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A public service post so to speak.

Skin cancer is all to common in our Australian society.Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you have one a simple small nick or freeze  will fix it.

This little spot on my upper lip  will result in me adding another scar, and there is a few<  to my pretty face. From my nostril in a triangular cut down through my lip to hopefully cut out all of the bad stuff. 2 years ago  it was noticed and the treatment was to just freeze it. If a biopsy had of been preformed then it would have been  a simple stitch or 2 now  I hope all I will end up with is lips lined up and a small scar and no more further surgery.

I know that this is in the lower scale of cancers but untreated can be serious . So If you have a spot ask for a biopsy hurts like hell on your face but worth it.

Get skin checks  takes a little time and can save you much drama.

Plus the blog is financial again for another year .


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  1. From this bit in his profile Wallaby captain David Pocock sounds a pretty 21st century chap.

    Sponsors: Has consistently turned down sponsorship deals – he used to paint over the logos on his boots.

    House: Owns a ‘small, old house’ on a 630m2 plot in North Canberra, with a vegetable garden, over 30 fruit trees and a chicken coop

    Partner: Emma Palandri – they met during a non-violence workshop which Emma was running.

    Did you know? Pocock refuses to marry his girlfriend until gay marriage is legal in Australia. He was once arrested for chaining himself to a tractor to support a local farmer.

  2. Kaffeeklatscher,

    a ‘small, old house’ on a 630m2 plot in North Canberra, with a vegetable garden, over 30 fruit trees and a chicken coop

    I would guess Dickson, Ainslie, O’Connor or Lyneham – small houses on fairly large blocks and, from memory, reasonable soil.

  3. BB thanks for the up date about HI battles, I am hoping for a win or a satisfactory outcome

  4. Anyone who does not think Abbott is spending his time in seclusion in France plotting his return to the leadership is an idiot.

    Look who is with him –
    Peta Credlin, still his chief of staff, still in his office, despite what you might see in the MSM
    Richard Dowdy, formerly Abbott’s ‘advancer’, the person who scouted locations for pressers and stunts, but now much, much more than that, now a trusted media adviser.
    Nicole Chant, another long-term Abbott staffer, one of his media team for years.

    If you don’t see plotting for a leadership return in that line-up then allow me to go over it again. His chief of staff, his long-term media helper and his stunt co-ordinator. Understand now?

    You know how Abbott said he’s think about his position and decide by December if he was going to stay in politics? He HAS decided, he decided on the night of 14 September. He’s staying and he wants the top job back.

    Stock up on the popcorn.

  5. BB.. I find that entire scenario bloody amazing!..I can’t believe an organisation could function with any sort of capacity with such sniping and “hunting” going on…I worry that since it HAS gone on in such ferociousness for so long..I have to doubt the capacity of even the CEO. being able to keep that bag of cats in order…it sounds like a ingrained weakness in the management team…good luck, but keep that parachute ring-pull handy !


  7. If Abbott gets back in we’re ALL fucked!!…the whole fuckin’ country!!…we’ll be at war with Tonga the first week!

  8. Jaycee,

    Tonga? Nah.

    Recolonizing Papua New Guinea is more likely – think of all those lovely minerals and all that fine timber . . . thinking about it a bit more, what a shame tone’s parents didn’t call him Leopold . . .

  9. Surely this isn’t Abbott playing a Napoleon at Elba?..holding out in a chalet with his “generals”…mad men have been known to do such things…and the LNP. IS full of the certifiably insane…plotting a return via a coup of some sort…and with Credlin as his Josephine…

    Stop the bleedin’ presses!!

  10. Imagine the “Bitter” that will be generated when Abbot, Credlin , Dowdy and thingamebob get to sit around a table in France and quaff a few vinos. Hohohoho

  11. Bringing Abbott back as leader would be political suicide. But Abbott doesn’t realise that. He truly thinks he was a great PM, and that Australians can be convinced of this fact.
    Of course this isn’t entirely his fault. It’s been well documented how readily his delusions of grandeur have been encouraged since birth.
    Best case is some significant destabilisation by Tony’s Cronies (Abetz, Andrews et al) to weaken Turnbull. The Liberals may be nasty, venal and power hungry, but they’re all about self preservation. They know they’re gone for a bloody long time if Abbott pulls a Rudd.

  12. I look forward to the attempt to return the idiot to the Primeministership.We should all hope the push happens. Will keep us entertained for ages.

  13. Yes, but….Turnbull won by a small margin. 54/44 with two absent and one informal vote. It wouldn’t take much for a handful of disgruntled MPs to decide they made a big mistake, demand a spill and put Abbott back.

    Let’s be generous and assume those three non-votes would have gone Trunbull’s way if those MPs had been able to get there in time or had not voted informal. That’s 57/44. It would need just 7 votes changing sides to put Abbott back. Abbott knows that and is plotting ways to win over those MPs, right now.

