Aloha Hawaiian Friday Evening

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Bushfire Bill dropped a heavy hint earlier today on the probable activities of Boss Joe6pack and his good lady wife, and I wouldn’t mind betting that Mrs 6pack is thinking seriously along these lines . . .

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The Boss? Not so sure if he’d be sipping at something with a silly umberella or flower in it. This seems much more his style (the whiskey comes later in the evening):

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I’ve not been there, but Hawaii ranges from the idyllic

(Image Credit: Maxisciences)

to the wilds of Honolulu

(Image Credit: Global Academic Network)

to lots of fun for vulcanologists

(Image Credit: Summit Post)

to amazing traditional food

(Image Credit: Polynesian Cultural Centre)

So grab yourself a lei

(Image Credit: Paradise Delight)

watch the dancing

and sit back and enjoy the sunrise . . .


288 thoughts on “Aloha Hawaiian Friday Evening

  1. From our asinine pm

    A side note to the God of Canning by-elections, from the prime minister, who would like the chamber to understand his deep affection for the Liberal candidate, Andrew Hastie.

    Tony Abbott:

    This (Hastie) is someone who knows what it is like to fight for our country. This is someone with the character to stand up for the Australian people and, having served our country in the army, he is just waiting for his opportunity to serve our country and the people of Canning in this parliament.

    I pray to God that that will be given to him.

  2. A good First Dog. But I wouldn’t say that “Europe is overrun by kindness”. Quite the contrary. Apart from minority groups being kind, the majority is anti-migrants.

  3. A brilliant First Dog!

    Abbott, all day, has been repeating over and over the same line about Syrians being trapped between the bleeping ‘death cult’ and WMDs. No mention at all of the US bombing that has been going on for a year. not a word.

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