Philharmonic Friday with Penguins

King Penguins at Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands
I have no idea why

It’s up to you patrons to instill a bit of kulture into the joint with your Favourite orchestral ditties

Be it from the London Philharmonic mob


Or these jokers from Vienna

Vienna_Philharmonic_11_eventOR even this rather unusual pairing

KISS and the 60-piece Melbourne Symphony Orchestra put the "bomb" in bombastic for a one-off gig at the Telstra Dome.
It is up to you to enlighten us all with some uplifting tunes.

Now the penguins


adelie-penguins-on-iceberg-lgI Think I may be going a little nuts



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Anyway enjoy.

217 thoughts on “Philharmonic Friday with Penguins

  1. Kaffeeklatscher

    ‘Ride to Agadir’ comes from Mike Batt’s album ‘Schizophonia’ which is a concept album telling the story of the crusades.

    I recommend people doing a bit of a search on Mike Batt and see what a prolific musician, composer, arranger and artist he is. I think people would be surprised that while they have heard much of his music they have never heard of him.

  2. I hope the Kiwi, and the NZ government sue the bejeesus out of Aust government for the treatment he’s received on Xmas Island.

  3. Nepotism? Jobs for the rich girls? Helping the mates get to destroy Sydney while lining their own pockets? How about someone who is not a Turnbull? Or are Mal and Lucy planning on remaking the city to suit themselves, making it their own private fiefdom.

    How about one of the real, qualified urban planners and environmental consulatants in the running is given this job? Doesn’t Lucy have enough to do, sitting on all those boards and being the wife of a prime minister?

    Lucy Turnbull slated for Greater Sydney Commission planning role

    If appointed chair, Ms Turnbull and her commissioners would have extraordinary powers to override local council planning controls and guide infrastructure spending.

    The position would dovetail with the determination of her husband, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, to use the power of the federal government to improve Australian cities, and would be sure to raise questions about the two working together.
    But there is a strong view by some in NSW politics that Ms Turnbull’s relationship should not count against her candidacy from the job, for which her background and interests make her well qualified

  4. There is one good thing Truffles has done. No wonder EricA was a bit grumpy 😆

    The department of foreign affairs, for instance, was steeling itself to welcoming another senior politician into its diplomatic ranks. Right-wing powerbroker and senate leader Eric Abetz, before he was unceremoniously dumped by Turnbull, was being lined up as our ambassador to Berlin. That Abbott project has been quietly shelved.

    That probably explains the Tasmanian senator’s outspoken attack on plans Turnbull was considering to produce enabling legislation for marriage equality.

  5. In case this slipped past you, the Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Centre, aka Detention Centre, purpose built by Howard to handle asylum seekers,is undergoing a big change..

    In May this year the government announced that due to the need to save money it was no longer to be used for it’s original purpose. Tony had stopped the boats and there was no need for it. I would think it would have been preferable to move the poor souls trapped on Manus Island and Nauru there, to wait to be processed and resettled, and save billions by closing the hellholes, but I’m not the government. Instead asylum seekers in the detention centre began to be transferred to Nauru and Manus.

    The official line was parts of the place would be closed with the most prison-like section to be used as a ‘contigency’ from next year.

    It soon became clear that the facility was increasingly being used as a gaol, a modern-day prison hulk, holding people who had had their visas cancelled, people the government had decided to deport or detain as part of their new purge.

    Christmas Island detention centre being used to hold bikies, murderers with cancelled visas

    Naturally these prisoners, many of whom had been living in Australia for decades, were not happy about being incarcerated indefinitely on an island, away from their friends, families and lawyers. Some were pretty dodgy types anyway. Things became violent. This caused a lot of worry for asylum seekers still on the island. The government is is no hurry to move them all.

    Asylum seekers say they are under attack as violence erupts in detention centres

    Too many prisoners are New Zealanders.
    Raised in Australia, he’s among a wave of Kiwis held on Christmas Island as visas revoked

    The NZ government is very worried about all this. John Key has expressed his concerns to AllBull, who has done nothing. Our government doesn’t give a frack. Dutton, who must have got his jollies as a kid pulling wings off butterflies and torturing small animals, uses the place as his own private torture chamber while AllBull looks the other way.

    One more thing – the place is run by Serco.

  6. kk

    Right-wing powerbroker and senate leader Eric Abetz, before he was unceremoniously dumped by Turnbull, was being lined up as our ambassador to Berlin.

