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  1. Fiona

    “The mass obsession with firearms, the more powerful the better, is the one thing I cannot understand about Americans.”
    It has been a feature of them for quite a while. Years back there was a radio doco on some Irish (?) worker’s union activists who were transported to Australia and later rescued by American sympathisers. Part of the escape involved one of the Americans demanding a local gaoler/copper handing over keys to their cell. What stuck in my mind was the comment of why the guard/cop handed over the keys with out a struggle. The guard mentioned that at the time it was assumed that all Americans carried guns and so he just handed them over. From unreliable memory this happened in the 1850s

  2. Kaffeeklatscher,

    What a fascinating episode – the Wild West writ large.

    Meanwhile, a weary Bastet has to do what a weary Bastet has to do.

    Goodnight, y’all.

  3. “Fair? Well, once upon a time a strawberry blonde . . .

    Just got back from a few days in Hobart where every 2nd female seems to be a ‘Ginger”.

    Anything to generalize about there Fiona?

  4. puffyTMD

    I have been a spider fanboi from way back. Cannot understand why people find them scary. Life highlight was , aged 14 , winning first prize at the Auckland Science Exhibition for my spider exhibit. Award presented by heart surgeon pioneer Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes . Front page pic national paper. Much head swell.

  5. scorpio6to2

    Much shrinkage since then, The more I learnt the more I realised how little I know. Front page pic was of me holding a couple of these babies. Good old Porrhothele antipodiana . Very impressive fangs.

  6. kaff
    I still get the flight/fight reaction to spiders but I have trained myself to appreciate the household huntswomen. For people, like you, who don’t get the ‘hair standing-on-ends’ near arachnids, they would be fascinating.

    That is an impressive specimen.

  7. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. Fairly slim pickings this morning I’m afraid.

    Shane Warne and his charity business are looking a bit suss.
    Stirring words from Obama but we all know that effectively it is empty rhetoric.
    This is the environment in which said shooting took place. Make sense?
    This article calls it out as terrorism.
    Alan Austin tells us how corruption and incompetence are flourishing in the Turnbull government. OUCH!
    Donald Trump is the lowest of the low.
    Nice work from Barnaby.
    A good, introspective contribution from Annabel Crabbe on domestic violence.
    A bit more trouble with boat turn backs.
    Peter FitzSimons’ light-hearted column.

  8. http://www.afr.com/news/politics/voters-rate-turnbull-government-performance-below-abbott-20151127-gl9jxb

    Click to access True%20Issues%208.pdf







  9. Spiders – ugh!

    There’s only one type I tolerate, the St Andrews Cross spider. They have the good sense to stay outside and obey the house rules, unlike other spiders I could mention, who show no regard for rules or personal space. As spiders (ergh) go they are pretty. Their bite is not poisonous and they look so darn cute in their pretty webs.


  10. Fashion notes on the CHOGM opening meeting.

    The men wore suits. Boring as. Why can’t they wear fancy dress like they do at APEC?

    Lucy Turnbull showed up wearing a basic black suit and a red abomination on her head.

    She should have followed the hatless example set by the Duchess of Cornwall and left the red thing at her hotel. Ditto the otherwise gorgeous Sophie Trudeau.

    Why do grown women believe these bits of tat are ‘hats’ and why do they insist on wearing the ridiculous things?


  11. http://andrewelder.blogspot.com.au/2015/11/brough-enough.html



  12. Bad news for residents of Bulga, soon to have a super-sized open coal mine just 2.6 kms from their homes.

    Hunter Valley residents lose battle against mine expansion

    Residents are keeping up the fight.
    Town of Bulga vows to not give up fight against Rio Tinto coalmine

    From the Bulga-Millbrook Progress Association.Facebook page –
    Go ahead, we dare you
    We will make it hard
    By holding up your work
    If you drop your guard
    Go ahead, we dare you
    You’ll soon learn our goal
    To make your dirty diggings
    The most expensive coal
    Go ahead, we dare you
    As together we will stand
    To make your fragile share price
    The cheapest in the land
    Go ahead, we dare you
    We’ll put out the call
    To banks and all investors
    Ensuring that you fall
    Go ahead, we dare you
    We’ll wise up the nation
    No coming to your aid
    Or giving compensation
    Go ahead, we dare you
    Watch us rejoice and win
    For what you plan to do
    Is such a bloody sin
    Kathy McKenzie

    This is farmland set to be destroyed. Sheer lunacy. Coal is a dying commodity. Coal mining and gas fracking in Australia is sounding like a new Aesop’s fable.

