Fizzy funny friday

I came across this the other day

And thought it was fantastic. Amazing what you can do with coke and lollies.

but you probably shouldn,t do this

Science always seems more fun to me when I see what can be achieved using everyday things. Not very academic of me I know but I was able to see this sort of stuff when I was at school instead of the science I was taught I may have taken a bit more interest.

Share your favourite  youtube vids tonight as well as the usual music and dancing.

This one is a good laugh

And he didn,t like this one bit

Have fun. Just don’t overindulge.



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  1. While the Coalition seems to suddenly be popular for no reason now and these polls coming in are a bit depressing to watch, I’m still holding out for the possibility that the 2016-17 budget will be crunch time.

    With Morrison writing it, there’s every chance it could be as ‘well received’ as the 2014-15 one.

    Abbott was such a toxic blight on Australia that yes, people do feel good when the pain goes away, but tough times are coming. And the fact of the matter is that when people are struggling, Labor always takes more care of them than the coalition.

    Also while Hartcher can be a textbook example of a shallow journalist, it was somewhat satisfying reading his “Shirtfronted” series this week, essentially reducing Abbott’s legacy to that of a “Incompetent psychopath that treated the country as though they were all idiots”.

  2. Aguirre

    I get that same impression from just about everyone I know. Turnbull will fix it, Turnbull will ‘do something’ about climate change, Turnbull will let all the kids out of detention, Turnbull will probably even walk on water. They don’t bother reading any real commentary, they refuse to have anything to do with ‘politics’ at all, they aren’t interested, but they do, as you say, take sides based mostly on what they see on morning TV shows. I think they formed an opinion on Turnbull when Abbott was still leader and won’t change now, no matter how much anyone tries to point out what a weak, dismal failure Turnbull really is. It’s the good old mind like a steel trap, firmly welded shut thing.

    This might be very impolite, but the majority of Australian voters keep on reminding me of these wonderful lines by Banjo Patterson –

    There were some gilded youths that sat along the barber’s wall.
    Their eyes were dull, their heads were flat, they had no brains at all


  4. Kirsdarke

    With Morrison writing it, there’s every chance it could be as ‘well received’ as the 2014-15 one.

    I think Talc will actually have Martin Parkinson running this.

  5. Aguirre and Leone

    As I’ve said before, the average Aussie needs to be hurt financially by this lot before they’ll wake up. Of course, as we will all suffer, by then it will be too late.

  6. Jason Clare on the NBN – before the story about Turnbull flogging it all to Telstra surfaced.

  7. Turnbull wants to sell NBN. Probably to Telstra. For tens of billions less than the government will spend on it

    Deluded ones: “Turnbull will usher in the republic.”

    Voice of reason: “No he won’t.”

    Deluded ones: “Turnbull will legalise same-sex marriage.”

    Voice of reason: “No he won’t.”

    Deluded ones: “Turnbull will bring back the NBN.”

    Voice of reason: “No No No he fucking won’t!”

    Deluded ones:

  8. 2gravel

    Turnbull gets Morrison do to his dirty work and propose a 50% increase in the rate of the GST with plans to whack it onto food, health, rent and education while he sits back and smirks. The MSM in their current ‘St Malcolm can do no wrong’ mode cheer him on. The plebs, slack-eyed, brainwashed dolts that they are, just say ‘Malcolm would never do that’. Well, he would do that and given a compliant senate he will do it. If it comes down to the wire the Greens will cave in – again – and let it all through. And we will all suffer the consequences.

    It’s worth remembering that Howard all but lost an election when he took the GST to the people. Labor gained a bigger vote, 2PP 51/49, but didn’t get enough seats changing sides to win. Whenever someone tries to tell you that we all love the GST because Howard took the GST to the people and we all voted for it it’s good to know the truth.

  9. GL

    And there’s this – I’ve seen it so many times I’ve lost count

    Deluded ones – Turnbull will close the off-shore detention centres and let the kids out of on-shore detention. (I’ve actually seen a comment about Turnbull being the ‘only hope’ for those in detention)
    Voice of reason – No he won’t, he will make them worse.

    What Turnbull and Dutton are really doing with onshore detention – it certainly does not involve letting the kids out by Christmas.
    Controversial Border Force takes control of detention centres, turns them into ‘jails’

    And as for the kids –
    Department of Immigration ends ‘inappropriate’ outings for children in detention run by nuns

    And an extra on off-shore detention.
    Asylum seeker Hamid Khazaei susceptible to infections

  10. Kirsdarke

    “Incompetent psychopath that treated the country as though they were all idiots”.

    So where were all the “professional’ journos pointing out this bleedingly obvious nature of Abbott during the past 5 years ? Certainly not doing what their profession should be doing.

    This incident particularly stuck in my mind . A fine display of the inner Abbott.

  11. Advent calendar causing anger:

    Lindt Deutschland was quick to respond to comments, explaining that the image was not in fact a mosque – and actually depicts a scene similar to that which would have been found in the time and place of Jesus’s birth.

