Friday, and the First Pubster Wedding (At Least, As Far As We Know . . .)

Hat tip to This Little Black Duck for the starter to this thread – what could be more appropriate than a love song?

which, to my delight, shows a section of Melbourne’s Outer Circle Railway Line (the late 19th century equivalent of Napthine’s East-West Link) most of which, including this section, is long since dismantled.

Gorgeous Dunny has sent me photos of Sim’s and his wedding last Saturday (see here for Gorgeous Dunny’s own lyrical description). In between having something to eat, plus a soothing glass or two of wine, I will publish some of them as the explanation of this thread’s title.

Gorgeous Dunny being led to the altar by his daughters:

Sim being led to the altar by her son:

At the altar:

Exchanging vows:

The watchers on the balcony:

The tea ceremony (the third photo shows star of the show, Ellie, serving tea to Sim):

The wedding cake, complete with Chinese language messages, was made for Sim by an enduring friend from her nursing days, who also made another English language cake!

A small selection of the wedding feast, plus all the women in conga line . . .

And, finally, sealed with a kiss:

Now, for a classic recessional:

All happiness to you and Sim, Gorgeous Dunny, and to your extended families and friends.

Thank you for sharing your special day with The Pub!

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  1. At the end she said: Merci beaucoup.

    Bishop should learn how to pronounce this phrase properly given that she visits many French boutiques. It’s not hard. It’s only two words.

    I know, it’s a minor point.

  2. From Thursday’s Herald Sun. Paywalled, worth a look.

    Strike at the heart of Labor’s union ties
    December 10, 2015 12:00am
    James Campbell Herald Sun

    IT isn’t hard to find people in the ALP who would like to kick the construction division of the CFMEU out of the Labor family.

    It isn’t just its fondness for the sort of 1970s militant street theatre witnessed outside Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday and that also brought the CBD to a standstill during the Grocon dispute. Nor is it because some of the union leadership’s extensive rap sheets for offences such as criminal damage and assaulting police.

    What really gives a lot of Labor people the creeps is the perception of the union’s deep ties to the underworld, connections symbolised by CFMEU boss John Setka’s relationship with Mick Gatto. If the Victoria Police taskforce that has been working with Tony Abbott’s trade union royal commission had charged Setka and his lieutenant, Shaun Reardon, with offences that stemmed from their relationship with the outlaw motorcycle community, the ALP and the wider Labor movement would be running a mile from the CFMEU.

    The same would be true if Setka and Reardon were facing the sort of corruption allegations that have hit the bosses of the Health Services Union.

    But of course Setka and Reardon haven’t been charged with acting corruptly. Nor, despite allegations made by Victoria Police about some CFMEU members to the royal commission, are its two officials charged with supplying drugs or extorting money.

    Instead they have been charged with blackmail stemming from threats they are alleged to have made to Boral executives during the Grocon dispute. And instead of running a mile the Labor movement is rallying around the pair. The reason isn’t hard to find. If the charge were to be sustained, it is hard to see how any union official could ever make threats of industrial action without risking prison.

    As far as we know, the allegations against the pair have been in the public domain for some time. Indeed, they were aired in the lawsuit Boral brought against the CFMEU earlier this year — a case that resulted in a $7 million settlement with no liability admitted on the part of the union. During that trial it was alleged Setka and Reardon were alleged to have told Boral that if it didn’t stop supplying Grocon the union would shut it down. These same allegations are also currently the subject of an ACCC investigation. Both these cases are of course civil proceedings with nothing more at stake than money. Criminal charges for blackmail, if sustained, would be a game changer

    This isn’t the first time that CFMEU officials have faced charges over an industrial dispute.

    Earlier this year, ACT organiser Johnny Lomax was charged by the Federal Police with blackmail for pressuring a subcontractor to pay site rates that were written into an EBA. Charges were later dropped.

    In Lomax’s case the charge stemmed from a direct dispute over wages, whereas the allegations against Setka and Reardon stem from an allegation the union was running a secondary boycott against Boral — which tends to be treated harshly by the courts. But the union movement is convinced if the prosecution of the two men succeeds it will set a precedent that will apply in all industrial disputes, not just cases of secondary boycott.

    Indeed, if the prosecution were to succeed and courts were to begin treating all industrial disputes as blackmail it is hard to imagine that the Andrews Government — indeed any Labor government — would not change the law of blackmail to exclude it from applying in industrial disputes.

    Now of course it might be the case that we are going to hear a lot more about other criminal matters involving the CFMEU in the days ahead. But despite years of allegations against the union, you wouldn’t want to bet on it — not if Assistant Commissioner Stephen Fontana’s embarrassing performance at the union royal commission was anything to go by.

