Freaky Furday

Many thanks to Kaffeeklatscher AND This Little Black Duck for this evening’s theme – I’ve been grading assignments all day and have barely had time to breathe, let alone think about this Friday’s threadstarter.

Anyway, the marks for one subject have been entered into the system, and I only have to put “helpful” comments on another 40 papers. Half of these I hope to finish this evening (not as difficult as it sounds – mostly a matter of cut-and-paste standard observations, because there’s not a whole lot of variation in the kinds of things the students get wrong / forget to write about. The remainder can wait until tomorrow; I still have to construct my standard comments for that subject.

Time for some spooky music.

not to mention

and something I found terrifying at the age of 9:

Enjoy yourselves – and don’t get too triskaidekaphobic!

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  1. Fiona

    “keep you on a short leash and a choke chain.”

    Send in Barbara “walkies” Woodhouse ? Never heard of a choke chain until that fearsome lady came along.

  2. kk – I always select a window seat where possible; more interesting than in-flight entertainment, and no surprises.

    e.g. Two mostly unremarkable flights into Canberra: one go-around (low cloud preventing a visual approach?), and one crunch (“err, we ran out of air” – or words to that effect.)


  3. Jaeger.

    That Goodies episode was soooo good. One that stuck in my mind.

    Re flying. My most vivid memory was a class trip after school to watch the then uber new DC8 doing take off and landings at the near by new Auckland International airport. It crashed during one of the take offs . We were rushed away the teacher but my two abiding memories were the plane’s wings clipping the ground as the plane tilted and the hovercraft coming out to the rescue . Never put me off flying though.

    Somewhere down there was moi and family at the opening of the airport . Stick in mind memories , Starlifter Phantom jets, Vulcan bomber, hovercraft, sky diver’s parachute fail.

  4. kk – O_o I’ve seen that footage before, but I forget the context. (Hopefully not !)

    TLBD – Years ago, I watched a pair of Nankeen Kestrels raise their young from my office window; amazing, but quite distracting. 😉 They bob their heads like that too; I think they’re using parallax to judge distance.

  5. This is good news, but Ranjini should never have been put in detention in the first place. I’m sorry to say it was done on Labor’s watch.

    Free at last, Ranjini is deemed not a security threat after all

    Mr Grant said the incarceration of more than 50 ASIO-negative refugees, most of whom were Tamil, had been a stain on this country’s democracy. “As far as we are concerned, it was part of a political stunt designed to scare off Tamil asylum-seekers,” he said

    The compensation bill for payments to Ranjini and the others being released from wrongful imprisonment will be huge.

  6. Also on refugees and asylum seekers –

    The children on Nauru have started their own Facebook page so they can communicate with the outside world, breaking all the rules to do it. It is touching, but some Australians don’t see it that way and have been adding their nasty, racist comments. Makes you so proud to be an Australian, doesn’t it. The comments are deleted, but they should not be made in the first place.

  7. Toxic waste storage…

    A different sort of toxic waste.

  8. 2gravel

    Thank heavens indeed. If anyone could ensure we were a target it would be Toxic Tones . Would there be enough flags in Canberra for his presser about the Paris attack if NE were still the PM ?

  9. kk

    Would there be enough flags in Canberra for his presser about the Paris attack if NE were still the PM ?]

    I think 250 was mentioned as the last order by Parliamentary Services.

  10. “The Australian Govt has called on Australians in Paris to minimise movement in public places”

    Good one BishJnr, If you didn’t tell them they’d all be out taking ‘selfies’ with people bearing AK47s

  11. 2gravel

    Might take a peek at the Blot & Toxic duet to see how big the bullet we dodged was . Oh and a chance to see some fine unhingement with a dash of sulky sooking from the EXpm

  12. I’m glad Waffles is overseas and can’t do a ‘Waffle to the Nation’ presser on TV. Can you imagine what that would be like?

  13. When near enough is nowhere near good enough – Channel 7 major fail.

    That’s the flag of The Netherlands.

  14. Well, he would

    Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is speaking now.

    He says the attack “appears to have all the hallmarks of a Daesh exercise”.

    Yes, Waffles, an “exercise” ….

  15. Kaffee

    All I can say is you are a braver Pubster than me, I wouldn’t go near it for all the gold in China. If you can manage a report on it, I would appreciate it. Don’t forget to have a bucket handy while you’re watching it.

  16. gigilene

    To distract myself from the sad news in Paris, I have just read your short stories. I love the way you write. Don’t forget to let us know when you put new ones up, please.

  17. according to one comment I’ve seen, this is a demotion, “senior writer” ain’t a big deal

  18. It’s taken her all day, with, no doubt, hordes of DFAT staff working at the weekend, but Hallelujah! They found an injured Australian.

    #BREAKING Julie Bishop has confirmed one Australian has been injured in the #ParisAttacks— ABC News (@abcnews) November 14, 2015


    WHY does every tragedy have to be seen in the light of how many Australians were injured or killed, instead of how many human being were injured or killed? If there are no Australians involved the usual government and MSM response is ‘Meh!’ no matter how tragic things are.

  19. Thank goodness they found an Australian!

    It would have been a real waste of terrorism if they hadn’t.

  20. In other breaking news, as they say ….I installed Windows 10 this afternoon, thinking it has been around long enough for the bugs to have been fixed. So far so good, but it is trying a bit too hard to be ‘helpful’.

    And I lost my old, pretty Chrome theme and can’t find a new one I like as much. Such a first world problem.

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