Fracturing Friday

What a week!

broomhilda GORN – despite abbott’s intransigence.

SSM emerging as an election issue because of abbott’s intransigence.

Dyson Heydon’s true colours becoming overt to all – and wait for a bit more pig-headedness on abbott’s part . . .

So help yourself to

and settle in for a fun evening at The Pub!

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  1. I care little about golf but reading this made me very happy for Jason Day and his family. A truly deserved win. Compare and contrast with our tennis spoilt brats.

    Jason Day’s journey from troubled child to PGA Championship winner

    ……….His father Alvin died of cancer when Day was 12.

    Before he passed away, his father gave him his first golf club – a rusty three-iron that he found in a junkyard.

    Shortly after his death, Day began drinking – he was a confessed “alcoholic” as a school boy – and getting into fist-fights regularly.

    It was his mother, Dening, who – worried her son would be lost to the streets – sold the family’s home when he was a teenager and borrowed money from relatives to send Day a few hours away to boarding school.

    It was there he was given a book from his roommate about Tiger Woods and – amazed by the feats of the American at such a young age – Day began practising 30 hours a week to become what he is today.

    So no doubt there was a special thought for the woman whom he owes so much, watching back in Queensland.

    Had he not become a professional golfer, Day figured he “would’ve been working at a meat processing plant, like he (Alvin) did”.

    The hug he shared with caddie Col Swatton will also be a moment both will remember for their rest of their lives.

    Swatton met Day at the boarding school and has been with him ever since – as his swing coach, caddie, mentor and father figure

  2. Sheehan is WAAAAAY out of date…It’s not Labor’s outrage, it’s now the property of social media..and maaaan …are we EVER pissed off!!!!!

  3. Been scanning old photos. This one of the old ‘ranch’ I should have scanned years ago so it’s not a sharp as it could be.

    Taken by a distant cousin in 1924. Her camera lens could only get half the house in.

  4. A whole three more days for the NE to be put through the wringer.

    Dyson Heydon has directed the ACTU to file written submissions to the commission if they want to disqualify him as commissioner by 2pm on Thursday. If they decide to “go down that path” then Heydon himself will consider the matter on Friday.

    Which leaves the matter running for the rest of the parliamentary sitting week.

  5. How come Heydon can lay down the rules on this. I would have thought he couldn’t rule on himself. Plus he gets to see what is going to be said the day before. It is all too wrong for my liking.

  6. gigi

    Wrought iron braces on the veranda posts, purple slate on the roof, mahogany paneling in the hallways and complete with a ballroom with a butlers pantry.

  7. Ducky,

    Which leaves the matter running for the rest of the parliamentary sitting week.

    If I didn’t know better (snigger) I would think that there is strategy afoot with the ACTU dragging this out till Friday.

    Picking 2.00pm on Thursday to present relevant documents and application happily coincides with Question Time, doesn’t! 😉

  8. I was up early walking the boys and decided for a bit of fun to stream Alan Jones and hear his reactions to the polls. It was well worth it . He is shocked dismayed unbelievable. The joint has gone crazy . the public are fools and have no memory at all. Shorten is a crook,Abbott has saved the country and if the ungrateful mob kick them out, well they will get what they deserve. On and on it went.It really started my day off with a smile and a laugh. That was fun I thought so I decided to listen to Hadley as well while I was attempting to construct my own bore drilling rig. Hehe, that was fun as well. The plebs are mad, the polls are rigged and the other media give Shorten and labor a free run. It was very entertaing. I will tune in again tomorrow I think to get the next meltdown instalments. Is a Newspoll due out tonight?

  9. You lot are so brave. Reading Paul Sheehan, listening to Hadley and Jones – I can’t bear any of that.

  10. I know Jason Day. He was a Junior at my golf club which has the distinction of producing four male golf professionals and two female professionals from its junior ranks.

    I used to watch him most afternoons out on the golf course getting instructions from his dad who pulled his beat up old buggy, bag & clubs.

    He’s a lovely young man who has never failed to visit the club & meet up with some of his junior mates for a round of golf and just catch up with his friends who were a great help in mentoring him and taking him to all the junior championships in the region.

    It has been a pleasure to follow this lovely, talented Australian through his career. Rockhampton is very proud to have played a defining role in his development. Good on you Jason.

    Jason Day, the beautiful Day. You too could be like him, Nick Krygios

  11. gigi

    Yes, it looks all authentic.

    Built in the 1890’s for a Victoria Supreme Court Judge.

    Inside heaps of gas lighting fittings, window seats with stained glass and a ‘stand up’ phone still being used in the sixty’s – a ‘party line’ (our ring ‘dit dit dah’).

    All the fireplaces double sided.

  12. scorpio6to2

    It is hilarious at the moment. Jones baffles me. He is a arch conservative but his views about Qld. politics are a complete reverse. He actively campaigned against Neuman and the LNP during the election and from the times I have heard him latley he seems quite happy with Anna P and the labor govt. up here.

