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  1. I’m not feeling very optimistic this morning.

    I’m so sick of this MSM Turnbull worship. Every one of them seems to be writing puff pieces about Turnbull’s towering intellect, charm, ability to lead, blah blah, gush, fawn, grovel, arselick…..

    It’s sickening. I can feel my blood sugar levels approaching the red zone just from all the syrupy drivel I’m reading.

    No-one is mentioning the many scandals in Turnbull’s past, or his nasty, litigious nature, or his colossal ego, his lack of loyalty, his disdain for anyone not a millionaire, his dislike of anyone with a disability and his total lack of judgement.

    Speaking of lack of judgement, that fraud Sinodinos, who should be in gaol, not newly appointed to the ministry, is all over everywhere now, telling us what a fantastic bloke Turnbull is and how exciting the reshuffle is and how exciting it is to be an Australian now we have such an exciting leader. Bullshit, all of it. He’s just happy to have a ministerial pay rise.

    ‘Exciting’ seems to be the buzz word from today’s government talking points. I’m not excited. Are you?

    We have a ministry full of incompetents (Dutton, Hunt), criminals (Sinodinos, Brough, Roy) religious fruit-loops and general sucker-uppers who are being rewarded for voting for Turnbull. None of them are competent. Not one of them could successfully run a chocolate wheel at a school fete without stuffing up or stealing the profits.

    I have a question for the press gallery lot. Why is Turnbull’s knifing of Abbott being referred to as a coup, as something amazing, wonderful, clever, necessary, with Turnbull a hero for doing it, yet Julia Gillard’s take over from Krudd is a knifing, a stabbing in the back (knitting needles optional;) and she was a bitch, a witch, an evil, conniving woman for doing it?

  2. rnm1953

    Why do you think Turnbull held off announcing his new cabinet until the day after the Canning by-election? The MSM, with their goldfish brains, have completely forgotten all about the by-election swing against the government and are now busy telling us all about Turnbull’s brilliant new (pfffft) cabinet. Isn’t it just wonderful that there are women on the front bench now. So modern, so exciting. Who would ever have thought that possible?

  3. Looks like I’ll have to go back to listening to local community radio. 774 is just full of luuurrrvvve for you know who and how all of a sudden the nastiness is gone. No mention of who caused all this nastiness since 2009.

  4. Keep in mind the MSM aren’t as powerful and pervasive as they used to be. They’re also flighty – shiny new things tend to grab their attention. Their viewpoints aren’t in lockstep with the electorate. Some influence, not as much as they used to have.

    This should give a little extra boost to Turnbull’s honeymoon period. But it’s also the first piece of reality we’re being given. That’s his team now, so we know that. It’s better than Abbott offered us, but there’s still a talent deficiency in the party. Seeing more of Cash and Frydenberg isn’t going to be all that helpful for them, and I really can’t recall anyone in the party who looks a natural up-and-comer.

    This will pass. It’s of some interest, not a lot. What everyone is waiting for is the shift in policy direction. That’s Turnbull’s big test, the long game he has to play. Haven’t seen much on that front yet. Not even a statement of intent.

  5. Another thing is not being mentioned. There’s some oohing and aahing over the sweeping changes Turnbull has made in the reshuffle. But it should perhaps be noted that he did it because of all the people he can’t or won’t work with. His hand may have been forced with a lot of it. It may not be a good thing after all, it may be the first indication that he’s leading a party divided.

    This will work itself through over time.

  6. Just getting some facts out there – follow on to my post last night about the number of women in Julia Gillard’s ministry.

    The odious and duplicitous Marise Payne is not the first female to hold a Defence portfolio. Bronwyn Bishop (remember her?) was Minister for Defence Industry, Science and Personnel from 11 March 1996 to 21 October 1998

    Long before that Ros Kelly was Minister for Defence Science and Personnel in 1987, making her the first female Labor minister from the House of Representatives as well.

    Danna Vale, Fran Bailey and De-Anne Kelly all help the position of Assistant Minister for Defence in the Howard government.

    Kelly O’Dwyer is not the first woman to be assistant treasurer. Helen Coonan was Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer (2001–04), first woman to hold a Treasury portfolio,

    The MSM and the Press Gallery, as usual, are too lazy to check the facts. It’s so much easier to just gush rubbish, isn’t it. So much easier than a few seconds of research.

  7. Aguirre

    Well, according to the callers and texters, so called Labor voters are going to vote lnp, and even some greens are falling for the rah rah aren’t I good Turnoff. No mention of not changing policies, just how ‘sensible’ he sounds, oh and positive……. This will either continue on or there will be one absolutely huge plunge when they realise nothing is going to change. Just the language and faces.

    There are a lot of policies that will come into effect about this time next year, so if lnp get voted in again, it will be on their own heads. Nothing we can do but sit back and see how it all goes.

  8. “Their viewpoints aren’t in lockstep with the electorate”.
    When it comes to their colleagues they are in lock step. Already heard/read 4 times today that Truffles has “stolen/taken” the “narrative” away from Labor . The basis of their claims seems to be something about Truffles mentioning the future and innovation. Motherhood statements basically and voila Truffles has taken it away from Labor with a mere wave of his lordship’s hand. What a genius. God I hate the press when they are in the first flush of “true lurve”.

    What odds that if the parties were reversed Labor would be described as trying to ‘play catch up’ with the LNP rather than taking the “narrative away” ?

