Delighted to Announce . . .

The Royes Family

Gorgeous Dunny and his partner Sim are getting married.


The wedding will be on Saturday 5th December just outside Portland in western Victoria.

If any Pubsters would like to attend, Gorgeous Dunny says they will be most welcome. Please get in touch with me for further details.


(Couldn’t resist that pic!)

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  1. Fiona – I printed by hitting the print button on the whole browser page, not within the site itself, not sure if that’s what you mean. No problems selecting PDF option on my print options (which I had set up beforehand).

  2. Leroy,

    Ah yes, the print button.

    I’m revealing my age here: I’ve been playing with these things so long I use keyboard syntax in preference to menus, dedicated keys etc.

    However, it’s really interesting that the print key worked, where the keyboard syntax didn’t. One to remember.

    Many thanks!

  3. According to Tom Westland’s review, Julia Gillard refused to sit for an interview with Bramston. She probably knew he’d twist every word she’d say in order to make his hero Rudd look good.

  4. I’ve just read Tom Westland’s review of Troy Bramston’s book – oh my! Such fun.

    “It is a slender volume, but I venture to say nowhere near slender enough.” Ouch!

    Very wise of Julia Gillard to refuse an interview.

  5. Scott Morrison ‘promises’ there will be no increase in the overall tax take if the government increases the rate of the GST.

    So why do it?

    Silly me. I thought governments increased taxes when they wanted to raise revenue. Why did I never understand that a government only increases taxes to make sure they raise the same tax revenue as they did before they increased taxes.

    If you believe Scrott’s promises you will believe anything.

    GST changes will be ‘fair’ and won’t push up total tax take, government promises

  6. It seems to be the day for comments on tax and the economy.
    Tax grabs by corporate interests in Australia and the US are putting the economy at risk and calling into question the future of democracy, leading economist and China specialist Ross Garnaut says.

    Treasury secretary John Fraser to cut Australia’s long-term economic growth projections

  7. I these people are claiming less than $10,000 per annum while still strutting about their position on any ‘rich list’, then they are not rich. They are actually paupers.

    But I would not call them poor, because all the ‘poor people’ I have ever met, even those in dire circumstances, have been richer in many other things than the ones these paupers present constantly with in the media.

  8. i just heard Malcayman Baron Velveteen Ballcup getting excited at a presser to announce something in Logan. There was a lot of noise.

    Cutting back to the newsdesk (abcnews24) the presenter said there was a lot of noise out the back of the podium, it was a pity we did not get a wide shot and they seemed to be protesting about cuts to penalty rates.

    Pity indeed. Was heckling o PMJG ever edited out? Why has the news of load protests at a PMMT event been censored? It was so load he had to shout his speech.

  9. We need the obnoxious creep to stick around until the next federal election. okay, there are a lot of creeps in the LP. I mean the National Embarrassment.

  10. Stephen Koukoulas looks at the impact of current proposals in the GST debate:
    Raising the GST is pointless if done to cut taxes on the rich

    If the extra tax revenue from the enhanced GST goes to cutting the company tax rate, which very few businesses pay; cutting the top income tax rate, which fewer than one in 30 Australian workers pay; and then shuffling money around the bureaucracy to compensate low-income earners and those on a pension, the proposal falls flat.

    The reform in this case? Zero.

    The impact on economic growth, productivity and efficiency? Zero.

    On issues of fairness and equity? Negative.

    The question so seldom asked in the debate over the possible increase in the rate and breadth of the GST is “what is the extra revenue being used for?”

  11. Some kid chucked a sandwich at Julia Gillard and the MSM raved on about it for days, claiming it as a sign everyone hated her and her government was on the skids.

    Protestors disrupt Fauntleroy Velveteen-Ballcup’s speech and the MSM edit it out and pretend the noise was just noise, a passing rabble of troubadors perhaps, or some monkeys escaped from a zoo, or possibly some plebs falling about in adoration of the Sainted One. Protest against the government’s lousy policies? Nevah!

    We are going to see a lot more of this ‘editing’.

  12. Well, well, well……

    Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull heckled at Qld event

    During a speech to commemorate the collaboration between state, local and federal government on the project, a group of about 50 protesters tried to drown Mr Turnbull out.
    Chanting “hands off … penalty rates”, the group, who were also holding placards calling for tax and education reform, yelled throughout Mr Turnbull’s short speech

    And then it degenerated into ‘didn’t Malcolm handle this well’.

  13. Puffy so sorry to hear about your loss- our animal companions give us so much.,,Heartfelt sympathy.

  14. Just how dumb are we supposed to be.

    First the government cuts health funding to the states.

    Then they propose a 50% increase in the rate of the GST, telling us it will mean more money to the states for ……health!

    You’d have to be dumber than a fence post to swallow that rubbish. Increasing a tax to replace funding that was taken away to make a case for a tax increase. You can’t make up anything as nuts as this.

  15. Dunelands of Titan
    November 2, 2015

    Saturn’s frigid moon Titan has some characteristics that are oddly similar to Earth, but still slightly alien. It has clouds, rain and lakes (made of methane and ethane), a solid surface (made of water ice), and vast dune fields (filled with hydrocarbon sands).

    The dark, H-shaped area seen here contains two of the dune-filled regions, Fensal (in the north) and Aztlan (to the south).

    Cassini’s cameras have frequently monitored the surface of Titan (3200 miles or 5150 kilometers across) to look for changes in its features over the course of the mission. Any changes would help scientists better understand different phenomena like winds and dune formation on this strangely earth-like moon.


    This view looks toward the leading side of Titan. North on Titan is up. The image was taken with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on July 25, 2015 using a spectral filter sensitive to wavelengths of near-infrared light centered at 938 nanometers.

    The view was obtained at a distance of approximately 450,000 miles (730,000 kilometers) from Titan and at a Sun-Titan-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 32 degrees. Image scale is 3 miles (4 kilometers) per pixel.

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