“Steady, Eth ” . . .

(Image Credit: BBC: Take It From Here – The Glums)

So many Captain’s Nose Picks bleeding – haemorrhaging even – in such a short time:

The Elder Bishop and her sudden relegation to cattle class

Marriage Equality over abbott’s decaying corpse (okay, that may alter come Wednesday – but I suspect too little too late)

Dyson Heydon and cognitive ease (failing to be cognizant of bias when it’s in your comfort zone)

A brand-new Speaker who wasn’t Captain Nose-Pick’s choice – much to Captain Nose-Pick’s wattle-wobbling fury

That brave whistle-blower, Kathy Jackson, and the missing $million plus (“Whaddaya mean, that $1.4mill was supposed to go to the *sharply indrawn breath* plebs?”)

The ABC will be Killing Bill next Monday (Typical lefty ABC – too little too late)

Not to mention ongoing security warnings about DEF KULTS in front of a gazillion or three Union Jacks Australian flags (Who the hell do these uppity colonials think they are, pretending to have their own flag?)

Oh, and who let the cat out of the bag about that thoroughly dee bloke Heydon being on the selection panel to choose the only possible candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship? Heads will roll.

* * * * * * *

Oops, someone seems to have gatecrashed the séance through the Ouija board’s back gate. Sorry about that . . .

I keep telling myself to calm down; it’s too early to order nonstop popcorn; almost anything could happen – but we might, just possibly might be on the cusp of viewing the Great Unhingement.

Or not.


Sit back, folks (fasten your seatbelts – it could well be rough) and enjoy.

(Though I still and really want him to stay until we hear those words that will be ripped from his guts – when he finally gives his post-election concession speech . . .)

462 thoughts on ““Steady, Eth ” . . .

  1. Just had a look at the betting markets. Can’t recall the last time I checked on them, but ALP were at about $2.30 at the time. They’re into $2.15 now, with the Coalition at $1.73. So that market is still tightening.

    Abbott is at longer odds than Shorten to lead his party to the election – $1.40 as against $1.20.

    Most backed months for the election are August/September 2016. But everything from Feb to July is pretty well backed as well.

    The depth of talent is so shallow in the Libs that Robb is actually 6th favourite to lead them to the next election. And Brough is 7th. I already think Turnbull, Morrison, Bishop and Hockey are unsuitable for various reasons. There’s nothing beyond them though.

    DD hasn’t had much backing at all. It’s at $3.30.

  2. BK
    For the Grand Dragonette’s 1st birthday, I Amazoned her a green Kawasaki kickalong toddler’s motorcycle, When she is older I will get her one with an engine. (I regret I never learned to ride a motorbike when I was young.)

  3. Puffy,

    Whatever you do, don’t let her near a quad bike. Those devices are NOT a good idea for children of any age/size.

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