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A public service post so to speak.

Skin cancer is all to common in our Australian society.Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you have one a simple small nick or freeze  will fix it.

This little spot on my upper lip  will result in me adding another scar, and there is a few<  to my pretty face. From my nostril in a triangular cut down through my lip to hopefully cut out all of the bad stuff. 2 years ago  it was noticed and the treatment was to just freeze it. If a biopsy had of been preformed then it would have been  a simple stitch or 2 now  I hope all I will end up with is lips lined up and a small scar and no more further surgery.

I know that this is in the lower scale of cancers but untreated can be serious . So If you have a spot ask for a biopsy hurts like hell on your face but worth it.

Get skin checks  takes a little time and can save you much drama.

Plus the blog is financial again for another year .



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  1. I don’t think Dutton has read the Amnesty International report. Ministers in this government don’t read reports. Neither did Abbott. I wonder if AllBull can be bothered with reports? Probably not. He’d be too busy colour coordinating the teacups in his office or posing at his standing desk to have time for trivia like reports critical of his government.

    The report is long and detailed. I read it, it took ages, Dutton’s attention span would be so short he’d make a goldfish look like a professor. There’s no way he would have read even the first page.

  2. It has become almost trendy to trash talk Shorten and demand his resignation

    Especially true over the road (my first look at an opinion poll thread in god knows how long basically reinforced why I stopped looking at the site).

  3. Leonie, I agree with you that Allbull (with the sweet smile and the beguiling voice that drones on sprouting nothings) does not read Reports. His dismissal of the open letter calling for o new coal mines to be opened ANYWHERE was an example of this. He replied that if Australia didn’t open new mines, other countries would. But that wasn’t what the letter was about. Didn’t Allbull wonder why the letter was going to Paris as well as Canberra?

  4. Some comment on Turnbull’s mistakes about coal mines.

    It’s along the same lines as the comments by Dr Richard Dennis, at Crikey the other day, posted here in full earlier but here’s the link again It’s a free article, I think.

    Some bonus reading, the ABC’s Fact Check – Was the cost of cutting emissions 100 times greater under Labor?

    No matter how much fact is put about Turnbull and Hunt keep pushing the same old lies. Just how stupid do they think we are?

  5. Another quality Liberal . Good thing that- “He is part of the official “Mainstream Conservative” ticket …” and not an ‘out there’ nut .

    Liberal candidate Dr Alan Sexton mocks ‘inbred Arab brain’ in Facebook post

    The inbred Arab brain seeks domination and wants to be bullied,” his post says.

    Dr Sexton has also posted that US President Barack Obama is of “Islamic faith” – a demonstrably false claim made by local extreme right wing political groups – and attacks the United Nations as “a corrupt, incompetent and godless institution”……Dr Sexton said there was “some controversy about his birth certificate” and that he had “placed a lot of senior Islamic people into senior positions in the United States”

    Featured on its literature as endorsing the ticket are former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, NSW Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, state MPs Tanya Davies, Kevin Conolly and state MLC Scot Macdonald.

  6. kk
    How charming. And the excuses – amazing.

    He explained that he has made comment because of "anxiety" about Middle East violence and because he was in an emotional state after the shooting of police worker Curtis Cheng by radicalised teenager Farhad Jabar in Parramatta

    ‘Emotional’ is just a euphemism for ‘blind drunk’ or ‘stoned out of one’s mind’. Has the doctor been indulging in substances he pinched from the hospital? You wouldn’t want him anywhere near you in the operating theatre, would you.

  7. “Had we known then what we know now, we would’ve had the gates shut Monday night,” a spokesperson said.

    She said the decision not to act had already inflicted untold suffering on Europeans. “We’re fundamentally weakened,” she said.

    One European leader said the imperative to ‘love thy neighbour’ had backfired. “It was misguided altruism. If only we’d listened to Tony Abbott before he actually got here, we could have stopped this,” he said.

    He has asked Mr Abbott to fax through his speech next time, rather than making the trip across.

  8. I love the way all this satirical efforts are throwing Abbott’s own words and actions back at him. Faxing his speech next time – fantastic!

  9. Wonderful! The Liberals are fighting among themselves again – or still.

    Peter Dutton’s attack on Amnesty International draws fire from his own side

    Liberal elder Philip Ruddock has distanced himself from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s attack on Amnesty International, saying he has “a lot of time” for the human rights organisation.

    Mr Ruddock is the longest-serving MP in Parliament and a long-time supporter of Amnesty, despite being at odds with it during his own stint as immigration minister in the Howard government and at one point being asked to stop wearing his Amnesty lapel badge

    Whatsisname, that rich bloke who says he is now PM, has had nothing to say about the report or about this infighting. Not a word. He’s too busy trying to work out the perfect spot on his desk for his wedding anniversary gift inkwell.. An inkwell! Ye gods and little fishes! How wanky is that! Does he use a quill when he writes?

    Don’t believe me?

  10. Why has it taken me so long to discover this wonderful site?

    The extensive work undertaken by the previous leadership to stamp out science in Australia may have come undone, with reports suggesting the scourge may have been reintroduced.

    Several media outlets have reported the emergence of a new chief scientist – a tell tale sign that science may be about to wreak havoc across the continent once again.

    Read it all – side-splitting!

  11. Further migrant disaster coming up in s-e Europe over the next 5 months or so.

    People still leaving Turkey.

    It will be very cold in places like Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia to be walking around with no proper protection from the cold.

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