Philharmonic Friday with Penguins

King Penguins at Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands
I have no idea why

It’s up to you patrons to instill a bit of kulture into the joint with your Favourite orchestral ditties

Be it from the London Philharmonic mob


Or these jokers from Vienna

Vienna_Philharmonic_11_eventOR even this rather unusual pairing

KISS and the 60-piece Melbourne Symphony Orchestra put the "bomb" in bombastic for a one-off gig at the Telstra Dome.
It is up to you to enlighten us all with some uplifting tunes.

Now the penguins


adelie-penguins-on-iceberg-lgI Think I may be going a little nuts



images (5)

Anyway enjoy.

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  1. Turnbull the snakeoil salesman. Turnbull will be selling us a whole load of rubbish and if the voters buy it we will all be worse off – except those on the top of the heap, of course.

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is likely to announce details of a GST increase soon and well before the federal election, says cabinet secretary Arthur Sinodinos.

    Mr Sinodinos also said that in order to convince the public that reform was “necessary and fair” any tax reform package had to consider all options, including changes to superannuation tax concessions.

    “Malcolm Turnbull is comfortable with having a national conversation. I have no doubt he will be at the front and centre of selling a package like this over an extended period,” Mr Sinodinos told Sky News on Sunday.

    “If you want to put something big to the Australian people, it’s best to do it from a position of authority and when you get it, keep your promises.”

    “If you’re someone like Malcolm Turnbull you’ve got to do it when you’ve got the capacity to sell the story, but you have to do it soon rather than pulling something on people before the election.”

    You can promise tax cuts will offset a 50% increase in the rate of the GST, you can even deliver those tax cuts and say ‘See, youse can all trust us to do what we promised’ but it still doesn’t change the bleeding obvious. A lousy tax cut that might give you enough extra cash in your wallet to buy a Big Mac meal or a fancy cup of decaff soy latte mochachino once a week will not compensate for the 50% extra GST you will pay on those treats, plus the 50% extra GST you will pay on everything else. It probably won’t even be enough to compensate you for the added cost on your electricity bill.

    And we are supposed to trust Snakeoil Mal on this? Just how dumb do they think we are?

    Keep this in mind – that raise in the GST from a paltry 10% to an almost paltry 15% is actually a 50% tax increase. Think about that. Snakeoil Mal won’t tell you that nasty little fact.

  2. Just so it’s on a new page… re-posted from the previous page:

    Quick HI update: we have survived our first week of enhanced (i.e. rigged) “performance management”.

    HI has been receiving bouquets from colleagues – I’m talking emails to HI’s boss in fulsome praise, bunches of flowers, even very nice “Thank You” cards from senior managers not in the cabal of toxic nitpickers – for jobs well done, above-and-beyond etc., which outweigh the brickbats that management are sure to be trawling for.

    Also, management, especially HI’s principal tormentor among them, have been forced to apologize for some things they have directed HI to do, in error. HI did them. Colleagues complained to HI’s boss. The Toxic One would have gone through her emails and instructions to HI in triumph, only to find her original direction that was wr… wr… wrong. Egg, meet face. In one wonderful instance HI warned the Toxic One that her instruction was wrong, and was told to just do as directed because bosses know best. Beautiful!

    Everything is being logged and catalogued at our end, in nice neat categories on a brand new email account that is also accessible by our lawyers and the Union.

    It’s early days yet, but we have racked up a few tries against the run of play, with our opponents having not yet troubled the scorer.

    They are sure to find something HI has done, eventually, but our argument will be that it is not enough to sack someone for, especially someone who is so appreciated by the other 97% of her co-workers, and ESPECIALLY when exactly the same mistakes have been made by management, only worse.

    The trick is for us to ask for things – information, names, dates etc. – innocently, and then to see what they resist supplying. That always tells us their weak point. Our analysis of previous recalcitrance has proved this to be 100% true, and I expect they will not deviate from their sloppy ways in future. Showing us certain documents was, I think, intended by them to demoralize us, but instead it only told us exactly what their weak points are, i.e. the bits they lied about in their internal memorandums. It was a blunder on their part of catastrophic proportions, but they are so arrogant they don’t seem to understand this.

  3. BB

    Nice to know HI has so much strong support. Surely this business can’t go on for much longer. Sooner rather than later these nasties will have to bring themselves undone.


    She was once an adviser to Turnbull, amongst many other Tory related jobs.

    Every time her name comes up, someone always asks “any relation to David Flint?” but I’ve never seen anything to suggest she is related to him, and internet searches turn up nothing.

  5. gigilene, I’d feel a whole lot more confident of the quality of that reporting if the blanket they had pictured was knitted .. not crocheted 😀 Maybe it’s a translation thing . . .

    It took a little tracking down, but this is the original Facebook group, with a link to their photo collection which shows some of the huge variety of blankets that were created (both knitted and crocheted):

  6. Leroy
    I tried to find a link between David Flint and Nicole Flint ages ago, just out of curiosity really, but there was nothing. It’s not an uncommon surname. Why should there be a connection?

    Anyway, she’s a pretty light-weight sort of candidate. A minor journalist and political groupie who can always be relied upon to push the Liberal Party line.

    There was this piece about her, two years ago, Ms Flint would not have liked it.

    More recently she has stuck up for Glenn McGrath after he apologised for being photographed with animals he had killed during an African safari.

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