Must be Christmas time!


Plenty of drinks have been purchased and are now chilling down


A ham

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And a few Chooks are in a Fridge

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Some delights from the sea are chilling down as well


and I am constantly getting orders from the OH to CLEAN this,MOVE that,GIVE me your wallet and STOP complaining, that I suspect Christmas time has arrived



Our 3rd one here at “THE PUB”It started with this blatant rip off from J Laws.

  This will be our 367th thread starter

The Christmas theme will be up for a few days only. I can’t improve it any more but it is festive and I hope you can forgive it’s foibles and go with the flow. It is close to our original one.


On behalf of Ned ,Syd and my demanding but lovely OH, I would like to wish you,Contributors and lurkers alike a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a safe and Wonderful day




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  1. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    And it was Victoria’s turn for bushfire devastation yesterday.
    Why Turnbull’s 2106 is his year of make or break. From Paula Matthewson.
    Some lovely types stepped out for a Christmas Eve walk.
    Slater & Gordon will salivating at this prospect.
    And speaking of Slater and Gordon . . .
    This expert predicts that Microsoft will kill off Apple in the tablet stakes.
    Centrelink’s annus horriblius.
    And oh what a year it’s been for the public service in general!
    We might see a $5b reduction in the cost of building our new submarine fleet. Germany might well be the front runner. I believe they are the most experienced when it comes to dealing with other countries on technical matters.
    Have Australian scientists had a breakthrough in the field of malaria immunisation?

  2. Section 2 . . . with Cartoon Corner

    Ross Gittins examines our economic history.
    The top new words that got us talking in 2015.
    Did we just waste $760m on buying Christmas gifts?
    A nice little cartoon from Andrew Dyson.

    At the (political) front with David Pope.

    John Kudelka and the Porn Police.
    David Rowe on penalty rates.

    David Rowe gives us some Christmas fun here.

    The Guardian gives us a heap of cartoons for Christmas.

  3. Yesterday St Malcolm had lunch at the Wayside Chapel in Sydney. The chapel is in his electorate, he’s been there before at Christmas, but this time the MSM went into an orgy of adoration with frequent use of the phrase ‘rock star welcome’. .Whether or not he turned up with food and money was not mentioned. Lucy did not go with him. This visit was reported everywhere, including TV news, and no-one mentioned that the Abbott/Turnbull government policies are ensuring a rapid growth in clients for the Wayside Chapel. It all reeked of Abbott’s stunt-a-day visits to charities. Find your own link for this.

    Yesterday Bill Shorten helped serve food at a community lunch, a function which gave Christmas food and gifts to hundreds of kids from Melbourne’s inner west. He made some comments about penalty rates while he was there. Good on him!

    Only SBS, Sky News and Channel 9 bothered to mention it.

    So I’m doing what the MSM refuse to do – getting Labor’s message out.

  4. Leone

    Well done, I know social media can’t do a lot, but every little bit helps. I am starting to feel sad about the loss of the abc, the change has been slow but soon it will accelerate.

  5. Released on Christmas Eve, so no-one would notice.

    Australia’s carbon emissions jump in 2015–20151225-glv017.html

    Some comment –
    It’s all about the money

    Burying the bad news at Christmas: Greenhouse Gas emissions rising reports @takvera #Auspol

  6. A tad windy for the beach so we made a picnic at Brookfields Conservation Park in the mallee, where some of my Italian ancestory was interned during the war…but that wasn’t the reason we went there, rather for the bush trails..very interesting…we then went (Myself and the OH) to look over the charcoal pits that were dug and worked by the internees during the war..harrowing experience it must have been.
    Anyway, it was a very good day all ’round.

  7. The first wood gasifier was apparently built by Gustav Bischof in 1839. The first vehicle powered by wood gas was built by Thomas Hugh Parker in 1901.[1] Around 1900, many cities delivered syngas (centrally produced, typically from coal) to residences. Natural gas began to be used only in 1930.

    Wood gas vehicles were used during World War II, as a consequence of the rationing of fossil fuels. In Germany alone, around 500,000 “producer gas” vehicles were in use at the end of the war. Trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles, ships and trains were equipped with a wood gasification unit. In 1942 (when wood gas had not yet reached the height of its popularity), there were about 73,000 wood gas vehicles in Sweden,[2] 65,000 in France, 10,000 in Denmark, and almost 8,000 in Switzerland. In 1944, Finland had 43,000 “woodmobiles”, of which 30,000 were buses and trucks, 7,000 private vehicles, 4,000 tractors and 600 boats.[3]

    Wood gasifiers are still manufactured in China and Russia for automobiles and as power generators for industrial applications. Trucks retrofitted with wood gasifiers are used in North Korea in rural areas, particularly on the roads of the east coast.

  8. For 33 years my Dearly Beloved has taken me to the movies for our anniversary.
    Not this year, though.

    We were all ready to rock on in, when we realised that the cinema was not letting people in because they had had a fire ‘in the back’. We had thought that one of the fast food places located under the cinema at the shopping centre, was a bit smoky, but nope, it was the cinema that was on fire!

    We will be rebooking our tickets for later in the week, but somehow I think the DB and I will not be going to the movies next year for our anniversary *sniggers*

  9. DIL will be heading off to Strathalbyn (SA) at sparrow-fart tomorrow.

    DD and family off to Wagga the day after.

    It’s been a GOOD few days.

    Who cares when some bloke emerged?!

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