“Steady, Eth ” . . .

(Image Credit: BBC: Take It From Here – The Glums)

So many Captain’s Nose Picks bleeding – haemorrhaging even – in such a short time:

The Elder Bishop and her sudden relegation to cattle class

Marriage Equality over abbott’s decaying corpse (okay, that may alter come Wednesday – but I suspect too little too late)

Dyson Heydon and cognitive ease (failing to be cognizant of bias when it’s in your comfort zone)

A brand-new Speaker who wasn’t Captain Nose-Pick’s choice – much to Captain Nose-Pick’s wattle-wobbling fury

That brave whistle-blower, Kathy Jackson, and the missing $million plus (“Whaddaya mean, that $1.4mill was supposed to go to the *sharply indrawn breath* plebs?”)

The ABC will be Killing Bill next Monday (Typical lefty ABC – too little too late)

Not to mention ongoing security warnings about DEF KULTS in front of a gazillion or three Union Jacks Australian flags (Who the hell do these uppity colonials think they are, pretending to have their own flag?)

Oh, and who let the cat out of the bag about that thoroughly dee bloke Heydon being on the selection panel to choose the only possible candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship? Heads will roll.

* * * * * * *

Oops, someone seems to have gatecrashed the séance through the Ouija board’s back gate. Sorry about that . . .

I keep telling myself to calm down; it’s too early to order nonstop popcorn; almost anything could happen – but we might, just possibly might be on the cusp of viewing the Great Unhingement.

Or not.


Sit back, folks (fasten your seatbelts – it could well be rough) and enjoy.

(Though I still and really want him to stay until we hear those words that will be ripped from his guts – when he finally gives his post-election concession speech . . .)

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  1. I probably would, too.

    Meanwhile, I’m passing for the rest of the evening. Another 9:00am class tomorrow, with a load or two of washing to put on the line before I hit the road.

    Sleep well, all you little lovelies.

  2. Fiona

    Of course, for students of body language,

    The last time I can remember folding my arms like that was at primary school. The old “sit up straight and fold your arms” from the teachers to bring the class into line. Not doing so since must be my belated ‘defiance’ 🙂

  3. KK – Missed opportunity: “From ‘hero’ to zero”, but they’ve gone with the “We’ve always been at war with Eurasia” approach.

  4. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Mark Kenny on Abbott’s day yesterday. The racist card, of all things, came out.
    More hi jinx from the training arena populated by crooks.
    Waleed Aly says Abbott is losing the plot in the war against environmentalists 9or anything else that doesn’t go his way.
    These TURC submissions will be worth tuning in to see at 1000 EST.
    Heydon’s view of judicial independence will be on full display today says this Law lecturer.
    Greg Barns writes on how Abbott’s TURC turns and bites him.
    Peter Wicks explains how the Kathy Jackson judgement reflects badly on the TURC.
    Grattan on Friday. Michelle homes in on the ridicule level.
    Terrible allegations about Nauru at last night’s sitting of the Senate Inquiry.

  5. Section 2 . . .

    How boofhead Steve Price got it so wrong in his clash with Waleed Aly.
    “View from the Street” explains why the big Adani coal mine is a dud proposal.
    James Massola on the continuation of cabinet leaks.
    Yes! Now keep going.
    Medibank Private is up to all sorts of bastardry. Over to you Sussan!
    From the sick bed of Bob Ellis.
    Damien Mantach – a Liberal man of calibre. At least Abbott thought so.
    Why are these bastards not in gaol?
    Mark Kenny asks if Abbott can get anything from the Canning by-election.
    I must say that so far I have been underwhelmed by the Australian Huffington Post.

  6. Section 3 . . . Cartoon Corner

    David Pope on Ashley Madison accounts – what a beauty!

    Cathy Wilcox takes us back in time.

    Ron Tandberg distils AFL TV rights.

    Alan Moir with the US led coalition’s fight with IS.

    Wow! Mark Knight hits the Victorian Liberals hard here. And he has a great rendition of Michael Kroger.

    Jon Kudelka has some fun with Liberal fundraising too.

    This cartoon from The Australian seems to be suggesting that time’s up for Abbott.

    Classic work from David Rowe on cabinet leaks.