    Fontana initially told the commission that union officials were members of outlaw motorcycle gangs. Under questioning he backtracked. Now that he thought about it, it might only be one.

    Asked what position this bikie gang member held with the CFMEU, he drew a blank, which is unsurprising as the man in question wasn’t a union official at all — merely a member. Actually, technically, he wasn’t even a member as he hadn’t paid his union dues for two years.

    Under cross-examination, Fontana was also forced to admit that no official of the CFMEU had ever been arrested over — let alone charged with — corruption, extortion, with being complicit in the drug trade or with blackmail.

    On Sunday, of course, this changed when instead of asking him to attend a police station — or charging him on summons, Victoria Police decided to pull over and arrest Setka while he was out driving with his three children. Now of course police are entitled to arrest anyone any place they like but you have to ask if this was really necessary. He’s not exactly a hard man to track down.

    Between the charge of blackmail and his dramatic arrest Setka has gone overnight from being an embarrassment to the ALP and the Labor movement to a hero of the Labor movement and a man who has to be defended. It is a very strange turn of events.


  3. paywalled, so try clicking the link within the tweet first, or google – Government’s secret plan to dump private health insurance rebate – then click through

  4. The government’s ‘secret’ plan to abolish the private health insurance rebate and replace it with – what else – one of their beloved voucher systems sounds like a right mess. Why not just abolish the fracking rebate and leave it at that.

    Labor should have abolished the damn thing but, of course, were too lily-livered to do it.

    Stand by for more voucher talk on education. The Libs have been trying to get that up for decades.

  5. Gigi’…” At the end she said: Merci beaucoup.

    Bishop should learn how to pronounce this phrase properly…”

    Yesss…the pronunciation of words can misconstrue their meaning. For instance..near here is a little hamlet that goes by the name : “Towitta” has been called this name for many years, but I have it on VERY GOOD authority the real name of the original site was ; “Witta”..the local indigenous name for ; “well”..which, of course as everybody knows was the precursor of that favourite exclamation of the Irish : “wisha, wisha”..which means : “well, well” , the Irish given quite often to repeat themselves as in “Galang galang” or “Woy woy”…

    The original sign pointing to the location of the hamlet of Witta was a short board and the resultant squeesing together of the letters “To Witta”…became misinterpreted as ; “Towitta”..and so it has remained..I suspect there are a number of locations and towns in Australia that suffer the same fate..”Towoomba” for one..

  6. Another misinterpreted locale name that springs to mind in this state is the town that straddles the NSW. SA. border on the Barrier Highway. This town ; “Cockburn”, pronounced by the more delicate grammarians as ;
    ” Co-burn”…because of it’s obvious connotation.

    A connotation closer to the truth of the origin of the name than many may realise! went like this:

    That ardent and unstoppable explorer ; Ernest Giles, while writing up his journal in his tent on the night of August 15th, 1873, (a windy night according to his diary..) inquired of his Aide de camp..Lieutenant White if he had a suggestion for the name of the locale they were currently in-situ of?

    The efficient soldier, sitting on a fold-up stool outside, was in the process of cleaning his Webly-Smithson revolver with some mineral turps…as fate would have it, just as Ernest called out this query, the turps spilled into the lieutenant’s lap, quickly soaking through to his more sensitive parts and proceeded to do what that liquid does when in contact with the skin…burn!

    Of course, Giles was unaware of the chain of events occurring outside his tent in the windy night, so when Lieutenant White leapt to his feet at just that moment crying out as he did so..” My cock burns!” , the wind blew away the first part so that Ernest Giles gave a little nod of approval at the suggested name, licked the end of the pencil and dutifully wrote : “Cockburn” down in his journal….I suspect there are other place-names that may have suffered the same fate throughout this wide land…the name “Kunnanurra” springs to mind..

  7. I have to admit being somewhat chuffed at the pronunciation of the lady reading the news on the ABC a couple of weeks ago, in (correctly, to MY way of things) reporting of the fire near the town of ; ‘Ma-lla-la” rather than the mispronounced common way of ; “Malla-la”…a bone of contention knawed over many a time in this house hold between the OH and myself…and…regardless of her degree and PhD. on interpretations of things..I hold to my opinion…the moment of the ABC. lady using MY pronunciation while we both looked on was a “telling” one indeed…I hardly need to draw a verbal picture of the ensuing conversation…enough to remind that children may be reading!

    If I can add another humble observation on this subject concerning the name of a town famous in it’s locale for a certain dog on a tuckerbox…it is pronounced not; “Gunda-gai”, but rather : ‘Gun-dargi”…after the REAL owner of that dog..; a cross-eyed chap ; Mr. Colin Dargi and his “gun-dog”…; “Limp”.

