Floral Family and Friends Friday

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I had originally considered a different theme for this evening’s Friday thread, but in view of BK’s mum’s woes and Puffy’s brilliant idea about flowers from The Pub, I thought it would make a kinder, gentler thread to give accolades to family and friends.

Doubly so, because today me mum moved into her new residence, and on her bedside table there was a sign saying “Welcome” and a lovely bouquet (they have flowers all round the place, from large, formal displays to delicate orchids).

(Image Credit: Potted White Orchids)

So, go for it, Pubsters – and remember, the bar and kitchen are open, the juke box is ready to be revved up, so chillax and enjoy the evening.

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  1. Fiona

    We’ve just got back from the return trip to Ensay on the awful winding road. Junior footballers were successful, so we only have to do one more trip up there for the final in two weeks.

  2. http://indaily.com.au/opinion/2015/08/07/abraham-a-liberal-dose-of-cold-reality/ how the SA Liberals received the frigates announcement






  3. ” WHEN federal parliament rose six weeks ago for its winter break, Coalition morale was on the rise. The Budget seemed to have gone down well, doubts about Tony Abbott’s leadership had started to…”

    Laurie Oakes has to be another F-wit if he believes that crap!

  4. jaycee

    Laurie Oakes has to be another F-wit if he believes that crap!

    Out of touch and deluded.

  5. Laurie Oakes is just as bad as all the other MSM shills. They just have to present a false image of Abbott’s ability and standing.

    Peter Hartcher, who did so much to get rid of Julia Gillard, was pushing the government line today, saying this –

    To be fair, the jobs data weren’t all bad. Thirty-eight thousand new jobs were created in the month. But, because this number was swamped by a gush of people searching for work, the unemployment rate went up

    Not all bad? The number of unemployed is now 800,700. Before Abbott became PM it was 686,500. In more human terms that means unemployment is up by 175 people a day since the last election.

    Even worse, female unemployment is now 6.6%. Before the 2013 election it was 5.6%. I suppose Abbott – and Hartcher – will tell us that isn’t so bad because more women are staying at home to do the ironing.

    Waleed Aly, so dearly loved by so many here, is another one. On Thursday he was pushing the ‘both leaders are as bad as one another’ line as hard as he could and using his piece allegedly about Abbott’s woes to put the boot into Labor.
    Abbott might just be the Liberal Party’s first Labor prime minister: gasping for authority, unable to rely on his instincts, consumed by a narrow brand of leadership for the benefit of his family’s most idiosyncratic branches

    Read anything by this lot and you will find their work always includes a sly dig at Labor and/or Bill Shorten somewhere, designed to push the constant message ‘Things might be tough for Tony but give him a chance, his government is nowhere near as bad as a Labor government would be’.

    I’m sick of this rubbish, sick of them and their lies and manipulations. A pox on the whole mendacious, corrupt lot of them.

  6. Waleed Aly, so dearly loved by so many here

    Never has been by me. When Julia Gillard was leader, he probably not once said that ” ‘both leaders are as bad as one another’”; and he never praised Labor’s policies then.

  7. Fiona – All this talk about serendipity, speaking French and trying to unravel my thoughts about Peter Singer’s views on race!!! My head’s in such a mess I’ve gone wading back through the past in old notes and found what could become a pome – it’s not much about what the post’s title suggests though which is reflected in this link. https://polliepomes.wordpress.com/2015/08/08/adam-delivers-the-goodes-for-sophie-and-many-other-fans/

    Western Australian Rules

    Joseph had learned in primary school
    The penalty for breaking rules.
    Now he looked anxiously from me
    To my cane wielding Deputy
    Who raged, “We can’t let this one pass!
    “He knows the rule! Hats off in class!”
    I knew the boy was not to blame.
    His dad had tried to hide the shame
    Of Joseph’s lice infested head
    And shorn it close till it near bled.
    Mum knew it could cause a scrap,
    And so she’d given him the cap,
    Telling always him to wear it.
    Just a while, to grin and bear it.

  8. In response to a query from me, Adam said it was an ReachTEL poll, not an earlier than usual Ipsos.



  9. If the Reachtel poll is as bad as it sounds for Abbott then what will Newspoll do? Hold off for another week in the hope things get better for The Idiot? Run with the results that should have been published a week ago? Or just curl up in the fetal position and hope it all goes away?

  10. Waleed Aly was quite happy to not say a word in support of PMJG when the worst onslaught in my lifetime was heaped on her, so he can shove his opinions where the sun don’t shine.

    Peter Singer can get knotted too. Anyone who can say that disabled babies should be euthanised and having sexual relations with animals is ok (who cares about trauma to the animals!) can choke on his opinions for all I care, He is a smug sanctimonious twat.

  11. having sexual relations with animals is ok

    I seem to remember him saying that on Q&A. I thought it was outrageous. Why use animals when these selfish people could get all sorts of accessories to fulfill their needs. It’s unnatural, it’s animal abuse and cruelty. It’s despicable.

  12. I’ll add that I think Waleed Aly’s overrated too. While he does criticize the Coalition, he always resorts to lazy cliches to criticize Labor as well. Themes like “Labor stands for nothing” and “Labor was a chaotic horrible government” often show up in the things he writes.

  13. Political Animals are fair game, not real animals.

    My pet hate: dickheads and arsewipes who acquire a couple of dogs then leave them in the backyard 24/7/365. Dogs MUST be walked regularly!

  14. Have been having a bit of fun here over the last week or so:


    But the nonsense prattled so gravely over there (global cooling is going to hit us soon as the sun is going a bit quiet, yet this accounts for like 1% of climate variation.

