Aloha Hawaiian Friday Evening

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Bushfire Bill dropped a heavy hint earlier today on the probable activities of Boss Joe6pack and his good lady wife, and I wouldn’t mind betting that Mrs 6pack is thinking seriously along these lines . . .

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The Boss? Not so sure if he’d be sipping at something with a silly umberella or flower in it. This seems much more his style (the whiskey comes later in the evening):

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I’ve not been there, but Hawaii ranges from the idyllic

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to the wilds of Honolulu

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to lots of fun for vulcanologists

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to amazing traditional food

(Image Credit: Polynesian Cultural Centre)

So grab yourself a lei

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watch the dancing

and sit back and enjoy the sunrise . . .

288 thoughts on “Aloha Hawaiian Friday Evening

  1. Every time I have a blood test I see the same couple of Iranians (?) They both read the Koran while they wait. She is the sick one. He makes sure a female nurse attends her even though he supervises her while it’s being done. He’s the boss. She wears the same old drab Muslem attire – all black from tip to toe, covered with a large black pelerine. And her sick-looking little face, so grey, can barely be seen. She would be in her early 80s.

    Now, I remember my Mum at her age. She loved the colours mauve/lilac/purple and they suited her so well. Sometimes I feel like putting a pretty, lilac scarf on this lady’s head. Just for a bit of frivolity.

  2. Gig’…you remember those older ladies from Italian or Greek families, dressed in black all the time?

  3. Gig’..I know from my sister who lives in Italy, that there were strict cultural rules on the wearing of black by women for deceased relatives…raising in length and coverage depending on the closeness of the; husband, father, mother, inlaw etc…

  4. I was talking to a lady whose friend has a rare cancer. We discussed the treatment, the symptoms, etc. Then, all of a sudden, this woman said that it was all the fault of boat people. They bring diseases. Because she had a strong foreign accent, I asked her: “And how did YOU come here?” She smiled, all smug, that she came by plane and legally. No matter how strong I presented my own point of view, she wouldn’t change her mind. Typical. She’ll vote Libs for sure.

  5. I hope Leone is back from Dumpsey[as the locals call it] after a successful cataract operation.

    I caught a bit of Jon Faine this morning when he was speaking to Ian. Ian’s Australian born parents visited the UK before 1 sept 1939 and were unable to leave once war broke out. Ian and his brother were born in the UK, they returned to Australia in 1948. Ian is unable to renew his Australian passport because the citizenship goal posts have changed in the last decade – he has to become naturalised. Ian’s brother after a life time in the Australian Navy had to become naturalised too.

    Now the citizenship act changed in 1948 – prior to that time children born to Australian parents had automatic Australian citizenship, children born after 1948 had to apply to the Immigration Department for an Australian birth certificate which was easy for white children to get

  6. I’m back. It all went well and I look like a demented pirate, with a plastic eye shield taped to my face with what seems to be metres of micropore. Dressing comes off in the morning, then i visit the doc for his opinion.

    What wasn’t good was having to sit in a waiting room with Abbott lying his arse off on ABC24. I notice he was reading exactly the same words in QT just now.

  7. I used to go out with a Mauve once…I used to have her on my sleeve when we went dancing!…Then we broke up and I started going around with Rose…But she left me for a guy named Blackie…
    Yes..I could say I lived a colourful life…

  8. Not everyone wearing black mourning gear is an old crone.

    We had Italian neighbours when I was a kid. The wife’s father died and she went into the full black mourning rig-out and stayed in it, even through her first pregnancy and it seemed, for ever after. Mum asked her why she did it, when her family were still in Italy. She said she was afraid someone would report back to the folks at home that she was not doing the proper thing and she didn’t want her family to be upset.

    She was a very attractive young woman, she looked fantastic in black, and her fashionable, nicely fitted black frocks and black stockings worn with high heels showed off he figure and very nice legs, so I don’t think anyone minded her devotion to tradition too much.

  9. I try to imagine what the posters herelook like…of course, I have met several and THEY did look close to what I imagined…I try to use the type and style of language chosen that they post with…after all we all have certain limitations with language choice…cultural and whatnot…and there are those who have a much more expansive vocabulary…and they create a certain image by the use of such…etc. and so forth..
    I reckon anyway!

  10. I wonder how my cats see me? Probably in a maid’s uniform, because I am but their lowly staff person.

  11. From our asinine pm

    A side note to the God of Canning by-elections, from the prime minister, who would like the chamber to understand his deep affection for the Liberal candidate, Andrew Hastie.

    Tony Abbott:

    This (Hastie) is someone who knows what it is like to fight for our country. This is someone with the character to stand up for the Australian people and, having served our country in the army, he is just waiting for his opportunity to serve our country and the people of Canning in this parliament.

    I pray to God that that will be given to him.

  12. A good First Dog. But I wouldn’t say that “Europe is overrun by kindness”. Quite the contrary. Apart from minority groups being kind, the majority is anti-migrants.

  13. A brilliant First Dog!

    Abbott, all day, has been repeating over and over the same line about Syrians being trapped between the bleeping ‘death cult’ and WMDs. No mention at all of the US bombing that has been going on for a year. not a word.

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