Feeling Good Friday

It,s Friday . I’m Feeling Good and so should we all. The libs are in damage control over just about everything. The shock Jocks and MSM Cheer Squad are going ballistic and refusing to believe that most sensible people have come to the conclusion that their prick Abbott is a dud .

They have cheered for him ,tried their best and thrown enough dirt around about labor and the Unions to fill Sydney Harbour twice but still after all they have done the public have rejected their pick Tony.

That,s why I am feeling good this Friday and we should all be a bit upbeat now. Plus their is plenty of stuff to be happy about.

The Aussie Girls won the netball world cup.



Australia in the cricket have made more than 100 runs.


Astronomers have found a star with 3 super earth’s



NED and Syd have found a intellectual equal.


And Did I mention the Libs are down in the dumps

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Labor seem happy



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  1. This QLD only Galaxy federal poll is on trend, Ipsos QLD fed results were 50-50, Poll Bludger multi poll average in QLD is 51.4-48.6 to ALP.


    Queensland voters turn on Prime Minister Tony Abbott, putting his Government in election-losing position
    August 23, 2015 12:00AM
    The Sunday Mail (Qld)

    QUEENSLAND voters have turned on Tony Abbott, putting his Government in an election-losing position.

    The PM’s personal approval has taken a hit, leaving him trailing six points behind Bill Shorten as the leader considered to have the best plan for the state.

    In a result that will fuel growing fears among Government MPs that they are heading towards an electoral wipe-out, the Galaxy/Sunday Mail poll found federal Labor is ahead of the LNP in Queensland by 51 per cent to 49 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.

    This outcome, based on preference flows from the last election, represents an 8 percentage point swing and could see a swathe of LNP seats fall to Labor if replicated at the ballot box.

  2. This outcome, based on preference flows from the last election, represents an 8 percentage point swing and could see a swathe of LNP seats fall to Labor if replicated at the ballot box.

    11 to be exact, including the one held by that odious cane toad George Christensen. Actually I retract that, cane toads are odious but nowhere near as odious as him.

  3. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    George Brandis is going to have a third crack at getting his increased “divorce tax” through the Senate.
    Hastie is bringing out the “best” in the Liberals.
    It would appear that Mark Latham has now completed his loss of the plot.
    Born to rule?
    Are there ulterior motives in the planned $20m upgrade to Parliament House surveillance security?
    Paul Malone says Abbott shouldn’t be campaigning on jobs and growth.
    A bit of fun here with the “Snoutie Awards”.
    Bob Ellis has gathered himself up to write of the 38 worst things the Liberals did yesterday.
    The Victorian Liberals want to “move on” and stop the public blame game.
    Peter Wicks explains the botched TURC smear job on Julia Gillard.

  4. Section 2 . . .

    Stephen Koukoulas advises people to be careful of what they wish for in the Canning by-election.
    The Senate’s Nauru inquiry could be our Abu Ghraib moment.
    Peter FitzSimons and his weekly column.
    Transfield’s relationship with offshore processing is losing them their investors.
    Charles Waterstreet gets plenty off his chest in this entertaining contribution.

  5. Section 3 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Andrew Dyson has Abbott on the Coaler Coaster.

    A lovely one from Ron Tandberg!

    John Spooner disinters B A Santamaria.

    Cruel work from John Shakespeare.

    Pat Campbell has some fun with George’s metadata.

    Alan Moir with the forlorn hope of Joe Hockey.

  6. Just been away for a glorious week in Fiji (youse really should go there) – balmy days, glorious dawns, spectacular sunsets, snorkeling, sleeping, reading books, flying my helicopter, doing absolutely nothing (and not feeling guilty about it), coral reefs, giant manta rays doing loop-the-loops right next to you, fantastic staff, a truly inspirational polyglot mix of all the nations’ young (and young at heart).

    And absolutely no news from Australia, especially where Abbott was concerned. It kinda puts The Wrecker’s Way into perspective: he’s a pimple on a pumpkin, not just a legend in his own lunchtime, but a carbuncle on his own backside as well. The mantas continue to feed in the channel. The World goes on without him.