  13. A good find from over the road. A long look at the “experts”…..

    The sham “terrorism expert” industry

    A highly ideological, jingoistic clique masquerades as objective scholars, all to justify US militarism

    ……………….In the 1980s, Iraq was put on the U.S. list of Terror states when the U.S. disliked Saddam for being aligned with the Soviets; then Iraq was taken off when the U.S. wanted to arm Saddam to fight Iran; then they were put back on again when the U.S. wanted to attack Iraq. The same thing is happening now with the MEK: now that they’re a pro-U.S. and pro-Israel Terror group rather than a Saddam-allied one, they are magically no longer going to be deemed Terrorists. That is what Terrorism is: a term of propaganda, a means of justifying one’s own state violence — not some objective field of discipline in which one develops “expertise.”


  14. Hi Pubsters

    I see Leroy has linked Elder’s latest. Anyone have a view as to why Elder would think Brandis is pushing the AFP investigation along as intimated at the end of his piece?

  15. Hi Victoria,

    Re Andrew Elder, I also wondered the same point re Brandis. I think it’s a reasonable guess that Brandis was involved but it might be on the periphery rather than in the thick of it. Somebody pushed Finance to refuse to accept the usual Minchin Protocal repayment for Slipper and to send the whole thing on to the AFP for preparing a prosecution.

    Considering the amount was <$1000 and the cost of preparing a brief and running a prosecution would have been at least 50 times that, it must have been a political decision. I'd always assumed Brandis had been involved as the nominal minister for AFP. It is just possible that another pushed the case that far and George only handled the legal fine points after taking that course.

    It doesn't make much sense for Brandis to pursue it now. Yet it's something which must have happened for the AFP to suddenly take an interest in the matter after stalling and stonewalling on MP Graham Perrett's complaint for so long. I can only assume his hands are relatively clean from the original prosecution of Slipper. Is it a belated attempt to avoid being tarred with the Slipper saga?

    He does seem more directly connected to the pursuit of Craig Thomson, having heavied state police and A-G offices to act. And although that was as shonky as the attack on Slipper, there is less chance of repercussions or conspiracy accusations with Thomson having to wear a conviction.

    So he may just be clearing his own backside, and perhaps feeling that he owes Brough and Pyne nothing. It's hard to imagine George being capable of a House of Cards manoevre, albeit an own goal is very possible.

  16. On The Lounge page (aka ; The depository of ideas site)..:

    A Call to Revolution!

    Ma’ frens’, we need a revolution!..not to overthrow the state, but to replace the political, administrative and social control from a subservient middle-class with a more homogeneous mix of blue-collar, blue-collar and more blue-collar people…But I am not talking the stupid blue collar..; the bogan idiocy, nor the racist, bigoted goons who wrap themselves in a jingoistic flag and usurp the name of “The People”, such trash will always be trash and more than likely aspirants for a middle-class lifestyle.; “I want to be effluent, mum, effluent!”…

    But there’s more!

  17. Both Brandisnaps and Abbott travelled to the USSR in their younger days. Those cunning Soviets must have brainwashed them then sent them back to destroy capitalist Australia 😉

  18. Just read the Andrew Elder piece. The Brandis comment is very interesting. I’ve always thought Brandis was behind the Slipper/AFP thing and I had wondered why the AFP suddenly became interested in Brough after ignoring the whole Ashbygate thing, and Graham Perrett’s letters, for so long. Someone has to have asked for things to be moved along, so who else but Brandis would organise that.

    But why?

    Helping out Abbott? Getting rid of Turnbull by bumping off his ministers, one at a time? If that’s the plan then who is next in line for a visit from Mr Plod? ?

    I think Turnbull has upset Brandis by taking the Arts portfolio from him, just when Gorgeous George was having so much fun taking funding from groups he didn’t like and bestowing largesse on those he did. HE must have been pretty pissed off with Turnbull when he lost all that fun and power.

    It’s often the little things that bring on big upheavals. Maybe George is just out for revenge.

  19. Scorpio’s number 1 daughter, Eli’s mum has just delivered a sister for Eli and the first grand-daughter for Scorpio & Mrs Scorpio.

    No details regarding statistics or photo available so far, but Mrs Scorpio tells me she is gorgeous & looks a lot like Eli who is quite a good looking fellow. (takes after his grandfather. 😉

  20. Geez, with all these baby scorpion, dragonettes and lioness cubs running around, moi’d better be careful . . .

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