I thought today is as good a day as any to honour our furry companions.Pets are fantastic. They are always happy to see us,never judge,make us laugh and sometimes sadly make us cry. They care not about politics,terrorists,the economy or the state of the world,they care about us. Sometimes we may get angry with them, they never do when we do far stupider things than their little mistakes . They keep us company, comfort us when we are feeling blue and share in our joy when we are happy.

Our furry friends as you know are loved by both of us and they give back soo much more than we give to them

Starting with Ned The Boss


Neddy is the best natured dog I know. Never complains ,never demands Is quite happy to sleep and eat Chicken sticks

SYD on the other hand

20141028_112815 (Copy)

Is the happy energizer dog. If he could find someone that would throw balls to him all day he would be in Heaven. Loves his mum

The feline part of our family consists of KIRRA


Our 14 year old ginger and white girl who is having a little trouble with her thyroid at the moment. Used to beat up syd all the time but loves Neddy.


Phoebe is our quiet one who sleeps and eats, and that’s about it. I almost Killed Phoebe when she was about 2 by running her over. Luckily she moved just enough and her tail was the only part of her damage. Sadly she had to have about a quarter of her tail removed. Not sure if she and the OH. have forgiven me yet..


WE also have about 15 goldfish ,assorted lizards,,birds and other wildlife that have been  deemed unable to feed themselves naturally that OH has adopted.

So Cheers to our furry and other  friends.

Post a pic of your Pets past and present  Give them the fame they deserve. Email either my self or Fiona if you are having troubles posting  and we will gladly do it for you.Enjoy

180 thoughts on “FURRY( or not) FRIEND’S FRIDAY

  1. I read a link early today to an SMH piece on a list of Australia’s 56 richest people paying no tax. Haven’t been able to find it since either at SMH site, Twitter, or The Pub.

    If anyone has the link, could you please run it.

  2. Fiona

    I was very surprised to see Bilbo ‘over the road’ going in so hard on Friday. Pleasantly surprised though.

    William Bowe ‏@PollBludger · Nov 6
    There is an explanation for #turc unloading all this on Friday night that doesn’t involve them being a pack of shysters, right?

  3. Kaffee

    That seems to be the general view of the media, although if I read Andrew Elder right, he doesn’t seem to agree, which would be one of the very rare times I disagree with him.

  4. gorgeousdunny1

    From earlier this year this article sounds close,
    “Fifty-five of Australia’s highest earners paid no income tax at all during 2012-13, not even the Medicare levy.

    All earning at least $1 million, they managed to write their taxable incomes down to below the $18,200 tax-free threshold,”


  5. 2gravel

    I read Elder differently. It looked to me like a very strong criticism of the meeja shills’ handling of the timing and their handling of the content. There have been some who have taken Bilbo’s and PvO’s line but Elder called out those who did not and they are legion.

  6. Thanks, KK, I think that’s the one. I was hoping they might be named and shamed, but no such luck.

  7. The millionaire tax dodgers can’t be named and shamed, at least, not as long as this corrupt government lasts. They are protected on the most ridiculous of grounds.

    Remember this? The ‘Saving Gina from kidnapping’ proposal?

    Australian tax laws to be introduced to combat kidnappings
    Coalition says kidnap risk means wealthy need tax reporting exemptions
    Abbott government wants to exempt 1,000 private companies from tax transparency measures, partly because of claims of abduction threats

    The bill passed both houses and became law on 15 October.

  8. Why hasn’t this radicalised, highly dangerous individual been visited in the dead of night by a couple of hundred police officers accompanied by a throng of armed militia from Border Farce and the AFP? Why has he not been arrested and charged with inciting terrorist acts? Why haven’t all those weapons been confiscated under the provisions of the Crimes Act? Aren’t all those anti-terrorism laws supposed to protect us from idiots like this?

    If a huge police force can raid homes in the middle of the night, make meaningless arrests and confiscate only a plastic decorative sword as ‘evidence’ then why is this armed nutter still able to accumulate an arsenal of real weapons?

    Is he tolerated and allowed to carry on preaching hatred and inciting violence because that suits the government’s agenda? Is it because this person is white and allegedly Christian, rather than brown and Muslim?

    Gun-toting anti-Muslim ‘crusader’ at lead of United Patriots Front

  9. Leone

    I think you’ve answered your own questions there, and of course as Kaffee said, if he had a plastic sword it would be different.

  10. Gravel & Leone,

    Another possibility is that this individual’s beliefs are similar to those the leaders of the AFP and the Farce (and, of course, their political masters) – just a bit further ‘out there’ . . . ?

  11. This little black duck

    Welcomes back from ‘Anthony van Diemen’s Land’ . Highlights of your trip ?