  8. Oh…it seems the OH is going for a walk to check the eromophilas..she has asked if I would like to come too…I accepted..I may be gone some time.

  9. jaycee
    Very creative information on Aussie place names there, so persuasive that some might even believe you……..


  11. Leroy

    A bigger question should bloody well be WHAT the Frack was the now Miniature for the Environment Little Grunter doing there celebrating. What a husk an even bigger shell of a sold soul than Ruddock.

  12. Italy under the Oligarchs…Theodore Mommsen : History of Rome.

    Read and weep, for this seems our fate if it cannot be stopped.

    It is a dreadful picture–this picture of Italy under the rule
    of the oligarchy. There was nothing to bridge over or soften
    the fatal contrast between the world of the beggars and the world
    of the rich. The more clearly and painfully this contrast
    was felt on both sides–the giddier the height to which riches rose,
    the deeper the abyss of poverty yawned–the more frequently,
    amidst that changeful world of speculation and playing at hazard,
    were individuals tossed from the bottom to the top and again
    from the top to the bottom. The wider the chasm by which the two worlds
    were externally divided, the more completely they coincided
    in the like annihilation of family life–which is yet the germ
    and core of all nationality–in the like laziness and luxury,
    the like unsubstantial economy, the like unmanly dependence,
    the like corruption differing only in its tariff, the like criminal
    demoralization, the like longing to begin the war with property.
    Riches and misery in close league drove the Italians out of Italy,
    and filled the peninsula partly with swarms of slaves, partly
    with awful silence. It is a terrible picture, but not one peculiar
    to Italy; wherever the government of capitalists in a slave-state
    has fully developed itself, it has desolated God’s fair world
    in the same way as rivers glisten in different colours, but a common
    sewer everywhere looks like itself, so the Italy of the Ciceronian epoch
    resembles substantially the Hellas of Polybius and still more decidedly
    the Carthage of Hannibal’s time, where in exactly similar fashion
    the all-powerful rule of capital ruined the middle class, raised trade
    and estate-farming to the highest prosperity, and ultimately led to a–
    hypocritically whitewashed–moral and political corruption of the nation.
    All the arrant sins that capital has been guilty of against nation
    and civilization in the modern world, remain as far inferior
    to the abominations of the ancient capitalist-states as the free man,
    be he ever so poor, remains superior to the slave; and not until
    the dragon-seed of North America ripens, will the world have again
    similar fruits to reap.

  13. The corruption of the LNP. by influences and forces outside the actual party is absolute and complete. There can be no return for that party..labor must return to it’s core / base social policies and bring back into the party those core voters who look to such a political party for protection from corporate plundering and social security.

    This bashing of unions is a useless pursuit..the few corrupt elements within the unions are more than matched by the huge benefits that must be and are delivered to it’s members. Labor would do grave injustice to it’s core supporters if it was to seek separation from the unions. A BIG, BIG, mistake!

    The only thing holding the LNP. in place is Murdoch’s empire and some lesser sympathisers in the ABC. and other media. Turnbull is walking a tightrope above a chasm. He is being shown as insincere and empty..he must fall…but for the likes of him, it wil be a “soft” landing.

  14. jaycee423

    Re Oligarchs. One thing Putin deserves a koala stamp for is his smashing of the oligarchs who ran riot under Yeltsin the Drunk.

  15. jaycee
    Don’t forget the IPA – more dangerous than Murdoch because they not ony dicate policy for the Liberal Party but fund it as well.

  16. Kaffee’..

    The Russians, like the Chinese have learned from history…maybe because they suffered so many wars. Although the history is available to us through a good education system, it seems the last lesson we will learn.

  17. Leone. I wrote of such in that post ; ” A Pox on the Masses” above…don’t tell me you didn’t read it??..tch!, tch!

  18. One of the local clubs is having a ‘Christmas under the Stars’ thing tonight. Well good for them, but why am I forced to listen when it’s the last thing I want to do? I live 2 kms away as the crow flies and I can hear their music loud and clear. If I wanted to listen to this crap I’d be there, but I don’t, and I’m not. So why is the crap amplified so the whole town can hear it whether they want to or not?

    To make things even worse there will be fracking damn fireworks later tonight. The third weekend in a row (plus a few nights in between as well) that we have been subjected to shock and awe level shelling, and that will keep going until Australia Day, every weekend, and a lot of weeknights too. If this is ‘entertainment’ I just don’t get it. It terrifies the dogs around here who howl their distress and the shelling noise and howling upsets my kitties. Stuff pointless, polluting fireworks, Stuff amplified yank Christmas ‘music. Bah humbug to it all!