    Your hearts will swell with pride when youse learn that I also won the 1st International Coconut Chucking Test, on behalf of Australia… beating out France, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, England, Wales, Canada, America, Denmark and Italy with a masterful exercise of my famous “Round The Corner Lob” (it’s all in the wrist), leading these young whippersnappers to have a new-found respect for both their elders and Aussies-In-General.

    Cunningly, for my psychological tactic I used the “Reverse Sledge”… barracking for everyone else, encouraging excellence in Coconut Chucking, even selflessly showing them my technique (especially the gorgeous Annie, the wistful German backpacker with a Thai Mum and a German Dad, bringing the best of both ethnicities demonstrably to the fore, if youse know what I mean)… they were all so touched they couldn’t bring themselves to defeat such a nice guy. Works every time.

    When I returned, a little old lady from Queensland in the airport shuttle van, down to see her rellies in Sydney, started telling me quietly about some things that had been going on with Abbott during the past week. She was 100% spot-on, as I have since found from my catch-up reading. A quick phone call to our Den Mistress, the redoubtable Fiona, reduced the granularity even more. She gave me my reading list and I got stuck in.

    It’s always nice to know that despite my not being here to write stinging diatribes against the Coalition, they’ve stuck to form and done the damage all by themselves anyway. It’s a relief to know I can go away for a week and Abbott will pick up the ball for me anyway, and run with it.

    The Reality TV Show continues unabated: biased judges (so biased they don’t know they’re biased (according to Ackland, Heydon’s own prediction of how he would behave), flags flying with ex-SAS Liberal candidates accusing Labor on non-existent vilification of them, readings of the Riot Act to Ministers (who then riot anyway), bad viewer-voting by way of terrible polls, and otherwise nothing happening policy-wize.

    All that strutting, all those flags, the slogans and the intimidation, the kangaroo courts, the lies and the sledging… for nothing.

    We’ve had to put up with this jerk for two years and he’s accomplished absolutely eff-all… for all the money and misery.

    He’s stuffed-up this job just like he’s stuffed up everything else he’s ever done or been given responsibility for: the inveterate loser that he is, and always will be.

    The journos have found their spines, and even they are saying it’s a matter of “when”, not “if”. Business is in despair (that is if they aren’t digging holes or burning fossil fuels). The people are openly heckling and cat-calling this failure of a man. He’s still the joke he was born to be, unable to get anywhere without a Dyson Heydon to recommend him for a scholarship, a Sir Tristan Antico to get him a job where he caused an “all-out” strike within weeks, a Rupert Murdoch to promote him and puff him up into a hero, a General (or a Lieutenant in a pinch) to shed some jingoistic light on him, the better to bask in its reflection.

    What we need now is for someone in the Libs to do the right thing, step up and take the cretin on. Only then is there even a small chance that the process of rot and wrecking might be slowed.

    Anyone got the guts? Even Trevallys swimming in the manta’s mouth have that.

  7. Ok, ok, I’ve got it, I’ve got it. Abbott wants us all to forget about everything that’s gone wrong in the past two weeks, or indeed the past two years, and just look at the alpha male running in Canning. He’s beefed it up with a bit of the old diet of smears and lies about the ALP, and got Hastie running on patriotism and war.

    It’s just another attack on the electorate with a blunt instrument.

    Abbott’s not going to attempt to sort out any of his other problems. He’s just going to walk away from them. Look at the man, look at the man.

    I guess it’s kinda cute that Abbott thinks throwing all his resources at salvaging (what used to be) a safe seat is a responsible way to run a country. But there are debacles everywhere at the moment, and he’s letting most of them fester.

  8. Thoughts on Andrew Hastie and the hands thing…can’t say I’m comfortable with the whole ‘biometrics’ line peddled by that bloke they trot out every now and then to comment on matters military. Why not carry stamp pads and paper? I know we want our soldiers to be prepared to do whatever it takes to defend our country but this pushes the line for me. Would not want my son who is an officer of the same age as Hastie being involved coming home with that sort of crap to deal with. “What did you do in the war daddy….?”

  9. Kirsdarke

    We will keep everything crossed that you are successful with the job. Great that you enjoyed your time there. What a great place to work in Port Fairy.

  10. BB,

    Seems you are all bright-eyed and bushy tailed after your week of rest and relaxation. Fantastic pics and your description of your holiday is quite envious….welcome back to abbott land !