    Turnbull knows how fragile his hold on the leadership is, that’s why he is going to disappoint so many voters by sticking with existing policy. He is scared of being dumped again. Too many voters expected a messiah who would sweep in, kick out all the Abbott polices and bring in a totally different lot. They were sadly mistaken. Too many are still thinking Turnbull will go to Paris and ditch Direct Action. How many articles have you seen lately telling us Paris is Turnbull’s ‘Big Challenge’? Too many deluded journalists, too much wishful thinking. They are going to be very hurt and upset when he spruiks the same old garbage we have been hearing for years.

  14. I’m over all this ‘we can relax now Abbott is gone, we don’t need to worry about politics now’ garbage. I’m not going to sit back and ignore what is going on. That is exactly what Turnbull wants. He wants to bore us out of taking an interest, he wants us ignorant, ill-informed, willing to accept what he does without question because we are too ‘relaxed’ to care.

    Just look at what has gone on over the last couple of weeks. A fan of nuclear power made chief scientist. APRA working for the government to destroy industry superannuation funds because they are bad for the business of the funds run by Turnbull’s mates. A PM who keeps his millions off-shore to avoid tax and anyone who questioned that told they were just jealous and it was perfectly OK. An ex-PM making a Fascist speech in London and advocating pushing refugees back at gun-point, while Turnbull smiles and says tony is in hot demand as a speaker. The government trying to rejig private health insurance so it can take over GP clinics. Lies, lies and more lies about Nauru from Dutton and not a word from Turnbull. Turnbull hasn’t said anything about the damning Amnesty International report today, either. He seems to be missing in action on just about everything.

    There’s so much more, yet I keep getting told it’s all OK, Malcolm has fixed things, we can all relax, go back to sleep, the adults really are in charge now. Pfffft to that.

  15. Leone,

    You and I will be at the barricades together, claws flexed, and Puffy alongside with her hottest blasts all primed.

  16. How would Abbott,s ego be handling the polls? With him in charge libs heading towards a election massacre.Him gone Libs looking like winning.

  17. Joe6pack,

    He’d most likely be in a state of complete denial, along the lines of “If I were still PM the polls would be even better.”

  18. Oh yes yes yes yes. May the delusion remain srong

    Sound from ABC radio Victoria.

    Tony Abbott has reportedly told a Coalition colleague of Former Deputy Premier, Pat McNamara, ‘things will be better in the second Abbott Government’

  19. Leone,

    It was pretty clear from the get-go: faxing his resignation to the GG, the delay in fronting the media, the statement, “until December”, the release of the names of his companions on his French “idyll”, the self-glorification in the Thatcher “oration”.

    This is the Golden Boy, who would be Pope (until it was pointed out to him that that sorta entailed being a Christian rather than a christianist) or Prime Minister.

    And mum, ‘snot fair – they only let me play PM for two years. I want more and I want it now!

  20. Fiona
    Yep. and when he finally got around to speaking to the press it was all about how wonderful he had been as PM. He did not mention Turnbull at all, or wish him well. Very churlish, the whole thing.

    So very obvious from the moment he lost that vote that he would be planning on coming back.

  21. Leone,

    If I were Turnbull I would be investing in, and wearing at all times, appropriate armour. Full body, AND head including face.

    I don’t think kevlar would be enough. What’s the stuff they put around nuclear missile silos? Something like that, anyway.

  22. I am happy that Abbott has gone, he was ratcheting up borders security to scary levels, going after Muslims last week, Kiwi criminals of dubious social threat this week, maybe overseas-born non-Coalition supporters next week.
    I am pleased the British commentariat have called out his fascism.
    I am pleasantly pleased that twinset wearing, pearl stud earringed little old ladies from the leafy suburbs aren’t swallowing Malcolm’s “the policies have changed”, they choke on “Coal is good” and “Asylum seekers bad”

  23. Turnbull announced details of our new icebreaker today. He flew all the way to Tasmania to show the cameras a model ship. lt was a pointless trip, a waste of money, because the icebreaker wasn’t news at all. The details he announced today have been out there for ages. The procurement process for this ship was started by the Gillard government in January 2013. Turnbull had nothing to do with it at all.

    Once again, Turnbull claims the credit for decisions made by others.

    Today’s report –

    It included this innocent statement.
    “The preferred tenderer for the project is Australian company DNS Maritime but the construction would take place in the Netherlands”

    DNS Marine is owned by Serco. That connection was mentioned back in January when the ABC gave us this report.

    Questions about the project were asked back in July.

  24. Billie,

    twinset wearing, pearl stud earringed little old ladies from the leafy suburbs

    Are you speaking with particular reference to your neck of the woods? If so, excellent – those little old ladies have long memories, none of which would be to abbott’s advantage.

