I really am a slacker . My apologies to all. Next week will be a bumper raffle night with maybe a quick trivia game as well . 

The Alp Conference is on this weekend so that should give us  plenty to discuss and  the MSM plenty to lie about.


———————————————————————————————————————As we 3 are all pretty busy atm. and I  will not be here much soon as going o/s, for the time being this thread will appear every Friday  Raffles will be held once a month with upgraded prizes.Things will kick of again more regularly later in the year hopefully.

It,s Friday . The weekend is here. Chat about what you like,post whatever pics you want,play whatever music you want. Not much different to a normal day really.



  1. It looks like “Crazy Ivan” is built into their planes. A Libyan pilot flying a wee bit slow . Plus a spectator now in dire need of new grundies.

  2. Kaffeeklatscher,

    I’ve flown since I was a babe in arms. and used to love the experience.

    Unfortunately, in 1986, I experienced a near miss that has made me a reluctant flyer ever since.

    OH and I had been visiting my parents on Christmas Island (my second visit; his first).

    Back then (and I doubt that it has changed) the Christmas Island “airport” comprised one airstrip, with cliffs and the sea at one end, a mined-out area full of stone needles at the other, and a hump in the middle. 727s could land, and take off, but it was always an interesting experience.

    The day we were leaving, the weekly flight was full of people who were leaving the island for good – it was when the phosphate mine was being decommissioned.

    After takeoff, the pilot decided to do a circuit of the island so former residents could have one last look. This, of course, entailed a bank.

    Unfortunately, the bank was too steep, and turned into a slip.

    OH estimates (I do trust him on this) that we were only 100 feet above sea level when the pilot managed to level the aircraft: thereafter he put the pedal to the floor and we climbed very rapidly up to cruising altitude.

  3. I can’t believe ANYONE would buy Turnbull’s bullshit on the NBN. It’s a TOTAL shambles!..a total shambles.

  4. Finally made it home armed with a set of instructions as long as anyone could remember. At least it is all in printed form so I don’t have rely on my failing memory!

    The animiles were very pleased to have me home. Paddy was being spoiled rotten by Ashleigh (grand-daughter) at the time and he was making a big show of being top dog until I stepped out of the car. He literally stopped dead in his tracks, mid bark and wasn’t sure whether seeing was believing or not. As soon as I spoke to him he dissolved in a big white furry heap! The cats surfaced one by one as soon as the grandkids left in the car and it was business as usual in demanding their favourite dinners. Pickles arrived in a few minutes ago with a mouse as a welcome home pressie … is so nice to be loved!!!!

    The good news in all of this drama is that apparently there is minuscule damage to the heart muscle due to the expertise of the paramedics and the fact that I didn’t delay too long in calling 000…unlike the lady who was admitted a bit later than I was. She didn’t want to wake her OH and put up with the pain until morning when her OH called the ambulance. She has survived so far but has to undergo a triple by-pass operation and her recovery will be a damned sight longer than mine.

  5. Dear Pubsters,

    I’ve just been speaking with Janice, and she is sounding in good spirits.

    She especially appreciated Pickle’s mouse.

  6. Janice
    Lucky you! A lovely fresh mouse. What caring kitties you have there. I bet you are glad to be home, mice or no mice.

  7. Today’s Essential Report showed a slight movement, 52/48 to the ALP, with Labor down 1% on the last poll. That’s because the Greens vote dropped by 1. Labor’s primary vote had not changed.

    The really interesting part of this poll was the responses to other questions. There is increasing lack of confidence in the way the government is handling the big issues. See for yourself.

  8. The usual suspects

    Martin’s comments were criticised by Coalition senators James McGrath and Ian Macdonald, both critics of the ABC.

    Senator McGrath said: “I think he should step aside. His comments make him appear to be an apologist for Q&A rather than someone who will conduct an independent review.”

    Senator Macdonald said: “Ray Martin has respect in the community but these comments make you question whether he is the right person to conduct an independent review.

    “I think he’s probably disqualified himself from that role.”

