Fizzy funny friday

I came across this the other day

And thought it was fantastic. Amazing what you can do with coke and lollies.

but you probably shouldn,t do this

Science always seems more fun to me when I see what can be achieved using everyday things. Not very academic of me I know but I was able to see this sort of stuff when I was at school instead of the science I was taught I may have taken a bit more interest.

Share your favourite  youtube vids tonight as well as the usual music and dancing.

This one is a good laugh

And he didn,t like this one bit

Have fun. Just don’t overindulge.



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  1. Alesson on why not to threaten the Petro-dollar:

    Tony Blair went to war in Iraq despite a report by South African experts with unique knowledge of the country that showed it did not possess weapons of mass destruction, according to a book published on Sunday.

    God, Spies and Lies, by South African journalist John Matisonn, describes how then president Thabo Mbeki tried in vain to convince both Blair and President George W Bush that toppling Saddam Hussein in 2003 would be a terrible mistake.

    Mbeki’s predecessor, Nelson Mandela, also tried to convince the American leader, but was left fuming that “President Bush doesn’t know how to think”.

  2. The Bizarre Explanation For Why The U.S. Has Avoided Bombing ISIS Oil Wells:

    Until Russia started bombing the living daylights out of them, an endless parade of trucks carrying ISIS oil would go back and forth over the Turkish border completely unmolested. Following the downing of a Russian SU-24 bomber by Turkey in an area where many of these trucks travel, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to publicly air this dirty laundry.

  3. Donald Trump Tells Pro-Israel Crowd He Can’t Be Bought, Gets Booed:

    Speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition on Thursday, Donald Trump once again demonstrated how he is not your typical presidential candidate.

    “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money,” Trump told members of the Sheldon Adelson-funded hardline pro-Israel lobbying organization.

    He went on to mock rival Jeb Bush for taking money from interest groups and then toeing their line. “That’s why you don’t want to give me money, OK, but that’s OK, you want to control your own politician. That’s fine, good,” he concluded.

    And then, unlike the candidates who do want the coalition’s money, Trump broke with GOP orthodoxy, questioning Israel’s commitment to peace, calling for even treatment in Israeli-Palestinian deal-making, and refusing to call for Jerusalem to be Israel’s undivided capital — provoking a wave of boos from the audience.

  4. ejames,

    Your blockquotes look fine to me. If there is anything specific you want fixed, tell me which comment and I will attend to it.

  5. Mark Zuckerberg – Charity or Tax loophole?

    Mark Zuckerberg will transfer ownership of his Facebook stock without paying capital gains taxes. He will also benefit from the possibility that his foundation will live beyond him, with his heirs and their heirs at the helm, untouched by estate taxes…

    Which means that unlike a charitable trust, which is compelled to spend its money on charity, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, LLC will be able to spend its money on whatever it wants, including private, profit-generating investment..

  6. Thanks Fiona, the two posts before the last, everything under the first line should be in blockquotes.

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