  11. Tomorrow is a big day for Jason, ( @jasonrhand ), it will be his 200th donation of his precious blood that is worth its weight in gold for many people.

  12. Abbott has given $1 million to help a surf club in Canning with its redevelopment project.

    $1 million! The boys and girls down at Flynns Beach must be feeling a bit cheated, used and abused today. The best they could get from the Abbott government was $121,000, and they had to endure a photo shoot with Dr Dolittle to show their gratitude. now some other club gets $1 million?

    Is this some sort of life saver led defence strategy? A cordon of red and gold clad life savers stopping any intended landing by boatloads of death cultists maybe?

    We can look forward to more millions being poured into the electorate of Canning as Abbott struggles to hang on to a safe – remember that word ‘safe’ – Liberal seat.

  13. BB

    Fiji really is paradise. I’m so glad you and Mrs BB enjoyed your stay. Fantastic pictures, especially the mantas. I’m just a bit jealous…..

  14. Apparently my son knows Hastie quite well. Was ok bloke but became ‘very high and mighty’ when joined SAS. “Very, very conservative and bound by religion” , just the mate for Abbott.

  15. From Yabba over the road ” Why wouldn’t the ALP attack Hastie? He has agreed to stand for a party that has a long history of sending Australian troops to pointless, unwinnable, unjustifiable wars, then abandoning the damaged returnees. He has told a deliberate lie about Julia Gillard visiting the troops in Afghanistan. The man is to all appearances a loudmouth, aggressive prat, along the same lines as Abbott. If he wins the seat, he will bring nothing to the parliament, except a big opinion of himself, and a known propensity to tell lies.”
    Also the son of a ‘Preacher Man” as the song goes.

  16. Andrew Hastie, the other day –
    “………. in Afghanistan, I did not feel that the then Labor government had our backs.”

    Tony Abbott, October, 2009 –
    Tony Abbott ‘too tired’ to meet troops in Afghanistan

    TONY Abbott has given Julia Gillard a free kick to help wrap up her first full day on the international stage by revealing he did not travel with her to see troops in Afghanistan because it would have made him too tired to meet with the British Conservative Party leader, David Cameron in Britain


  17. Extremely disappointed in Mike Seccombe on insiders this morning.
    His lame excusing of Abbott over Kathy Jackson shows he is just another twat in the press gallery who cant see or hear anything that isnt fed to him during a circle-jerk session with his elitist media mates.

  18. I don’t think Abbott and the Liberal Party selectors for Canning had the foggiest idea about Hastie’s past until Fairfax revealed the truth. Abbott raced off to WA to shower money on Canning and to pose for photos with Hastie. Julie Bishop chipped in with her full support. Was this damage control?

    Hastie is not yet elected and already he is under fire for allegedly being involved in a war crime. The investigation, as Andrew Elder points out, has not concluded, so how can anyone be certain Hastie is in the clear?

    Someone has to ask this question – were those hands removed because the ADF says soldiers must obtain eye scans and/or fingerprints of all enemy dead, and it doesn’t matter what they do to get them, or was it done because the dead were Muslims and Islam requires bodies be intact for burial? Was this whole thing just a bit of Australian anti-Muslim nastiness? We know there is plenty of that in the ADF. Was it, in this case, inspired by a leader who is, apparently, a ‘Christian’?

    Some information –
    International Committee of the Red Cross – information on Customary International Humanitarian Law (IHL) treatment of the dead in armed conflict and the prohibition of mutilation of bodies.

    No exceptions. not even for troops under the command of the future Liberal Party candidate for Canning.

    The incident happened in April 2013, the investigation began soon after, but it was not revealed until during the 2013 election campaign, when it went pretty much unnoticed.

  19. While I am disgusted and appalled that our soldiers should mutilate bodies, I don’t think the mutilation of dead Taliban is going to matter much to the electorate. I think the feeling will be. ” they were killed for being Taliban so who cares what happens to them afterwards? Losing a hand in death can’t be worse than losing your life and they are the enemy,after all. Killing them was alright and anyway, shit happens in war.”

  20. jaeger
    I get all that, but I also know that biometric information can be gathered from the dead without having to chop off hands. I think this particular episode was based on anti-Muslim feelings, an act of hatred or revenge, nothing more than sheer inhumanity.

