575 thoughts on “Family Portraits Friday Evening

  1. Shorten did not allow himself to be browbeaten or talked over by Tony jones
    Will Katherine King get heard over John risk am and tony jones?

  2. billie,

    Bill has been a very effective negotiator for decades: Jones was mincemeat.

    He spoke plainly; which is something Mal never could.

    Bill, obviously, did his homework.

    I can just imagine Waffles in that one-on-one.

  3. Seems some femme is talking to Mal Brough on LL.

    If she is up for it (check the tweet that leone gave us) it could be good; but I won’t chance it.

  4. Bill was excellent.

    Tony Jones must have been so peeved that tonight was organised before St Malcolm the Waffler became PM.

  5. Two weeks ago Mal Brough was a nobody. Now he is back in cabinet, everyone wants to talk to him and he is boasting about keeping Turnbull under his thumb.

    Brough wants to be PM, has done for years. I hope Turnbull knows that. He should invest in a knife-proof vest.

  6. What struck me was that Bill did his homework about where he was.

    If Waffles does half as well, if he deigns to turn up, I shall be amazed.

    Other thing, Bill did eye to the audience did humour. Waffles’ humour is strictly am-I-not-clever!

  7. Mal Brough just lied, said he did not procure Slipper’s diary. Does he think we all have a memory like Arthur Sindonis?

  8. He answered the question about the Latrobe Valley sort of OK.

    He gave the background (as Waffles never could have).The lady was impressed. I don’t think it left her up in the air somewhat.

  9. I hope there was a big viewing audience for Q&A tonight, because viewers got to see the Bill Shorten those of us who watch parliament or hang out too much on Sky News always see.

    The MSM – except for Sky News – don’t bother showing Shorten’s speeches or debates. We were deluged with Abbott’s stunts, pressers and speeches when he was LOTO, but we are not permitted to see Shorten in action. That’s a shame. Tonight went a small way to fixing that bias.

    I hope a lot of viewers liked what they saw.

  10. Leone,

    All that Brough stuff is ready for Labor to choose when they want.

    Labor’s biggest conundrum is whether to go the policy or the locals.

    I guess is what their spin merchants advisors are paid for.

  11. Mal Brough – what he was, what he is (in Parly) and what he has said really should torpedo him.

    I’m sure Labor knows.

    Has to be a white of their eyes thing.

  12. Got to laugh at Leigh Sales actually apologising for interrupting Turnbull.
    Never seen it before after all the haranguing and hectoring she heaps on labor pollies.
    What a journalistic slut.
    Cant wait for her next interview with Shorten where she will attempt to talk over and argue non stop unlike tonight’s fellatio like grilling.

  13. I want to apologise for not putting up BK’s message about being in hospital with his crook shoulder, and not being able to do this morning’s Dawn Patrol. My phone was offline until about pm so I did not read my messages till then. He asked me to explain why he couldn’t do his usual links.

  14. Minnie-Chelsea had her stitches out today. The vet is very happy with her progress and the alignment of her hip.

  15. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-09-21/7-eleven-workers-need-visa-protection-for-speaking-out/6792200



  16. Shorten was very good. He addresses the audience very casually, as if he were sitting at their table. Very similar to the way he explained things at TURC. Calm, polite, giving context.

  17. gigilene

    I was an Albo supporter. Still am. However, early on ,when many were calling for Shorten to take the fight up to Abbott, something persuaded me to think Bill was probably on the right track. After years of ‘stuntathons’ being ‘sloganed at’ and general ‘shoutyness’ from Abbott the electorate would sooner or later tire of the circus. At which point having a calm , measured alternative would put you in the box seat.

  18. 2gravel
    Bk hopes to be back tomorrow. He posted over the road yesterday to explain. He had surgery (not the shoulder) and bleeding under the skin has caused an infection near his eye. He is in hospital for a day or so and expected (yesterday morning) to be back in action tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed it gets better.

  19. It does now look as if Morgan is out of place amongst those other polls, and it’s showing a bias toward the Coalition. But as I said earlier, it’s not really going that, it’s just overshooting the swing.

  20. Kaffee

    Like you, I preferred Albo, but slowly realised that the calmness and quietness of Shorten was going to be more effective. Most people were over the nastiness coming from Toxic and it was showing. I am really looking forward to watching q&a sometime today.

  21. Jenna Price is disappointed in Turnbull and says she should have known better than to expect any change in attitude on womens’ issues and domestic violence.

    We hoped for change with the new PM; we should have known better

    How long before the other journalists stop gushing about Waffles and start looking at the bleeding obvious – the Liberal Party policies have not changed with a new leader.

  22. I like Albo, but he is not prime minister material. He is fantastic when it comes to talking about infrastructure, but on anything else he is lost. Just look at how woeful he was as Krudd’s communications minister.

    I always thought he put his hand up for the leadership simply because there needed to be two candidates, and did not really want the job. I suspect that a lot of the ‘We want Albo’ whining that has gone on for two years now all over social media comes not from Labor Party members but from those trying to cause trouble.

  23. So Bronnie is a vengeful old bat who puts her own personal agenda ahead of the good of her government. But we knew that……

  24. Journalism ain’t what it used to be. Look at today’s dead tree version of the Age. It’s page seven story has a photo of the new Ministry, each numbered, and each tagged with how they voted – Abbott, Turnbull or unclear. In the front row Warren Truss and Barnaby Joyce are listed as unclear. Wrong, it was very clear – they didn’t vote, they belong to a different Party!
    It’s they way journalism is going these days – print first and think and check later.

  25. leonetwo

    I can’t understand people still whining about not having Albo and I say that as an Albo fan. FFS! Shorten has seen off Abbott and has Labor in the hunt for winning an election not long after the Rudd/Gillard shemozzle. What more do they want ?

    The NE is an adrenalin junkie when it comes to political brawling. He lived and breathed it. Albo would have taken the fight to him and I would have liked to seen that but by not giving Abbott his life blood Shorten “starved the beast” until it imploded . Well done Bill.

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