    I’m sure Macdonald won’t be bothered reading the report. Seems to have an aversion to reading.

  9. Pat Campbell puts the spotlight on the problem. Pity that the soi-disant journalists refuse to

  10. Well, it is Their ABC

    “Rudd and Gillard in Breakfast Club starring role

    The ABC have devised a comical skit with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard starring in a spoof of 80s movie The Breakfast Club.’

  11. tlbd

    What is their problem? That is now 3 things they’ve done to humiliate Julia. Glad I stay away from any of their political stuff now.

  12. The ABC have devised a comical skit with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard starring in a spoof of 80s movie The Breakfast Club.

    For balance, they need to do a skit with Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce starring in a spoof of the 90s movie Dumb and Dumber. (Not holding my breath.)

  13. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    How precious can they get?
    Michael Pascoe’s view of Greece’s future is not at all rosy.
    Abbott’s Q and A history.
    The BBC has its way with Jeremy Clarkson.
    “Bring it on!”, says Bill Shorten on the eve of his TURC appearance.
    The Senate inquiry into wind farms has attracted all sorts of ratbags.
    Ross Gittins looks at the price we are paying for material success.
    Will China’s new rules create a subprime economy?
    And will it lead to disruption in our property market?
    A brilliant story from a head of critcal care services in a Victorian hospital about the death of his father. We have a long way to go when it comes to handling our last days of life.

  14. Section 2 . . .

    Tom Switzer says Obama has found his mojo and will be remembered for turning the US political centre back towards the left. But guns remain.
    Malcolm Turnbull warns us (does he mean Abbott?) about amplifying the threat of IS.
    “View from the Street” looks at boats and citizenship.
    Some warning signs for rail transport in Sydney.
    Yeah, pull the other one Tony!
    Katherine Murphy suggests Abbott’s economic credentials are a bit lacking.
    Our reputation for child protection has crumbled with the Border Force act.
    Progress on climate change action is hostage to xenophobia says this former Greens candidate.
    Ben Eltham tells us of the nasties in the TPP.
    The fourth estate – the third political force.,7911

  15. Section 3 . . .

    A tale of two Tonys – Whose side are you on?,7909
    The 29 worst things the Liberals did yesterday.
    In this op-ed piece William Hague says “I told you so” about the Euro.
    Ron Tandberg has Barnaby receiving a captain’s call.

    Alan Moir and an internationally confused PM.

    Andrew Dyson. Is this PM Abbott? If so, it’s eerie.

    Pat Campbell and a reinvented Q and A.

    Mark Knight takes us to Wimbledon again.

    Brilliant stuff from David Rowe as he takes us to the publicly funded Q and A.

  16. I hear on ABC. RN. breakfast and the news , a bit of prempt-promoing for the LNP. prosecutors against Shorten before he even appears…”Quest’ to answer for dodgy deals etc”.

    Whose side are they on?….five guesses!

  17. Jaeger:

    For balance, they need to do a skit with Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce starring in a spoof of the 90s movie Dumb and Dumber. (Not holding my breath.)

    The difficulty there is that the LNP have copyright on all their comedy routines. And to be fair to them, they do a much better job of satirising themselves than any fictional representation could. You have to really stretch the point to make an ALP figure look ridiculous. All you have to do with the LNP is put one of them on the TV.

  18. This government has killed satire. Clever people keep coming up with excellent satirical pieces and our government is now so bizarre that we all think they are true. Like the Frances Abbott/Archibald prize thing. We have to say ‘satire alert’ at the beginning of posts now, otherwise things will be taken seriously. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  19. Turnbull is far worse than Costello, imo. He likes to present himself as a milder Liberal on occasion while at the same time making sure he doesn’t overtly criticise Abbott.( Costello was more honest that way, I seem to remember.) For instance, “he warns against overstating threat of IS” but otoh he says the PM “has been measured in his comments”. Which is total rubbish. Turnbull is dishonest, weak, all talk no action.