    International law is clear on mutilation of those killed in conflict – it is not permitted. Yet we have ADF personnel telling our troops it is OK to do whatever they like to obtain that information. From that all I can conclude is AFD advisors and instructors are not only condoning war crimes but encouraging them.

    As for Hastie – the buck stops with him. He was in charge.

  21. Anyone else think they recognized Andrew Hastie and then realized he looked like Cory Bernardi?
    Who gave the order to remove the hands- that hasn’t been established?

  22. Jaegar
    That explains a lot. Still, there is no reason the soldiers couldn’t have taken fingerprints. If that is the project then they should carry the equipment.

  23. I cannot imagine getting fingerprints from severed hands is all that easy either, unless you are in a forensic lab or they were frozen. Much better to take a ink or electronic scan at the scene, I would imagine,

  24. I thought Christians were supposed to believe that one should not interfere with dead bodies; similar to desecrating tombs. I could be wrong. Isn’t a criminal even more severely punished if he/she has interfered with the dead victims?

  25. puffy

    ” they were killed for being Taliban ”
    Yes , BUT were they Taliban ? There were many many cases of drones etc wiping out weddings and the like as it seems merely being “of military age” in the area made you a target .

    As with Vietnam , how do you know if they were Viet Minh/ Taliban ? Cos they are dead so they must be.

  26. Although if this “magnificent, exemplary, candidate” the Libs have pre-selected to run in the seat of Canning is rejected and he loses his quest will possibly mean the end of abbott, I will rejoice. The more I read about Hastie, the more I feel he will be just another blight on our Parliament. Just another macho, pseudo christian who believes he sits on an elite plane above the pen-pushers, labourers and workers whose taxes went towards his choice of a military career.

    Sure, our troops should be respected, but not to the point of glorification.

    Hastie needs to be grilled over the statement he made that he didn’t feel Labor had their backs while he served in Afghanistan. He needs to be made to clarify this outrageous allegation and state exactly what the Labor Govt did, or did not do, that resulted in his conclusion.

  27. I agree, who knows if they really were Taliban or not. But the Jake/Jane Average voter in Canning is unlikely to care.

    Labor should leave well enough alone regarding Hastie’s war service. There is nothing to gain and everything to lose by attacking it, especially if there has been an inquiry which cleared him.

    Those whose votes will be influenced against Hastie by thus issue already are influenced, those who aren’t will never be,

  28. Abbott contaminates and ruins everything he touches, eventually he will do it to himself. He will ruin Hastie. By preselecting him for Canning, his war service comes to the fore. If he had gone into a different post-SAS career, it would have slipped into the shadows of history. But no, Abbott needs a hook for his national security bullcrap, his ‘point of difference’ with the ALP, supposedly. And what Abbott needs or wants Abbott gets. If he wanted to cut the head of his sister’s favourite doll, then so be it, hand it over girlie, Tony is the golden son dontcha know.

    Not that I have any care for Hastie, he sounds like another nasty useful fool. There have been plenty of those disposed of in Tony Abbott’s lifetime.

  29. After thinking about it, yeah, Labor’s wise to not go after Hastie over this. Just leave it as a background whisper among supporters and leave it at that. Attack him on policy and his hypocrisy as the politician he’s trying to be.

    It was brought up somewhere that in 1994, there was a state by-election in marginal Parramatta where the Lib candidate attacked the Labor one over running in her dead husband’s seat, claiming she should be at home looking after her child. And Labor ended up winning with a massive swing.

    (The Lib candidate was a woman too, but that hardly justifies it).

  30. Labor should leave well enough alone regarding Hastie’s war service. There is nothing to gain and everything to lose by attacking it, especially if there has been an inquiry which cleared him.

    Exactly, Labor’s better off making the by-election all about Abbott.

  31. Gippsland Laborite

    Yep. Keep the campaign ABBA . All Bloody Abbott, Always . For a start Tones is shaping up to be one of Labor’s all time great recruitment officers.

  32. Check out the company Australia is keeping.

    Why some billionaires are bad for growth, and others aren’t

    The researchers found Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Malaysia, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and Italy had relatively more politically connected wealth. Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK all had zero politically-connected billionaires.


  33. What a thought-provoking list, Kaffeeklatscher.

    Now, let’s see, wonder who those bad for growth billionaires might be as far as Australia’s concerned . . .

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