  25. Kiwis are signing up to FTTH in record numbers—and are returning home in record numbers too:

    More info:

    The MTM is causing an exodus of creative industries. It is a ridiculous and expensive fiasco. It is costed at $56Bn peak funding ATM but the NBN Co has no idea of the state of Telstra copper so $156Bn final cost would not surprise me.

    The HFC part will remain congested, if you look at the Estimates Committee hansard for the NBN Committee you will see that there is no budget or plan to roll out DOCSIS3.1.

    The whole thing amounts to treason IMHO.

  26. Fiona – think Kelly O’Dwyer and Josh Frydenberg haven’t as many fans, neither has Micheal Danby

    Isn’t a large slab of Serco owned by Bank of England nominees. IE the monarch

    If I was a Kiwi who get a good job in Aotearoa I would be leaving Oz

  27. Billie,

    I’ve also been wondering about the involvement of Goldman Sachs.

    Dunno why, really.

  28. Serco in ‘Straya sound like they follow the Truffles bankster mode of business.

    What is Serco hiding?

    ……………Serco was a reporting entity under the Corporations Act.

    Somehow since then, Serco and its auditors have managed to transmogrify this reporting entity into a non-reporting entity. It is a gross failure in disclosure and accountability, says accounting expert from the University of NSW, Jeff Knapp. It is a failure, he says, which represents the extent to which ‘financial reporting among Australia’s leading proprietary companies has become a shambles”.

    It was revealed last year how a range of multinationals running privatised water, gambling, transport, health and prisons services have failed to report on time, or at all.

    ………..“Serco and Deloitte seem to have taken a path of doing whatever it takes to avoid disclosures,” says Jeff Knapp. “Serco and Deloitte have some explaining to do. Who is going to hold them to account? The government, the corporate regulator (ASIC), the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia?

    …..Peter Costello’s lobby group ECG Advisory Services (Jonathan Epstein, Peter Costello, David Gazard) has done work for Serco. What deals have been done? We do know that Serco has won $1.86 billion in contracts. Why are there no ‘related party transactions’ disclosed in the Serco accounts?

  29. Watching Al Jazeera coverage of fisherman rescuing passengers from a boatload of refugees that sank off Lesbos during the night . The locals were the antithesis of the Fascist Xenophobe NE . One old fisherman said something in his call for more help from larger states that stuck in my mind , “The people drowning are our own blood.” . More humanity there than in the entire government front bench.

  30. Kaffeeklatscher,

    Serco in ‘Straya sound like they follow the Truffles bankster mode of business.

    Looks like a rotten octopus, smells like a rotten octopus . . .

  31. Serco seems to be owned by a stack of funds and institutions, with no one specific big owner. Finding details is just about impossible unless you have access to stock market shareholders information. I would not be surprised if St Malcayman had some of his millions invested in there somewhere.

    This video is five years old and some information could be out of date.

    Serco Australia. Posted because a lot of Aussies have no idea just how many tentacles this mob have.

  32. If only this could be real, instead of satire.

    Tony Abbott Has Been Denied Re-Entry To Australia

    Last reports indicate that Mr. Abbott has spent a considerable amount of his parliamentary retirement income on paying a local ferryman to smuggle him and his family back into the country by boat.

    Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has stated that if Mr. Abbott is caught trying to enter Australian waters he and his family will be sent to Nauru for processing.

    “No one knows better than Tony that that’s just a polite way of saying you’re not coming in.”

  33. Billie & Leone,

    Thank you. I’d already accessed some of that information. I still wouldn’t mind betting Goldman Sachs or one of their many offshoots has a hand in it.

  34. Fiona

    Truffles choice was Vampire Squid .

    The Great Vampire Squid Keeps On Sucking

    The now famous Rolling Stone magazine article in 2009 by Matt Taibbi unforgettably referred to Goldman Sachs, the world’s most powerful investment bank, as a “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

    …………“Where there is money to be made, the squid will strike,” Taibbi wrote a few years ago in Rolling Stone. Goldman’s aluminum debacle proves those words true, yet again.

  35. Now, here’s an idea.

    Starting now, all Australian parliamentarians (Federal and State) must have any investments beyond their family home in ethical investment funds.

  36. Fiona

    From 2010 some Goldman Sachs fingers in the Gulag pie.

    The Department of Immigration and Citizenship says Serco employs two major subcontractors: MSS Security and Resolve FM.

    Resolve FM is owned by the Norfolk Group and is a “facilities management” organisation that provides services across a wide range of areas.

    The Norfolk Group was established in 2004, when it was bought from Tyco International by Hauraki Private Equity No.2, managed by the private equity firm JBWere (NZ)

    JBWere is also a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, which according to ASIX is the majority shareholder of the Norfolk group.

    MSS Security provides security services in several detention centres and their guards have been involved in several notable incidents, including an officer allegedly caught in bed with an asylum seeker.

  37. Guess who has investment deposits in Goldman Sachs and Goldman Sachs J B Were investment banks.

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