days at the front fence, hoping to be able to talk with someone. Anyone.

    As for the pyrotechnics, this is the first time as far as I know that we have been treated to such an up close and personal fireworks display.

    Checking the regs now.

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