  7. BK

    I read a story that was linked in twitter, about Shorten, in the Huff post. It was more about how wonderful Toxic was. Apparently the writers don’t get paid, so I’m sticking with our Aussie Independent sites.

  8. The shonky private college thing –

    Careers Australia, which has 15 campuses across Australia, was accused earlier this year of employing door-to-door salespeople who targeted potential students in disadvantaged areas with free laptops. The college’s salespeople were also accused of enrolling poor students with fake entrance exams

    I had one of those salesmen just a couple of weeks ago, probably trying to drum up business for the start of this semester. I’ve had the same offer before. Sometimes they asked to speak to people under 60. This is seen as a disadvantaged area, I suppose, still lots of public housing, most of the rest has been bought up by investors and is leased to low income families, so the perfect target for these shonks.

    The silly thing is the estate surrounds the local TAFE – not that anyone can afford to study there now, thanks to Abbott and his buddy, Baird. But even a year or so ago, when fees were still affordable, the salesmen were flocking in.

  9. Australia demonises refugees and asylum seekers and turns back boats. Greece is doing the opposite.

    Hundreds of Syrian refugees arrive on the Kos shore every day as the Greek coast guard conducts daily search-and-rescue operations in the Aegean Sea.
    “Random Greeks getting up before sunrise to assist refugees arriving on the beach. Tears of joy and relief,” Etter wrote in a separate Facebook post.
    “I am dissolving into a puddle every morning,” he said.
    Record numbers of refugees have arrived in Greece this year


    Greece ships Syrians to Athens as refugee crisis mounts
    Government-chartered ferry carrying over 1,000 Syrian refugees from Kos expected in the capital on Thursday.

  10. FFS!

    Islamic State: US formally requests Australia expand its role in fight against militant group

    The United States has formally asked Australia to expand its role in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group over Syria.

    The long-anticipated request was sent to the Australian embassy in Washington yesterday.

    Australia is already involved in bombing IS targets in Iraq, but the expanded role could involve the RAAF conducting air strikes in Syria.

    Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne would not confirm the development this morning, but told Channel Nine the Government would respond to any request from the US.

    “I don’t believe any decision has been made by the Government and obviously we would be briefing the Opposition,” Mr Pyne said.

    “I understand a briefing has been organised for early next week about any developments that might occur there.”


    Stand by for a sixteen flagger announcement. Or maybe even twenty. Abbott will be so excited.

  11. Why?

    To keep her quiet of course; by bribery or threats

    An Iranian asylum seeker who was allegedly raped on Nauru has been flown to Australia for medical treatment, three months after the alleged assault took place, according to reports in media.

    The 23-year-old was allegedly attacked in May on her way back to the Australian-run Nauru Detention Centre after a visit to the island to meet friends.

    The Immigration Department has told the ABC she was flown off the Pacific island by air ambulance on Thursday night.

    “Given advice from our medical providers … International Health and Medical Services [IHMS] … we’ve agreed that she should be transferred to Australia for medical care,” department secretary Michael Pezzullo said.


  12. Nice one, Robert!

    But of course I have to make the submission that your own subjective view is irrelevant.

  13. Now, why would that be? Overlooked?

    The silk acting for the national construction union, John Agius, drops a bombshell. He says one of the emails between Commissioner Dyson Heydon and the organisers of the Sir Garfield Barwick address had a Word document attached which was named “state donation compliance”.

    That attachment was not part of a tranche of emails released by the commission last week.


  14. BK,

    I am delighted you are familiarising Logan with the keyboard (and The Pub). It is important to start ’em young.

  15. It’s amazing what you can find on Gumtree. Like this cabinet listed by ”Tony’ yesterday.

    Date Listed: 20/08/2015 Last Edited: 20/08/2015 Condition: Used
    As you can see from the picture, our cabinet is functioning exceptionally well. Pretty much ‘as-new’ condition. No damage whatsoever and no cracks beginning to show. Every part working exactly as it should be. No surprises.

    Keeps everything neat and tidy (the last cabinet we had was chaos!).

    Very modern looking. Also very sturdy – good at stopping things.

    Does leak from time to time. Comes with flag.

    Open to offers.


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