Fracturing Friday

What a week!

broomhilda GORN – despite abbott’s intransigence.

SSM emerging as an election issue because of abbott’s intransigence.

Dyson Heydon’s true colours becoming overt to all – and wait for a bit more pig-headedness on abbott’s part . . .

So help yourself to

and settle in for a fun evening at The Pub!

425 thoughts on “Fracturing Friday

  1. CTar1

    It would be good if you can preserve a bit of family history like that. With luck you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was at the price and great results .

    Speaking of Cumberbatch at the Barbican.Saw an ad for a dinner and show and the show tickets were £250 each. Is that cheap , expensive or normal for theatre in The City ?

  2. kk

    Is that cheap , expensive or normal for theatre in The City ?

    Medium. Barbican residents complaining loudly about not getting their discount which usually populates the theatre.

  3. ctar1

    re – photo

    My sister had her old faded photos restored at Fastframe (Melb), paid $50 for the first one and then $10 per photo. She is very happy with them. Gave me one: it’s very nice.

  4. Had to larf. Kroger on Sky reckoned the Haydon kerfuffle is a “Labor smokescreen”. Also gave an extraordinary reason for it being OK for him to remain. Because he does not prosecute anyone , merely gives a report to the DPP to decide what to do.

  5. These MSM. jerkoffs don’t seem to realise the Heydon affair has gone WAY beyond party politics, it’s reached the cosmic depths of social media investigation resources…Heydon is dead meat now!

  6. Social media and the cartoonists are ripping the shit out of Abbott and the LNP. …but notice the Murdoshians are keeping shtoom….they must be under dire instructions hoping it will all go away…just like they did Bronny!…Ha, ha, ha!
    They don’t know social media do they??
    The fun has just begun!

  7. Ducky,

    Maybe someone should do a quasi-Ruddigore and whisper “Beaconsfield” in the ABC’s shell-like.

  8. This little black duck

    Four Corners will be doing a Kill Bill next week

    Such an episode would have been planned , produced and scheduled when he was originally expected to appear before the Witch Finder General in late August,

    How nice of their ABC to be so helpful for the LNP by firebombing Bill just before his expected appearance. How sad for the bastards that he appeared early.

  9. What’s the problem? The Oaf can’t read anyway

    Federal cabinet met on Monday night without a single formal cabinet submission to consider.

    Amid concerns about the bypassing or breakdown of normal cabinet processes and growing mistrust within the Abbott government, the formal business before cabinet on Monday night comprised a minute relating to infrastructure, a letter on a social services issue, a general political discussion and reports from the chairs of backbench committees.

    Formal cabinet submissions provide departments and ministers with a crucial opportunity to consider and prepare for a cabinet debate on a subject. But under the Abbott government they are sometimes missing, or missing key details. And some within the government are concerned that its policy agenda is looking “thin”.

  10. “And some within the government are concerned that its policy agenda is looking “thin”.”

    What policy agenda? All they ever had was ‘Stop the Boats, Axe the Tax’.

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