    “Hurting the feelings of our consumers is the last thing on our mind, and we are very sorry if this is the case,” they wrote.

    Explaining: “respect and tolerance are the basis of our trade, regardless of sex, religion, politics and beliefs,” they added: “The packaging represents a visualisation of what the local surroundings would have looked like at the time.

    “This includes architecture and culture that could have been present in the oriental world at the time of Christ’s birth.”

  12. KK

    Labor was not doing anything about it either. That stupid nodding should have been mocked day after day and during the election campaign. But nothing happened. It simply got ignored.

  13. I was reminded of Saddam’s “open the gates of hell” comment.

    A quick Google for what he said found this from someone else from 2002. By Dog was this guy right.

    Sept 2002

    At the conclusion of the Arab League Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Cairo on September 4, its Secretary General Amer Musa, who was formerly Egypt’s Foreign Minister, warned the Bush administration that if carried out its threat to invade Iraq, “gates of Hell” will be opened in the region

    ……………….warned of the gates of hell opening in the region around Iraq if war was thrust on that country. But it is certain that the power- that- be opening these gates will have no concern for the fate of millions of people who may be swept in the deluge

  14. When handing out ALP HTV cards whilst standing in front of such blatant and overwhelming blue it is nice to make comment about the necessity for such overwhelming advertising if the product is any good.

    I’m told I do a great line in snark on these occasions.

  15. BK

    Do you think they have enough posters?

    I read somewhere or other that the North Sydney Liberal campaign has been all about Turnbull. The candidate himself gets the odd mention at the bottom of letters from St Malcolm, a corner of posters featuring His Saintedness. It will be a real slap in the face to Turnbull if the Liberal vote drops by even a couple of points. As it’s expected to drop by much more than that you have to wonder if it would have been better to focus on the candidate, play down the Liberal thing and leave Turnbull right out of it.

  16. “This includes architecture and culture that could have been present in the oriental world at the time of Christ’s birth.”

    To be brutally honest they haven’t done a very good job, the towers look more like the ones from a russian orthodox church than anything from the orient.

  17. t’s so sad to think we now have fighting over a pretty image on a Christmas card, so great is the right-wing paranoia about Muslims.

  18. I wonder if anyone ever stops to remember that Jesus was born a Jew, his parents would not have been anywhere near a mosque or a Christian church of any variety, eastern or western, because neither existed at the time of his birth, The ‘stable’ his parents took shelter in (I suppose that’s what the image is meant to show) was most likely just a cave. Bethlehem was not renowned for marvels of gilded Eastern architecture at that time.

    But let’s not allow a bit of architectural history to get in the way of bigoted nit-picking, shall we.

  19. Leone,

    My best female friend’s mum was Jewish. She expressed her concern to me when her granddaughter was chosen to be Mary in the prep class’s nativity play. My response? To the best of my knowledge, Mary was a good Jewish girl, and Jesus was a good Jewish boy, so it was most appropriate.

    Another thing: earlier this week on the morning show, a rwnj was carrying on about how “they” had established a “halal community” somewhere near Bendigo. A few callers later, someone noted that such a viewpoint would surely describe the suburb of Caulfield as a “kosher community” . . .

    Ignorance + stupidity + intolerance + fear = one helluva dangerous brew.

  20. As soon as I saw the word “Lindt” I thought of the Martin Place Café and the siege. I didn’t think it was the appropriate picture.

  21. Fiona
    I once knew a woman who wanted to be Jewish, a friend of a friend thing. She tried to tell me her kids were Jewish because their father was a Jew He wasn’t. Anyway, she used to parade around wearing a star of David pendant and made a huge fuss when her allegedly Jewish child was chosen to be a shepherd in the kindergarten nativity play. The likely religion of the original shepherds had never occurred to her.

  22. I buy Lindt dark chocolate regularly and I never give the Martin Place thing a thought when I do that. Does that make me in some way ‘unAustralian’?

  23. FFS! What a load of rubbish!

    Lemonade stands? Since when have Australian kids ever done this? Where does Wyatt Roy think we live? In the USA? In a Peanuts cartoon? Doesn’t he know local councils in Australia have very strict regulations dealing with food and drink stalls? Does he know kids will have to get council permission for such a stand and will have to label their lemonade with a list of ingredients?

    And Lucy Turnbull is patron of the organisation promoting this bullshit.

    Maybe those innovative, entrepreneurial kids would get a lot further if they had decent high-speed broadband to use in researching and promoting their ideas. Maybe Lucy could suggest that to her husband……

    DICE Kids names Lucy Turnbull as first patron

  24. Up here in The Barossa, we have a ‘Metwurst Community’ !..over in the nth. eastern Adelaide suburbs there is surely a “Salami Community”….


  26. leone

    I buy Lindt chocolate regularly, and never give Martin Place a thought, but seeing that picture unsettled me a bit. Perhaps the Swiss chocolatier didn’t appreciate it either.

