Another Friday rolls around with the pleasant thought that Xmas is only 36 Days away


And it,s already heating up. temps have been hot all over Australia Today


So time to cool down


Have a drink or 2

o (3)

And enjoy yourselves





































any one missing Abbott yet?


  1. gigilene

    On at least one occasion Albo has said NO he does not want the job but it was reported in parts of the press that NO really meant yes .

  2. Waffles: “I want Australians to be aware that a terrorist incident on our soil remains likely ”

    Based on what?

    Well, this should fix it! Then, again, …

    I can inform the House…that the national threat assessment centre, or NTAC, that sits within ASIO will this week transition to the new national terrorism threat advisory system. The new system will provide the public with more information on the nature of the threat we are facing, the adoption of a five-tiered system will also provide ASIO with greater flexibility in determining threat levels, reflecting the need to adapt to an evolving security environment.

  3. Fiona

    The animal print could easily be found in mesma’s wardrobe.

    Or in the back of a cupboard in Tones office? 😀

  4. Well we wanted a story about the discontent among Liberal MPs and James Massola has kindly obliged.

    Angry Liberal MPs question Tony Abbott ‘resistance movement’ and Monkey Pod lunches
    Liberal MPs are increasingly frustrated by a “resistance movement” that has sprung up around former prime minister Tony Abbott.

    In the last fortnight, conservative MPs including Mr Abbott, Kevin Andrews, Andrew Nikolic and Michael Sukkar have spoken out on national security issues such as Mr Dutton’s exclusion from the national security committee and the need for Australia to consider “boots on the ground” in Syria.
    At the same time Mr Abbott, Mr Dutton, Mr Nikolic and Mr Sukkar all attended the latest lunch on Tuesday, with the former prime minister bringing cake for his colleagues

  5. Fiona

    A triple 😆 and koala stamp for that LRA suggestion. The hilariousment maxed after reading Abbott’s troupe were meeting in the “Monkey Pod” room.

  6. I think the Humpty Dumpty is the companies (Waffles’ nest egg) that are / may be about to have their immunity from publication revoked.

  7. Tlbd

    [A tone appointment booted or jumping ship]

    A very brief return to the APS. Either booted or jumping as you suggest.

  8. I wonder if Morrison realises that consumers have same amount to spend whether business is open 24/7 or 5 days per week. Only thing that really happens, is cost to seller rise.

    There will be increased sales online regardless how often everything else opens. Maybe business have to learn to combine the two.

  9. Florence nee Fedup

    After using HoJo’s Eleventy economics they have moved on to Happy Clapper speaking in tongues economics. In that world if shops are open for twice as long people will have twice as much money to spend in those shops. A twist on loaves and fishes.

  10. Oh for crap’s sake! What will they flog off next?

    ICON: Federal Government considers selling off secret ‘dark fibre’ Canberra communications channels

    The Turnbull Government is in the final throes of weighing up the sale of the communications network that connects all its departments, in the midst of a storm over foreign investment in strategically important assets.

    The Intra Government Communications Network (ICON) was established in 1991, with five kilometres of cables connecting two Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade buildings in Canberra.

    It now provides 88 different government agencies and departments with “dark fibre” channels for secure communications across 400 buildings in the nation’s capital

    Turnbull announces a new terrorism threat assessment thingy today, then we learn the government wants to flog off the network that handles all our most confidential government communications, including those of the brand new National Terrorism Threat Advisory System. I might be nuts, but isn’t this a bit – well – stupid?

  11. leonetwo

    But Leone , they’ll get top dollar from the Chinese. A real help in Truffles fight to “repair the budget”.

  12. Not good –

    Turkish F-16 fighter jets shoot down Russian warplane near Syrian border

    Turkish fighter jets have shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border, with conflicting claims over whether the downed aircraft violated Turkish airspace.

    Turkey’s military said two Turkish F-16s were involved in shooting down the plane, after issuing 10 warnings in five minutes.

    But Russia’s defence ministry said it could prove that the plane, a Sukhoi Su-24, was over Syrian air space for the duration of its flight

  13. If Gina paid tax then the government would not need to sell anything. Ditto Malcayman. And Twiggy. And James Packer. And the 1200 companies on that list.


    Click to access essential_report_151124.pdf

    Newspoll holding at 53-47 & Essential at 52-48, last week’s Ipsos looks like outlier, possibly due to a 3rd of it being done during attacks. In the Essential poll (TPP 52-48) note the answers re National Security, Technological Change, and Climate Change.

  15. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    When and how is all of this going to end? Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian jet fighter will prove to be less than an ideal choice for them.
    Is this act just what ISIS wants?
    Turnbull and others continue to make it clear that Abbott is no longer running the place. For Turnbull this is a necessary but insufficient in itself. The time will come when policy must come to the fore.
    Many Liberals have had enough of the resistance movement of Abbott and his right ring hangers on. Dutton’s in their sights too by the look of it.
    “View from the Street” has its dig at the Abbott vestiges.
    In another move that will upset Abbott the PM has brought Martin Parkinson back into the fold.
    The “harmful competition” part of the Harper review is still not accepted by the government as the big end of town applies he pressure. However most of Harper’s recommendations have been accepted.
    Mark Kenny puts in his two bob’s worth on the competition policy announcement.–mostly-20151124-gl6xsq.html
    Labor’s policy on domestic violence will at least elevate discussion on the matter at large
    Are we headed for another nice stoush in the Senate? This time it will be over the taxation reporting exemptions to hundreds of large private companies.

  16. Section 2 . . .

    David Marr writes about the current sitting of the CA Royal Commission and how it is setting itself for Pell’s appearance soon.
    Ross Gittins with a call to action to the under 50s to wake up to themselves on the subject of superannuation.
    Paul Keating hops into the proposal to extend the NSW Art Gallery for what he says is for reasons other than the collection and display of art.
    Kristina Keneally takes aim at Cory Bernardi and his stance on Syrian asylum seekers. And doesn’t miss!
    Bob Ellis has some thoughts on NewsPoll.
    Lisa Singh warns of the huge effect that climate change will have on the international movement of refugees.
    Is Clive Palmer’s empire about to implode? You’ll need to copy the following string into a Google search to read the article from The Australian.
    Racial tensions in the US are simmering. Some severe unrest is likely to explode again somewhere some time.
    It looks like there has been a monumental planning cock up for the Melbourne Ports area.
    There are some lovely types of people in this world.

  17. Section 3 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Ron Tandberg is still having fun with Abbott.

    A pensive Cathy Wilcox contribution.

    David Pope does it again!

    John Spooner has a PM worried about a certain northern port facility.

    Mark Knight’s take on Turnbull’s security announcement.
    I wonder if this illustration from The Australian is hinting at Morrison’s Hillsong connection.

    David Rowe and the political fortunes of Bill Shorten.

  18. In another move that will upset Abbott the PM has brought Martin Parkinson back into the fold.

    Karma… Who needs policies when you can just reverse the “legacy” of your predecessor?

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