  15. Re: Panda Ants, apparently they are neither cute, nor ants:

    The Mutillidae are a family of more than 3,000 species of wasps (despite the names) whose wingless females resemble large, hairy ants. Their common name velvet ant refers to their dense pile of hair which most often is bright scarlet or orange, but may also be black, white, silver, or gold. Black and white specimens are sometimes known as panda ants due to their hair coloration resembling that of the giant panda. Their bright colors serve as aposematic [warning] signals. They are known for their extremely painful stings, hence the common name cow killer or cow ant.


  16. It pays to read the fine print; apparently the pork belly I bought recently is “moisture infused”; fortunately, the skin seems fine so should make good crackling.

    I may have mentioned it previously, but I’ve discovered that the secret to foolproof crackling is to cover it with a salt crust (2-3mm thick.) Cook the meat until it’s done (low and slow is best), then remove the salt crust and bake at 200-240C until the crackling is done. The salt crust protects the crackling and helps remove any excess moisture – no need for extra scoring, salting, drying overnight in the fridge etc. Dead easy!

  17. Something to keep in mind –

    All these journalists being critical of Abbott have one agenda – to keep this government in power. If that means removing Abbott then that’s what they will push for, but they do not, ever, want to see this government voted out.

    That’s why just about every piece critical of Abbott also contains the obligatory digs at Labor and Shorten and the obligatory ‘both leaders are the same’ rubbish. The repetition of the ‘Shorten is a weak leader’ thing is part of the agenda. Just how they will manage to keep that up if the polls show Shorten with a strong lead as preferred PM will be entertaining.

    Labor has been ahead in the polls all year, no matter how much these shills try to turn things around for the government. The other day Mark Textor tried to explain the government’s abysmal polling as the result of people ‘gaming’ the polls. It’s all our fault, apparently, we are not being honest when we are polled. He can’t see the simple truth behind the polling – Abbott is despised.

  18. leone2
    Yes. I can say Abbott’s name anywhere and I get the rolls eyes upwards look.

  19. I don’t understand why getting pork crackling to work is supposed to be such an arcane process. All I do – all I’ve ever done – is rub some salt into the scored skin (the butcher will do the scoring for you), stick the meat into a hot oven for about 20 minutes and then turn down the heat and cook for as long as the meat needs. Perfect crackling every time, always.

    I have to say though, I can’t be bothered with roasting pork belly. It’s too greasy for my liking. The best way to cook that stuff is to buy it cut into rashers and marinate them in something spicy.

    What’s wrong with a nice rolled loin of pork, or a leg? Why is it pork belly is always on the menu but the better cuts have vanished?

  20. leonetwo

    “Why is it pork belly is always on the menu but the better cuts have vanished? ”
    A couple of years back I heard a chef on tv let the cat out of the bag. ‘Old fashioned’ cheap cuts and bits of the animal were trendy at the time (still ?). He mentioned that the profit margins on them were far greater for the restaurant.

  21. kk
    Exactly.Look at what is now ‘trendy’ – stuff you once would have thrown into the stock pot or fed to the dogs, the cheap cuts like pork belly, lamb shanks and (shudder) beef cheeks.

  22. I like pork belly because it’s a smaller cut but still has lots of crackling. 😉
    I’m not sure about tonight’s one, though… The crackling looked okay after the usual cooking time, but failed the tap test – it doesn’t seem to have crisped up properly. I’m trying to salvage it, but I think the “moisture infusion” is to blame.

    I’ve used the salt crust technique on a rack of pork (loin?), but it’s a bit fiddlier to get the salt to stick to the skin.

  23. I’m trying to salvage it

    It’s looking and sounding better after extra cooking time; a little bit more should do it. Phew!

  24. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    With several polls to come this week it’s not a good start for Abbott. All the links to the new poll stories are embedded in this article so I’ll save a bit of time.
    This academic says Bishop’s “resignation” won’t end the impact on the Coalition.
    Paul Malone uses a “Yes Prime Minister” script to warn us of the perils of the TPP.
    Donald Trump does it again. What can one say?
    Some accounting problem here with ADF ordnance. This is now an “on ground” matter on which no comments will be made.
    Eric Abetz has such an empathetic person isn’t he.
    Alan Austin fingers falsehoods from right wing radio commentators and journos for being at the heart of racial hatred. A good read.
    Woolies is making no friends in the Broadmeadows area.
    Annabel Crabbe writes of life without Bronny.
    Pater FitzSimons’ weekly pot pouri.

  25. Section 2 . . .

    Peter Martin has a look at our copyright laws.
    Is the TAFE system being managed into a cost accounting death spiral?
    Mark Knight on Trump’s appearance at the Republican hopefuls’ debate.

    David Rowe takes the Liberals to the sea as Abbott’s 6 month probation bell tolls.

    Rowe shows us Abbott’s idea of red tape when it comes to coal mines.

    And in case we forget about Bronny . . .

    I don’t know what Fairfax has done with its cartoon section – in most cases they are all folded up with no way to open them.

  26. Everybody in Australia knows who she is.

    I don’t think many people knew Bronnie before she turned Speaker. Now, of course, because of her notoriety, everyone does know her.

    I hope the camera will be focused on her, sitting on the backbench.

  27. Gigilene,

    Pretty frost pic! Twas 2 degrees here last night. No frost but the fog, which has just begun to lift was cold and thick. I ventured out for my usual morning walk and that wimpy dog slunk off home because there were roos in the paddock which scared him because he could only see shadows that moved as we approached.

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