Floral Family and Friends Friday

(Image Credit: BK)

I had originally considered a different theme for this evening’s Friday thread, but in view of BK’s mum’s woes and Puffy’s brilliant idea about flowers from The Pub, I thought it would make a kinder, gentler thread to give accolades to family and friends.

Doubly so, because today me mum moved into her new residence, and on her bedside table there was a sign saying “Welcome” and a lovely bouquet (they have flowers all round the place, from large, formal displays to delicate orchids).

(Image Credit: Potted White Orchids)

So, go for it, Pubsters – and remember, the bar and kitchen are open, the juke box is ready to be revved up, so chillax and enjoy the evening.

(Image Credit: Unona)


185 thoughts on “Floral Family and Friends Friday

  1. *ahem*

    Sorry everyone.

    Having done the NEW THREAD thinggy I then deactivated comments on the new rather than the old friend, and trotted off for a quick dinner.

    Now fixed.

    Silly moi.

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