  13. Abbott’s week from hell (this week, not last week, or the week before) is about to get a bit worse on Wednesday, one would hope

    Federico ‏@federicoguti10 7m7 minutes ago
    lucillekeen: Judgement in HSU V Kathy Jackson $1.4 mill civil case in fed court to be handed down on Wednesday #turc #unions #auspol #court…

  14. Roy

    Judgement in HSU V Kathy Jackson $1.4 mill civil case in fed court to be handed down on Wednesday

    Nice timing.

  15. I am rolling the very norty joy of Abbott’s trevails. Damn, I never guessed I hated the b’tard THAT much!

  16. i am sorry to say it, nah, I am not. If he fell into a nest of fire ants I would laugh till my knickers twisted. Nah, I would still be laughing.

  17. I will not be satisfied until that parliamentary career of his is ashes in his mouth, a violent itch in his nethers, a boil on his arsje andbitter tears in his eyes.

  18. uh oh.

    Abbott has tapped in to my gaelic/celtic heritage and forgiveness wasn’t a strong point there, I gather. If he came crawling along the street on his knees, a broken and hapless has-been, begging for a crumb of compassion, all I would do it kick him in the balls,

  19. CTar1

    A fine looking “ranch house”..Re the photo. After seeing at Kodak what the photo restorer/Photoshop guy could do with old photos it may be worth taking the photo to a good one.

    Re “a ‘stand up’ phone still being used in the sixty’s – a ‘party line’ (our ring ‘dit dit dah’).” . As it was with us. All calls connected by calling the operator . Toll calls ? Call the operator and book one ! They would get back to you when they had made the connection for you. Our number was 311 . Quite a few on the party line so it was 3 short two long rings. Which I suppose is dit dit dit dah dah.

  20. Joe6pack,
    You are a braver person than I. Listening to Alan Jones is more than my brain can stand.

  21. did I tell you Pubsters that Grand Dragonette has turned one a few weeks ago, and is WALKING. (flying comes later).

    Where did that year go?

  22. kk

    Later in NSW we had a manual exchange so you just wound the phone and asked for who you wanted.

    I didn’t know we had a phone number (xxxx 117) until I went to boarding school.

  23. gigi/kk

    I could try having the photo fixed but fear that it being pasted to a backing might have done real damage.

  24. Are we in for a monumental back-flip?

    Coalition to decide on same-sex marriage vote within fortnight, says Tony Abbott

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said the government will confirm its policy on a same-sex marriage vote in the next fortnight, in a dramatic reduction of the time frame for the Coalition’s national vote debate

    Cabinet is meeting right now, the Selection Committee meets tomorrow . Will there be a big announcement on Wednesday?

  25. Have been polled twice in the last week Reachtel and then Galaxy I live in the electorate of Canning. First time in years.

  26. CTar1

    “I could try having the photo fixed but fear that it being pasted to a backing might have done real damage.”
    A friend had a wonderful pencil drawing of her sons when they were very young by an artist rellie of hers. Truly brilliantly done .He specialised in birds and rarely did people which judging by this drawing is a shame .

    Unfortunately they had glued it to a stiff cardboard backing and it was starting to deteriorate badly and discoloured. As an xmas present I took it to a restorer. Could not believe A) She removed it without damage from the backing. b) How brilliant the picture looked after cleaning and re framing. As good as new C) That all the work she did cost about $200 (6 years ago).

    Perhaps that could be an avenue to explore ?

  27. Janice
    Abbott might be spooked enough to take action. Bad polls can change minds.

    I can’t believe he would allow a conscience vote. If he did it would come with threats. He might be spooked enough to allow debate though.

    Some journalist (I lost track of who said what today) said the poor attendance for Entsch’s presentation today showed there were not the numbers for a successful vote. I disagree. Everyone know there would be no debate today, it would have hardly been worthwhile to waste time turning up. That does not mean no-one was watching on their office screens though, and it does not mean a lack of support.

  28. Blimey! Just now watching the ABC News and almost fainted when watching their report on the latest developments in the Royal Commission saga and was shocked to find that the normal whitewash has been replaced by a fairly clinical & accurate review and finishing off with a reference to Haydon’s role in Abbott’s Rhodes Scholarship.

    Abbott & the Libs will be breaking out in hives if this leads to an emboldened ABC actually reporting issues accurately & impartially.

    If that happens, then look forward to 60/40 polling figures from here on! Oh! And an increase in shell-shocked Libs spending time on Psysologists couches!

  29. “Psysologists”

    Blimey, how could my spell-check let that one through.

    I assume everyone knows what I meant. 😉

  30. kk

    I got fourteen of Cousin Vera’s photos – nice river vista’s – so I might give it a try.

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