  12. Ducky

    Lucky you. I’d love a few weeks in Tasamania. It’s been a few decades since I was last there

  13. Two of the highlights. Sailing up the Gordon from Macquarie Harbour. Bussing through, walking through the Tarkine and sailing through it down Pieman River.

  14. tlbd

    Tassie is a great place to live, and if you can’t live there, to have a holiday. Nice to see you back at The Pub, your absence was noticed by many.

  15. http://www.canberratimes.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/the-institute-with-no-members-embarrasses-senate-committee-20151029-gkm71n.html



    Click to access usingregulation_tcm9-408677.pdf

    http://www.evoanth.net/2015/11/07/chimp-technology-is-conformist/ If you’re interested in evolution & anthropology, Adam is a good follow.

  16. I see Waffles did for the last two weeks what he did since The Ascension: talking heaps and doing nothing.

  17. Bananas stroking a pig – probably checking to see if its skin would make a nice bespoke handbag.

  18. Another has-been who should have kept his trap shut

    Bill Shorten should have used the royal commission into trade union corruption as an opportunity to clean out criminal and corrupt behaviour within union ranks, former New South Wales powerbroker, Michael Costa, has said, just days after the commission effectively cleared the opposition leader of any wrongdoing.


  19. I think the AFR got it right

    Commissioner Dyson Heydon’s decision to leave it until after 8pm on Friday night to effectively clear Bill Shorten was a misjudgment, handing fresh ammunition to critics of the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. ​As the alternative Prime MInister, Shorten deserved better.

    This latest own goal by Heydon shows how he and the commission appear, at times, to live in a parallel universe, distant from political reality.

    Heydon decided meeting a practice direction deadline was a higher priority than announcing the Shorten finding at a time when it could be properly scrutinised by the media and digested by the electorate.

    If Shorten had been a minor player in the commission proceedings, Heydon’s approach would be less important.

    But the commission’s pursuit of Shorten over his conduct at the Australian Workers Union had generated significant adverse media coverage, not least when Heydon chose to publicly, even gratuitously, question Shorten’s ”credibility” as a witness in July.

    On balance, Shorten has been damaged in recent months by the commission’s aggressive pursuit of his activities as a union leader.

    By leaving the announcement until after the 6pm television news bulletins and many newspaper deadlines, the commission opened the door to opponents to claim that it was seeking to bury a good outcome for Shorten.

    Heydon may well argue that he is operating above politics, but the commission cannot pretend to live in a bubble.

    The commission was created by Shorten’s political opponents to deliver political outcomes, and has been subject to much political controversy, not least due to Heydon’s ill-advised but later aborted decision to speak at a Liberal Party event.

    On Friday night, Heydon succeeded again in making the commission’s motivations the story, distracting from serious findings by the counsel assisting, Jeremy Stoljar, about the behaviour of Shorten’s successor, Cesar Melhem, and, notably, employers who engaged in questionable dealings with the AWU.

    The commission has uncovered serious misconduct by some union officials, including allegedly criminal behaviour inside the construction union.

    Last week, it exposed apparent corruption within the NSW branch of the National Union of Workers.

    These investigations have served the public interest but the commission’s missteps have distracted from this work, creating unnecessary controversy that give its opponents a free kick.

    Tens of millions of dollars have been spent on the commission.

    The risk for the Coalition is Heydon’s conduct will diminish public confidence in the inquiry’s eventual findings, making it harder for Malcolm Turnbull to use them to bring about necessary policy change.


  20. TLBD

    Came across this pic a day or so back and thought of your “goodnight owl” series.

  21. Well – US-style health system, here we come. Not a surprise.

    Radical reforms to health insurance flagged by Turnbull Government

    Private health insurers would be allowed to cover GP visits and common tests such as X-rays under radical reforms being canvassed by the Turnbull government that would shift Australia towards a more US-style health system


  22. Waffles will say “It’s not my decision …” and then waffle some more.

  23. Joe6pack,

    I wish you all the best for your surgery tomorrow – I hope your dermatologist shows no mercy and tracks down every last one of those pestiferous BCC cells.

    Given the wonders of modern surgery, you should be fine very soon – in almost every way.

    However, just be warned, your recovery will take a little time, and may perhaps be more painful than you expect, given the innervation around the mouth, because it takes all those severed nerves some time to regrow and reconnect and it is painful (speaking from spider-bitten finger experience).

    FYI, here is a handy little guide – feeling is on the left side of the pic, movement on the right.

  24. I’m watching Genius on SBS.

    This episode is about the space race.

    Wonderful about the science but it’s a crappy American jingoistic production. It even has Russians politicians speaking English at their conference table.

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