Friday, and the First Pubster Wedding (At Least, As Far As We Know . . .)

Hat tip to This Little Black Duck for the starter to this thread – what could be more appropriate than a love song?

which, to my delight, shows a section of Melbourne’s Outer Circle Railway Line (the late 19th century equivalent of Napthine’s East-West Link) most of which, including this section, is long since dismantled.

Gorgeous Dunny has sent me photos of Sim’s and his wedding last Saturday (see here for Gorgeous Dunny’s own lyrical description). In between having something to eat, plus a soothing glass or two of wine, I will publish some of them as the explanation of this thread’s title.

Gorgeous Dunny being led to the altar by his daughters:

Sim being led to the altar by her son:

At the altar:

Exchanging vows:

The watchers on the balcony:

The tea ceremony (the third photo shows star of the show, Ellie, serving tea to Sim):

The wedding cake, complete with Chinese language messages, was made for Sim by an enduring friend from her nursing days, who also made another English language cake!

A small selection of the wedding feast, plus all the women in conga line . . .

And, finally, sealed with a kiss:

Now, for a classic recessional:

All happiness to you and Sim, Gorgeous Dunny, and to your extended families and friends.

Thank you for sharing your special day with The Pub!

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  1. Peace at last, the music has ended, the shelling (loudest so far this summer) has stopped. How could anyone bear being close to the racket? Why does music have to be amplified to such levels? I feel for the poor sods who live across the road from tonight’s performance, they are in for a lot more over the next six weeks or so.

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