    They probably rated him as suitable for Paris as well.

  7. Erica shouldn’t be too upset. There’s still hope for a diplomatic post.

    Yesterday, or maybe the day before, someone predicted AllBull would get rid of some of the loopiest right-wingers in his team by making some new diplomatic appointments. A gentle sort of purge that would solve some of his alleged problems in his alleged wish to move the government more to the centre. I can’t be bothered looking for the link, because the article was rubbish, one of the many ‘what Turnbull has to do now’ things that are all over everywhere, but it’s an interesting idea. The only problem is there aren’t enough diplomatic posts needing new appointments to take in all the far-right idiots on the government benches.

  8. The Oz is saying Kyrgyzstan is on the list of places the government is considering for resettling refugees.


    You will have to google this –

    It’s worth a look because it is mostly about Richard Marles and his firm belief people will drown if Labor changes policy on asylum seekers. The man is a fool.

  9. BK

    How’s things going? Hope the shoulder is mending well. I see you’ve been practicing with your left hand, soon you’ll be ambidextrous and there’ll be no stopping you.

  10. gravel
    I’ve been a bit naughty and my right hand seems to snake out of the sling when in proximity to a laptop keyboard.

  11. Serco probably has a contract that provides for a minimum incarceration rate. When asylum seekers run low fill up with bikies

  12. jaycee

    I was going to wait until the comment box is fixed …. Anyway feel free anyone to have a look at my new site. Hope you enjoy it. It is escapism as jaycee said.

  13. From Douglas and Milko

    Nice one from Moir:

    I love Cathy Wilcox today!

    Both Abbott and Shorten have been cast aside by the electorate:

    Leunig: I can think of quite a few situations this could apply to.

    Golding thinks Abbott is out of control?

    The Rugby World Cup final must be coming up:

    Mark Knight on the big game – look at the comment from the little guy, people from NZ have long memories:

  14. I wondered if that was the case, the author sometimes has to challenge the readers not just spoon feed us.

  15. BK

    Ooops, but please don’t be too norty and cause a delay in your recovery. Grandson got 6 runs last night much to his elder brothers disgust who was bowled out for one run. They begged us to go watch, we did, won’t do it again, unless they hit the finals.

  16. msadventure

    Exactly. In the case of the old lady, we only know that she’s in hospital after the assault. What happened to her afterwards, we can only speculate. Thanks for reading it.


  18. Gigi’..I liked the almost dream-like quality of the characters lives and then the sudden entrance of (in the old lady’s case) stark reality..the reader has to draw a quick breath…nice impressionist pieces..full of colour and movement.

  19. Just finished the annual Cup week coin count. It is amazing how much spare change adds up too over a year . Sadly oh was in on the final tally and has demanded half which I objected to . IT was MY spare change!! I defiantly stated. Now it seems I will be lucky to get a quarter. Bloody wimmen

  20. Gigilene, I’ve just explored your site, and agree with Jaycee.

    It is beautiful to the eye – I love the uncluttered style, which complements your writing so well, and the delightful and appropriate pictures you choose.

    I think there is harmony in your layout, images and words . It seems odd to say it, but I will anyway – exploring your site and reading your tales has left me with an overall feeling of peace and satisfaction.

    I enjoy and admire your (cliche alert x2) beautifully crafted “slice of life” tales and will follow your site eagerly.


  21. helen

    You bring tears to my eyes … I could not possibly describe my own style the way you do. It charms me. Tales have been part of my upbringing: Lots of La Fontaine and Daudet … I’m certainly glad that they – my tales – inspire “peace and satisfaction”.

    I will post some more in a couple of weeks. Thank you.

  22. Well … fiona … thanks for that lovely illustration and your comments. I was going to send you my site personally, but I wanted to make sure there weren’t any bugs. And there is still one.

  23. A letter from The Age today

    Politics of anthems …

    If Kevin Donnelly had attended a Catholic boys school, run by an Irish order of teachers, the Christian brothers, at a time when the Archdiocese of Melbourne was run by Dan Mannix, an intellectual who’d been run out of Ireland for his support of the 1916 Irish rebellion against the British, he’d recall that the Australian national anthem of the time, God Save the Queen, was not even played, let alone sung.

    And, that was political.

    Brian Sanaghan, West Preston

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