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  1. fiona.
    It’s the younguns that’ll do in those dastardly conservatives, all those progressive grandkids are going to be the Justin Trudeau’s of the next era. They’ll inherit the fire in the belly.

  2. Regarding who stirred up the AFP on Brough I would put my money on Abbott having a little whisper in the ear of his bunk mates at APF College. It would get under Turnbull skin and who would know more about Ashby than the planner of it: Abbott.

  3. Cliff

    More likely someone on behalf of Abbott would be doing the whispering. Abbott makes sure he never gets his hands dirty

  4. Julia Gillard also stayed in that flat in the AFP hostel early in her time as PM, but the AFP didn’t do her any favours. Nor did the MSM make a huge song and dance about her choosing ‘modest’ accommodation. Don’t read too much into Abbott staying in the place, it’s done mostly for security reasons when The Lodge is not available.

    “Julia Gillard when she was prime minister stayed in exactly the same AFP quarters that I’m sure Tony Abbott will be staying in, so there’s nothing that new about that and I think it’s a pity the article didn’t pick that up,” Mr Albanese told Sky News on Sunday


  5. The suggestion that Brandis may have taken umbrage over the Arts portfolio is an interesting one.

  6. Brandis is interesting – he supported Abbott in the leadership spill back in February, but voted for Turnbull in the Septemnber spill.

    A month ago he gave a strong defence of Abbott, claiming he was the victim of bigotry because of his religious beliefs.
    Tony Abbott was subject of ‘bigotry at its most shameful’ over Christian beliefs, George Brandis says

    So what made him do this? Loyalty to a friend? Pique because Turnbull took one of his toys away?

    We can rule out religion as a cause of any possible conflict between Turnbull, Brandis and Abbott – all three are Catholics.

  7. L2

    “all three are Catholics.” true but there are ‘Liberation theology’ Catholics and Pope John Paul II Catholics.

  8. I cant recall where I read it, but it was suggested that the AFP have stepped up their investigation due to prompting by Slipper himself

  9. The latest info on baby Scorpio is that she is named Eva Elizabeth and she is a Sagittarius, the same as her Mum.

    Eli is a Libra, same as his Dad. Eli on October 2 and his Dad on October 3.

    Both mother & baby doing well. The father, we are not quite sure of. Apparently he found the delivery quite moving & cried as his daughter was born. I don’t really think he is a 6 foot 4 sook, but a sensitive, loving husband & father.

    We need more like him in the world right now.

  10. scorpio

    Eva and Eli – how lovely.

    My latest grand-daughter (born not quite two weeks ago) just squeaked in as a Scorpio (like me). I think there might have been a bit of paternal weeping in the delivery room when she arrived, her father sounded vary not-quite-himself when he rang to tell me the happy news.

    Grand-daughters are wonderful, I have four of then now, plus another five year old step-grand-daughter. Only one boy – a step-grandson. It looks like that, barring miracles and accidents – is going to be the final grandchild tally.

  11. Billie,

    I was pleasantly surprised when Ken Lay outed himself as so opposed to violence against females. It didn’t exactly mesh with my original impressions of him, but he obviously takes the problem very seriously. He is a fine role model for men, and properly reminds women not to perpetuate those ‘different expectations’.

  12. leonetwo,

    My latest grand-daughter (born not quite two weeks ago) just squeaked in as a Scorpio (like me).

    Lovely. The world is a better place with more Scorpios like us & Penny Wong. (born on my birthday)

    There are exceptions of course. Tony Abbott being one that instantly comes to mind. (November 4th)

    Penny and I came into the world on November the 5th, cracker night or Guy Fawkes night. Both of us in our way, have made a bang or two along the way & both of us have a background in the Trade Union Movement, helping people that were otherwise helpless against powerful interests.

    Particularly women.

  13. I don’t like spiders – but will tolerate them outdoors.

    We had a St. Andy’s Cross near one of the taps; quite cute, really. The Tent Spiders in the garden are mostly harmless too. The Golden Orb Weavers (Nephila sp.) are huge, but have the sense to build their webs well up out of mischief – something the nocturnal grey Garden Orb Weavers haven’t quite figured out yet. (They’re nocturnal, so a torch is a must to avoid face-planting into an unwanted surprise.)

    The less said about scuttling Wolf Spiders, the better…

  14. Wonderful. I have eventually been able to extract some statistical information re my new grand-daughter.
    For those interested, she is 50 cm long and weighs 7.97 pounds in the old scale or 3450 gms.

    No wonder she took so long to arrive. Her mum is not exactly a big framed girl whatsoever. I understand that mum is very glad it is all over & she has no intention of repeating the exercise whatsoever! 😉

    Can’t say I blame her. I would hate to be in Labor for the best part of two days myself! 😉

  15. So much for small government.

    I take that back. The planned House of Lobbyists isn’t technically part of the government.

  16. Ducky,

    As a resident of Kooyong, I’ve had Andrew Peacock, Petro Georgiou, and Josh Frydenberg as my federal representative.

    I knew Frydenberg would be cringeworthy – just didn’t expect he would be quite so appalling.

  17. For those interested, here’s (hopefully & thanks to the wonderful Fiona) the first couple of pictures of my first, beautiful grand-daughter.

  18. Scorps,

    An absolute pleasure.

    Young Scorpionette looks completely unrepentant about causing her mama so much grief – and rightly so!

    I must say, I never cease to be thankful that my labour (not Labor) with DD lasted all of 7 hours 20 minutes, and she was only 6lb 11.5 oz in the old money – and had to be lifted out at the end because I’d run out of energy. Still, a much easier event than your daughter.

    Also a much easier event than any of my late MIL’s labours. The first (OH) was 11lbs, the second 12lbs, the third 14lb, and the fourth I can’t remember. She did have some *cough* gynecological complications after all that.

  19. I’ve got no idea who’s hand that is there holding the baby, but can guarantee it is not Eva’s father. He doesn’t have any freckles whatsoever. 😉

  20. Scorps,

    It’s alright, we know you are the ecstatic maternal grandfather – besides, I’m sure several Pubsters could identify that hand if necessary.

  21. Fiona,

    It’s alright, we know you are the ecstatic maternal grandfather – besides, I’m sure several Pubsters could identify that hand if necessary.

    But only if they live in Charleville! Bet there’s not too many who can! 😉

    Granted, I’ll give you ecstatic. This is something that has never happened to me before & never will again. Wonderful is not expressive enough to describe it!

    Dog willing, with 2 more younger daughters & giving I live long enough, I might just experience becoming a grandfather to a grand-daughter or 2 again, but it’s a long shot at the moment.

    Still, as they say, “only the good die young”, so there’s hope for me yet. 😉

  22. Fiona,

    I must say, I never cease to be thankful that my labour (not Labor)

    There was a reason why I used the US version. Eli/Eva’s mum is quite the Labor supporter. There’s no way that she would consider the labour movement to blame for her Labor! 😉

  23. Dear Scorps,

    You have every reason for your joy. May Eva – like your other grandchildren – be a delight to you forever, and a stalwart supporter of things Labor (just like her mum . . .).

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