Feeling Good Friday

It,s Friday . I’m Feeling Good and so should we all. The libs are in damage control over just about everything. The shock Jocks and MSM Cheer Squad are going ballistic and refusing to believe that most sensible people have come to the conclusion that their prick Abbott is a dud .

They have cheered for him ,tried their best and thrown enough dirt around about labor and the Unions to fill Sydney Harbour twice but still after all they have done the public have rejected their pick Tony.

That,s why I am feeling good this Friday and we should all be a bit upbeat now. Plus their is plenty of stuff to be happy about.

The Aussie Girls won the netball world cup.



Australia in the cricket have made more than 100 runs.


Astronomers have found a star with 3 super earth’s



NED and Syd have found a intellectual equal.


And Did I mention the Libs are down in the dumps

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Labor seem happy




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  1. CTar,

    It’s a particular form of profiling. All journalists do it, but even more so when the person of interest is female.

    Then, they inform us not only of her age (usually in years), but also her marital status and the number of offspring.

  2. Have we covered this yet?


    I’m not sure it’s the right way of looking at things. It’s relying on three assumptions:

    1. The Liberals require a trigger to get rid of Abbott
    2. Losing Canning is in any way worse than any of their other recent debacles
    3. There actually is a new policy direction they can take under a new leader

    I think all those assumptions are false. And the main reason I think that is that nobody believes the Liberals are a good party with a bad leader. They believe – and the polls demonstrate this – that the party lost its way shortly after the election and doesn’t know how to find its way back. The party will be punished for the sins of this term, and nobody’s going to be able to avert that.

    What changes would they make to their policies? Really? The business community have them by the balls, and everyone knows it. They might be able to retool their falsehoods, but that’s the extent of it. They’re beholden to all sorts of vested interests. They won’t turn their back on mining, or coal, or Murdoch, or the IPA. They can’t.

    I think they’ll win Canning. They’ll suffer a swing, but they’ll hold on. Abbott will trumpet it as a vindication of everything he’s done this term, and the malaise will continue. If they do lose, he’ll issue a private mea culpa to his MPs and promise a change of approach for the election. But he’ll still say they’re on track, and still warn them against the evils of instability in the party. And all the spineless jellyfish will let him get away with it. Again. He’s in for the whole term.

  3. What is Hastie’s background? His new Facebook page is conspicuously short of detail. Maybe they don’t want to admit he’s an Eastern states blow in. His church is mentioned but not which one- his education is not mentioned at all- his profile is curiously lacking in detail. Matt Keogh Labor candidate’s page has been up since 2013 and shows a full picture.

  4. Catalyst

    From the ABC’s Canning by-election page

    32 year-old Hastie was born in Wangaratta and spent most of his life in NSW. He joined the military in 2001 following the September 11 attacks and moved to Western Australia in 2010 to undertake SAS training. Before the by-election he was a serving SAS Captain and has had several overseas deployments in Afghanistan and the Middle east. He has also been an adviser on Operation Sovereign Borders.


  5. Catalyst

    SAS are very secretive. There was a huge kerfuffle in NZ when a photo of VC winning NZ SAS member Willie Apiata was reproduced in the national paper newspaper. This despite it being taken from overseas newspapers.

  6. Andrew Elder quoted a part of one of my favourites today, so you can have the whole lot. I love this!

  7. I read somewhere yesterday that most information about Hastie had been kept secret, an SAS thing to protect both members and their families. Which is why there is very little info about him online.

    Now he will have to deal with the complete opposite, nothing about an MP can be considered secret or off limits.

  8. Very secretive- so we aren’t allowed to know anything about him? But we are allowed to vote for this Mr Mystery.

  9. Given Young Andrew’s somewhat pre-emptive statement about the enquiry regarding unhanding, it seems his family name is only too apt.

    So, may I give the good voters of Canning this warning?

    Vote in Hastie; repent at leisure . . .

  10. Leone,

    “Opportunist” is way too mild, albeit accurate.

    “Whited sepulchre” and “Pharisee”, on the other hand, are right up there.

  11. Hmmmmm.

    Paul Kelly – (I know, I know but hang in there) with PvO on the US request for help bombing Syria – Kelly alleges the government asked for the ‘request’ because they needed it to advance their political agenda, and got it.

    There’s no question at all that Tony Abbott is moving towards an expanded Australian role in this conflict, using the rAAF in Syria to target Islamic State bases. Abbott has indicated that as far as he’s concerned he sees no moral difference between activities in Iraq and Syria so that’s very much the signal.
    I believe the Abbot government has orchestrated the request from the United States to Australia on this issue. These requests don;y just come out of the blue.What happened was the Abbott government wanted this request, it’s spoken to the Americans and it’s got the request it needed. I understand it’s in the form of a letter from the United States defence secretary to our own defence minister Kevin Andrews and it would be naive to think there is not a domestic political side to this activity. .
    Have no doubt that Tony Abbott wants to try and use this issue to wedge the Labor Party inn terms of domestic politics

    For the rest , on Heydon and stuff –

  12. It seems we are not to criticise former members of the defence forces, because – well, just because. ADF personnel, it seems, are sacred beings. Sorry, but if someone is believed to have committed a war crime I’m not going to stick up for them.

    Imagine the outrage if it was revealed an enemy soldier chopped off bits of a dead Australian soldier and claimed it was OK because they just needed to establish ID. So why is an Australian doing the same thing to our (alleged) enemy any different?

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