    End of Grumpy Old Woman whinge. I’ll just have another glass of wine or three and hope it helps drown out the racket.

    Did I mention I loathe and detest fireworks? Standing in the dark going ‘oooh’ at flashing lights and explosions is so 13th century. Isn’t it time we moved on to something a bit more modern?

  19. jaycee423

    Vlad the Bad and Russia get a lot of bad press BUT something that happened a few weeks back really added some perspective. Russia’s Caspian sea fleet lobbed some cruise missiles into Syria. Apart from it being the first time in a couple of centuries the Caspian mob have had any ‘combat’ it was the first time since the end of the USSR Russia had launched military action outside the old borders. Compare and contrast with the Septic Tanks in the last 25 years. Now who are the war mongers ?

  20. Leone,

    I should give some additional information regarding my local party from hell on Friday evening.

    As I reported, the over-amplified live band stopped at 11:00pm. I was slightly annoyed as I had looked forward to a call to the police.

    Well . . . 20 minutes later the muzak started again. I was on the phone to the cop shop with extreme rapidity, only to be told that I was the third person to have complained.

    I flew to my bedroom window which, conveniently, looks onto the side street, and sure enough, a few minutes later, a divvy van arrived.

    It was one of the neighbours’ more spectacular efforts – two driveways that I know of had been blocked by partygoers’ cars as OH told me on Saturday morning: he parks the pimp mobile in the carport belonging to the flat my mother rented (we are still paying, so nothing illegal) but couldn’t get into the drive. Nor could he access our drive.

    The problem is that these particular neighbours are seriously stinking rich, and couldn’t give a shit about anyone they consider inferior. The only two nice members of the household are the dog (somewhat neglected, and therefore a frequent barker) and the son. For the rest of them, pffft.

    (Besides, the ‘lady’ of the house parked her horse float – illegally – in the laneway over which seven households – including ours – have right of way. On the way in or on the way out, she ripped a paling off our brand new back fence. According to her note of apology (probably the first she has ever written), she was unaware of having caused any damage, please let her know how much the repair would cost. Typical: price versus value.)

  21. Hello Pubsters.

    I have relocated myself and my four cats down to Maitland suburbia. No.1 son has hooked me up to the internet again so I am trying to catch up on The Pub news.

    Bestest wishes and congratulations to GD and Sim and many thanks for sharing your lovely wedding with us all.

    This morning I wrote a longish post setting out the fun and games I experienced in moving the four cats from their acres of garden and open paddocks to their new surroundings in suburbia. However, when it came to pressing the send button, I lost the internet connection! Didn’t have the energy to start over.

  22. jaycee423

    “Italy under the Oligarchs…Theodore Mommsen : History of Rome”
    Just remembered the old Southern Italian guy who was my landlord many years ago. He came to Australia as a post war refugee/immigrant and would come around for the rent every two weeks. Cash of course 🙂 . Great bloke and we had a good yarn when he visited. Boy was he mighty pissed off with the “bloody capitalists” who took over Italy post war. Especially as it was the “Up the Workers” socialist mob who had done all the resistance to Mussolini. His son had a good larf when , after the dad’s death, I told him of his dad’s railing against the “bloody capitalists” . Bloody hell he said dad was the biggest ‘capitalist’ bastard out !

  23. A people of contradictions, the Southern Italians..There is a brilliant book by Roger Valliard.: “La Loi” (The Law) explains a lot !

  24. Fiona

    At least you could call the cops. I can’t. The cops can’t cart off a few hundred family revellers and even if they could there aren’t enough paddy wagons for one tenth of the throng.

    Now someone is singing ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’ and the bastards have turned up the volume. Shannon Boody Noll is doing a guest spot – I think it’s him singing. Arghhhhhh!

  25. Janice

    I wondered what had happened to you. Hope you’ve recovered from the move, I know I’m not ever moving again, it is such a hassle. Sorry that you lost your post, I would’ve enjoyed reading it. You are going to miss the open spaces so you understand about the critters and what they are going through.

  26. foreverjanice
    I was wondering where you had got to. Having to move four cats to suburbia can’t have been easy. I hope they don’t punish you too much.

  27. Janice,

    It is lovely to see you here again. So far as your relocation tails are concerned, you could use your email to me as inspiration . . .

  28. Now i’m being blasted with ‘I’m dreaming of a fracking white Christmas’…… no i’m not. I hate snow, it’s cold and wet and this is Australia, we have hot. sweaty Christmases and we sit around and drink too much wine and beer trying to keep cool.

    I bet they won’t sing this – one of my favourite Chrissie songs.

  29. Leone, there is only one way down from “Rudolf”…and i dread to say it…but : “Yellow River”

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