  9. Shorten’s higher education policy is very welcome, but we won’t hear much about it. The focus is on St Malcolm Who Can Do No Wrong. If he announced today that every town has to deliver a comely maiden to his Point Piper mansion for his personal entertainment and gratification the MSM would tell us the sainted one was ‘doing something’ about youth unemployment.

  10. Whinge from a pedant.

    I really, really wish everyone would stop calling the Coalition and/or the Liberal Party the ‘LNP’. The LNP is a political party from Queensland. It pisses me off no end when everyone keeps doing this.

    This is what caused my whinge –

  11. The BBC, telling it like it is.

    Australia PM Turnbull defends his new cabinet

    Ahead of a swearing-in ceremony for Australia’s new cabinet, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has already been forced to defend his choices

  12. ” deliver a comely maiden to his Point Piper mansion for his personal entertainment “…a future ; droit du signeure ?

  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3242494/Revenge-PM-s-snub-billionaire-funded-Tories-years-sparked-explosive-political-book-decade.html



  14. Leone,

    While the msm love-in with truffles gathers speed also pisses me off, I console myself with the knowledge that that they are simply setting themselves up for yet another dose of rotten-egg-removal from their odious mugs. MSM ignored the flaws of abbott as they promoted him to the detriment of us all, and now they put on their rose-coloured glasses to wax lyrical about this new messiah who speaks the same language as abbott wrapped up in a silken shroud.

  15. The Sprout does ugly really well

    The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, is seeking to strike out an appeal by a transgender activist over her visa cancellation and order her to pay court costs.

    In December 2014 United States transgender activist Monica Jones was stopped on entry to Australia and had her visa cancelled at Sydney airport.

    Jones accused the immigration department of sharing information about her case with Channel Seven’s Border Security television show, and said they pressured her to appear on the show. The department alleged she had breached her visa conditions on a previous trip to Australia.

    The case was heard in the federal court in December, but has been dormant since then.

    On 4 September the immigration minister lodged a new application to dismiss Jones’s appeal. The orders sought were “on the basis that the applicant is in default by failing to prosecute the proceeding with due diligence”.


  16. Leone

    I use lnp because it is liberal national party in a coalition. I’m sorry I will annoy you by my using it, but I’m not going to change.

  17. I usually try to use the term L/NP myself. Just easier to type than ‘coalition’. And also because I can read it in my head as “Lying Nasty Party” so it’s more of a personal preference.

  18. Leone2, I try not to use it with Federal Govt but in Qld they all run under the LNP banner now. Interestingly Wyatt Roy’s preselection was pushed by the Nationals at the time and the Libs in Longman supported another candidate, and then in Parliament he went to the Liberal caucus. I often wonder what the old Nats thought about that.

  19. Let the blood-letting begin!

    The coup that brought about Tony Abbott’s downfall as prime minister has caused bad blood in two blue ribbon seats in the Liberal party heartland of Sydney’s north shore.

    Party members in Abbott’s Warringah electorate have resigned over his ousting while members in Bronwyn Bishop’s neighbouring seat of Mackellar have cancelled two fundraisers in protest against her alleged support of Malcolm Turnbull.


  20. My mistake..I thought I spotted a “bone-head” trying to break his way into the official swearing in photo, but it was just Ciobo peeking from near the bush at the back over Dutton’s head!

  21. Why Bruce Bilson, an enthusiastic, hard-working minister, was dropped – he ‘gives Malcolm the shits’.

    Small business blasts Malcolm Turnbull for Bruce Billson’s shock demotion

    “I don’t think Malcolm likes Bruce’s personality,” the source said. “He is very vocal in cabinet. He doesn’t let small business go and that gives Malcolm the shits.”
    Mr Billson’s demotion shocked many because he was popular in the small business sector, is regarded as a moderate and was a relatively recent appointee to the frontbench. By contrast Eric Abetz and Kevin Andrews, who were also demoted from cabinet, are viewed as strong conservatives and were senior ministers in the Howard years.
    While Mr Billson backed Mr Abbott in the leadership spill, so did other ministers who were maintained in their current roles or promoted


  22. In the waiting room over an hour with tv on. All I could hear is “PM Malcolm Turnbull” on and on … followed by non stop adulation. I think the Press here is similar to the Nth Korean one. TBull is a small dictator.

  23. I’ve been curious about Syria for a while now. There’s disinformation blasting in at me from all quarters – some say it’s ISIS, others say it’s Assad’s regime. I’m just wondering if anyone has any resources that gets close to telling the truth about what’s going on there, that’s causing such an unprecedented mass migration of refugees.

    It’s got to the stage that it’s getting ridiculous and I’m kind of wanting to know the full story about it.

  24. We have a Minister for the Pacific? Is Waffles planning on doing a bit of walking on water?

    Australia's new Minister for the Pacific @steveciobo says his new role "reflects the (Turnbull) govt's renewed focus on the Pacific".— Liam Fox (@liamfoxabc) September 21, 2015


    Or maybe he’s thinking of a bit of turning back the tide if climate change causes Sydney Harbour to invade the Turnbull’s pool.

  25. Will Turnbull be the first Australian PM to visit our offshore detention centres?

    Of course not. He might get his loafers dirty, or some grotty brown child might (shudder) touch him. He might catch something. Most important, there is no five star accommodation on Nauru or Manus Island, no marble ensuite bathrooms, no suites complete with private kitchens and butlers. Waffles would have to stay with the common people. That’s just not going to happen.

    This is why he keeps Dutton. Dutton can go,

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