  20. Repost from Bob Ellis’ site..

    The relationship between Tony Abbott and the MSM. Press-Gallery is a sad one..a tragic one too, I believe. For like the story of the generic; “Noela the barmaid” who, after seeing her match banter for banter, wit for wit and slander for slander the best of the front-bar “cowboys”, you are shocked to hear she is in a relationship with the most abusive, misogynist of them all!…and you wonder why such a seasoned and experienced ‘hand” would fall for such a deviant…truth is, he had found her emotional “G spot”.

    Same thing for the Press Gallery..who seem to have embraced Tony Abbott to their breasts like a lost brother in journalism…In truth, Tony has a relationship with them more like the 1950’s pub purveyor of illicit pornography ..always having that little packet of dirty pictures in his inside suit coat pocket, which he distributes to favoured customers for their private perusal..he calls them “scoops”.

    They take these dirty little pictures and with lowered, darting eyes, repair to a convenient booth under the smoky glow of a dim wall-lamp to lick their lips in anticipation and seek with tremulous hands that most elusive yet common of desires. There, in the uncritical silence of their own minds, like the esteemed teacher; Immanuel Rath, in “The Blue Angel”, they blow at the silky frill of the dancer’s skirt on a dirty picture, their steamy breath condensing and blurring the true image of reality hidden under the enticing frill ..and just like the respected academic in the movie, they too are now reduced to become a clown extra in the Tony and Peta Show…their gambols and tumbles accompanied by drum-rolls and a clash of cymbals…

    There is no way back for them..we know their names..they must ride the rail to the end of the line…

  21. Gigilene,

    Spot on re Turdbull…he’s nothing but a snivelling, slimy crook and, I reckon, lacks the balls to stand up to abbott for fear of getting a bloody nose.

  22. gigilene
    I agree. i’m sick to death of Turnbull, his ‘I’m so much better than this government because….’ outbursts, his attention seeking, the whole circus. Look at the Q&A performance – hanging off making his announcemen’ while he lapped up all the MSM ‘will he or won’t he’ comment.

    I just don’t understand why so many people think highly of this man. I don’t understand why he is still in politics. He doesn’t need the money, he is achieving absolutely nothing (never has), he’s just a joke.

    And lets not forget that Turnbull, multi-millionaire, is charging taxpayers accommodation expenses when he is in Canberra while living in an apartment he owns. He also charges us the allowed $10 a night whenever his wife stays there with him, plus her airfares.

    Click to access P35_TURNBULL_Malcolm.pdf

  23. Also, Turnbull deprives the nation of its IT advancement while looking o/s to catch the best deal for himself. Words cannot describe enough his abject behaviour.

    People who persist in liking him have no ability reading through him. After all those years, he’s still fooling them.

  24. Good grief, this TURC affair is an exercise in splitting hairs to get the result abbott is looking for. And, Shorten has pulled up Stoljar by the balls to stop him getting away with his snide insinuations. Go Bill, slap the bastard down and put your foot on his throat.

  25. Non-political trivia – Johnny Depp does something nice for sick kids. It’s not the first time either, he has done this before in schools and hospitals.

    Johnny Depp: Pirates of the Caribbean’s Captain Jack Sparrow visits sick kids in Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

  26. And we know how that ends up.

    I don’t know.

    I just have a feeling that this will last forever. And, whether they find something on Bill or not, it’s just not a constructive way to fill his time.

  27. gigilene,

    “The oozlum bird, which is very rare (somewhere in between imaginary and extinct),” he often said, “lives all over the world. It is distinguished by brilliant plumage and an ability to speak in tongues. A large and melancholy creature, it flies around and around in ever decreasing circles, very slowly and very sadly. Eventually, it disappears up its own fundamental orifice.”

  28. It is all about interpretation of words on invoices. Stoljar is quite happy to admit that the company donated the ‘resource’ to Shorten’s campaign but then nitpicks about the interpretation of the words on the invoice sent to the company by the union…..”do you agree with me that this looks dodgy” is the question Stoljar requests Shorten to answer yes or no.

  29. “I’m sure the msm will count the number of glasses of water Bill drinks.”

    The Oz tweeted this, then deleted the tweet.

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