Another Friday rolls around with the pleasant thought that Xmas is only 36 Days away


And it,s already heating up. temps have been hot all over Australia Today


So time to cool down


Have a drink or 2

o (3)

And enjoy yourselves





































any one missing Abbott yet?


  1. It is a fascinating topic, and one I’d like to discuss at some length, if The Pub will permit.

    Starter for ten, no conferring. 😉

  2. Good morning Dawn Patrollers! It’s good to be back in the saddle again after a seven weeks hiatus.

    The Reclaim Australia effort in Sydney yesterday certainly put on display one end of the spectrum of human development!
    And in Melbourne.
    “View from the Street” has its say on the matter.
    A brilliant article from Ross Gittins on Morrison’s misguided efforts. Well worth reading.
    Another “productivity improvement” for the right wingers to laud?
    A good contribution here from Amanda Vanstone who is less than impressed with the likes of Pauline Hanson.
    A chilling outlook from David Brooks of the New York Times.
    Tony Jones calls out Abbott and his media mates over the Q and A furore. A bit late though, Mr Jones.
    And just as Abbott calls for more bombing with loosened rules of engagement Turnbull and Payne hold the line.
    Here’s an interesting precedent for Bushfire Bill and Mrs BB to contemplate.

  3. Section 2 . . .

    Would it be fair to describe this as a considerable infrastructure debt?
    Of all people Lee Rhiannon criticises public servants for getting media training in preparation for Senate Estimates hearings. She could with some training herself (SO many outright dumb questions) and so could the likes of Sandy Macdonald (such ignorant chairmanship).
    Tony Burke’s speech to Parliament on the GST.,8403
    Tim Dick gives advice on how to handle the terrorist situation. Diametrically opposed to that of certain right wing individuals.
    ISIS is more than a “death cult”.
    This US professor examines the Trump phenomenon and says that enough is enough.
    Bob Ellis writes on the concept of “ethno-heathenism”.

  4. Cartoon Corner.

    Andrew Dyson suggests that the role of Prime Minister is a bit fraught these days.

    Disturbing work from John Spooner.

    Pat Campbell with concerning portents for the summer.
    Mark Knight on the Battle for Australia.
    Bill Leak gets this one right.

    David Rowe examines Abbott’s motives – keeping the home fires burning.

  5. BK, I’ve missed your early morning news summary over the past weeks.
    I’m delighted you feel up to resuming – it’s very much appreciated 🙂

  6. The ongoing disaster that is NSW TAFE.

    Millions in TAFE fees go missing in software bungle

    A software bungle has left TAFE NSW unable to find records of students fees or course revenue this year, leaving a $525 million black hole in its accounts.
    TAFE’s annual report shows the new software system that threw student enrolments into chaos in January, with some teachers resorting to writing names on whiteboards, has “also led to challenges with the integrity of our student revenue data”.
    The Auditor-General was unable to access any records for $47.6 million in student fees that are believed to have been paid, or $477.4 million in course revenue, during his audit – and so couldn’t verify the accounts.
    “System limitations prevented me from obtaining sufficient and appropriate audit evidence to support amounts recorded for student revenue,” acting Auditor-General Tony Whitfield wrote on October 19

    Here’s a reminder of another little problem found a few years ago by the NSW Auditor-General – Mike Baird’s very dodgy accounting, in which he ‘misplaced’ $1 billion and didn’t notice. And to think they made him Premier!

  7. Reclaim Australia use the Eureka flag. They obviously have no idea what it means and are just copying rednecks in the US who like to use the Confederate flag for the same racist, redneck reasons. The Eureka flag is the closest they can find.

    Despicable people, no idea about the history of the country they want to ‘reclaim’.

  8. Watching MTP US on 7TWO. Interesting. Discussing Muslim refugees. Pointed out number countries one is taking on when one bans Muslims refrugees entering country.

  9. Been listening to parliament. The Reps are debating Meals on Wheels. It seems the new government system designed simply to cut costs is not working, with frail elderly people waiting months just to be assessed for eligibility. This is not the way things have operated for 60 years, where you would ring the local branch, they send someone over to work out what you need and meals start arriving immediately.

    I was stunned to hear Woolworths had asked one service if their volunteer members would volunteer for them if Woolies won a contract to deliver hot meals. I didn’t know Woolworths had been looking at this, but indeed they have, for quite some time.

    Woolworths eyes hot food deliveries for elderly

    I can just imagine what would happen there. Instead of freshly cooked meals prepared locally by the volunteers and delivered at a very reasonable cost oldies would get reheated muck that Woolies couldn’t sell. Ready meals (yech!) past their use-by date, frozen crap that no-one wanted to buy, all microwaved and sent off to clients who would be expected to pay for this muck. All so Woolies could rake in a bit more money.

  10. Who voted for this nutter?

    “It’s bad enough that people continue to bring wave upon wave of these little blighters into the world,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.
    “The least they can do is immunise their bundles of dribble and sputum so they don’t make the rest of us sick.”
    Senator Leyonhjelm, who does not have children, said it was time to ask: “Won’t someone please think of the childless?”

    ‘Won’t someone please think of the childless?’: Senator David Leyonhjelm says childless Australians should be praised

  11. Why is everyone so excited about the senate passing an amendment to get all kids out of mainland detention by Christmas? It’s not going to happen. It has to go back to the reps and they will vote it down.

    We have heard that promise before, anyway, a year ago, when Ricky Muir was conned into voting with the government by being told all kids in detention on the mainland would be released by Christmas. Instead the government took kids from detention centres and shipped them off to Nauru. I suppose they thought that was a clever way of keeping their ‘promise’ – they did take those kids out of mainland detention centres, they never said what they would do with them after that.

    Never for one moment think this government will ever do the decent thing.

  12. Scientists have discovered a chemical that can clear the cloudiness in eye lens causing cataracts.

    “Your lens proteins are the same proteins that you’re born with,” says Jason Gestwicki, a professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at University of California, San Francisco. “They’re as old as you are.”

    In a healthy lens, the proteins are neatly folded. But age, genetics and environmental factors can cause the proteins to form clumps, called amyloids. These clumps interfere with vision, causing the characteristic clouding associated with cataracts. The amyloids can first appear in a person’s 40s or 50s, but may not cause significant vision impairment until their 60s or later.

    The chemical could also be useful in Alzheimers cases as this is caused by the lumping of amyloids.

  13. That’s not a police prosecutor – that’s a dinosaur.

    How dare he! I hope someone gave him a flea in his ear.

  14. Seems Waffles will “address the nation” tomorrow about security.

    Get ready for a flagathon.

    I’m so over all that stuff.

  15. Stitches out and Congrats to the surgeon. Slightly noticeable but will fade a bit more over the coming months. Have got some gel I have to rub in twice a day and all should be Hunky dory.

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