  27. That Lindt chocolate pic couldn’t possibly depict architecture of the time of “Jesus” (should he even have lived) as it depicts orthodox architecture possibly 400 years AFTER the so called birth!

  28. I just ask people, with regards to the upset over ‘halal communities’, if they have ever watched “The Life of Brian”. Then remind them that ‘Christianity’ (as such) didn’t really get a guernsey until 325CE with Emperor Constantine.
    Having had an ongoing interest in history – and dragged around lots of archaeological sites as a kid – I can usually quote chapter and verse on which bits of “christianity” have been swiped from older religious beliefs, including Victorian social theory that elsewhere has been thoroughly debunked.

    That being said, when one comes across someone actually ‘being Christian’ you often find them working with those who are ‘being Muslim” or “being Jewish” or “being Buddhist” &c, all working to the same sorts of goals. They just don’t advertise the fact over much.

  29. curioz

    People have no idea of history. They don’t understand that Islam developed after the beginnings of the Christian religion. They don’t realise Jesus is revered and respected as one of God’s greatest messengers by Muslims. They don’t have a clue about anything, really.

    Our own history is rewritten constantly to feed whatever agenda is on the go at any given time. For example, just look at the way red-neck racists have adopted the Eureka flag without understanding any of the context around that flag. They choose it because it is the closest thing they can find to the American confederate flag, also much misused and misunderstood.

    These days I find myself saying something many times every day – ‘People are stupid’. I don’t know why, but we seem to be suffering from an epidemic of stupid.

  30. The general public hasn’t come around yet but some of the journos are starting to question Malcolm infallible.
    I don’t know how it will play out but there’s a good chance the PGallery group think might kick in and start to turn against him. Libtika, Cassidy, Oakes and Mark Kenny to name a few are asking questions.
    Even Keane in Crikey is saying the gloss is off the honeymoon.
    An interesting Christmas period ahead let alone a potential swing against Libs in Nth Sydney

  31. Yup, at the moment it looks like the Independent Stephen Ruff is likely to take 2nd place. At the moment the AEC is using the Liberal vs. Green vote for the final result, but they’ll probably have to change that.

    Since the Liberal primary vote is below 50%, then it all depends on the preference flow. However since it’s still 47%, it’s still fairly likely a Liberal retain (although I doubt the final Two candidate preferred vote will be above 55%).

  32. A quick look at the ABC Candidate guide says that Ruff is being backed by former Independent MP Ted Mack, so that might amount to something at least.

  33. Just goes to show the “pull” of social media..I placed links to those pieces that I have put up here on social media and on Bob Ellis site to the community blog @ mid-Murray Lap. and of the pieces :

    Decline and fall…put up today…129 hits.

    LNP. and a habit of treason put up a week or two ago… 237 hits.

    Call for a social revolution, put up earlier ..81 hits…
    And on a blog site that is hardly even known and of little consequence!…good on ’em!

  34. Labor calls for investigation into potentially illegal Malcolm Turnbull posters

    Labor will ask electoral authorities to investigate whether the Liberal Party used illegal posters of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in its campaign to hold on to Joe Hockey’s former seat.
    ALP National Secretary George Wright will write to the Australian Electoral Commission over corflute posters of a grinning Mr Turnbull – on display across the North Sydney electorate as voters went to the polls on Saturday – with no clearly visible party authorisation.
    Mr Wright believes the posters could contravene the Commonwealth Electoral Act, which dictates that all such campaign material must contain the name and address of the authorising person

  35. New Horizons Returns the First of Its Very Best Images of Pluto

    “Impact craters are nature’s drill rigs, and the new, highest-resolution pictures of the bigger craters seem to show that Pluto’s icy crust, at least in places, is distinctly layered,” said William McKinnon, deputy lead of the New Horizons Geology, Geophysics and Imaging team, from Washington University in St. Louis. “Looking into Pluto’s depths is also looking back into geologic time, which will help us piece together Pluto’s geological history.”

    “The mountains bordering Sputnik Planum are absolutely stunning at this resolution” added New Horizons science team member John Spencer. “The new details revealed here, particularly the crumpled ridges in the rubbly material surrounding several of the mountains, reinforce our earlier impression that the mountains are huge ice blocks that have been jostled and tumbled and somehow transported to their present locations.”

  36. Leonetwo, your post on lemonade stands being an American concept reminds me of the new SBS Food Channel – it is filled with American food shows. I love watching a good food show, e.g. Italian Food Safari or Adam Liaw’s destination Japan but the mush they are serving up on the new Food channel is a lesson on why so many Americans are so fat!

    I turned on the channel sometime this week and “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” was on with some fella cooking chicken wings. I love a juicy chicken wing as much as the next chicken wing lover but this fella first used a sugar and asst spice rub before oven roasting. When that was done, the wings were deep fried to make then “crispy” and before serving, they were dipped into another thick sugar oriental Sauce.

    The customer’s reactions, “Unbelievable, the best wings I have ever eaten”.

  37. ejames

    All that sugar!

    I’ve never visited this food channel. I probably won’t bother ever after that review.

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