I really am a slacker . My apologies to all. Next week will be a bumper raffle night with maybe a quick trivia game as well . 

The Alp Conference is on this weekend so that should give us  plenty to discuss and  the MSM plenty to lie about.


———————————————————————————————————————As we 3 are all pretty busy atm. and I  will not be here much soon as going o/s, for the time being this thread will appear every Friday  Raffles will be held once a month with upgraded prizes.Things will kick of again more regularly later in the year hopefully.

It,s Friday . The weekend is here. Chat about what you like,post whatever pics you want,play whatever music you want. Not much different to a normal day really.



  1. That’s the same thing we were told for around here, Gippy…I would guess THAT is the same excuse told to everyone everywhere in Aussie!
    It saves having the MSM. get onto your case if you keep saying ; “It’s just down the road!’ll be here any day soon !”…like that old Chinese gentleman ; “Ah Soon”.

  2. I expect that “syphon-pipe” ; Turnbull is hoping as many as possible will sign up in desperation to some dodgy saterlite or wireless sub-excellent rort out of desperation and then he can forget that place and go back to his game of “toss the Tony”.

  3. Talk about ; “tosser”, what’s happened to Mesma these days…I did hear a rumour that she was taken captive by King Harrod of Arminiland and a ransom was demanded from the LNP. of ; One..just ONE ounce of honesty” for her…but it seeems THAT was a price out of reach of the organisation and their network of sponsors !

  4. This from a RWNJ. blogger..:

    “incoherent rambler

    #1731201, posted on July 7, 2015 at 9:17 am

    Scientists warn climate sceptic MPs against inquiry into evidence of human influence

    Would that “warning” come from “da union heavies” that control a few super investments?

    I godda gravy train ‘ere. Don’t stuff it up.”

    Just how far down the tunnel of lunacy can these people go?

  5. Abbott won’t like this – Ray Martin is talking a lot of sense ahead of his audit of Q&A, like this –

    Ray Martin, says he cannot believe Prime Minister Tony Abbott has ordered his frontbenchers not to appear on the ABC program until his inquiry is complete.

    As well as decrying the government’s Q&A boycott as “silly”, Martin said he believes Q&A host Tony Jones was as tough on the previous Labor government as the Coalition


    Martin was asked about the boycott while co-hosting Channel Seven’s Sunrise program on Tuesday.

    “I can’t believe it,” Martin said.

    “It’s so silly to do it. I would have thought Barnaby Joyce should have said, ‘I’m not a member of the Liberal Party, I’m a member of the National Party, I can do what I like’ and go and do it”

    And on Turnbull –
    Martin said he expects Mr Turnbull will withdraw from the program next week to keep alive his prospects of again becoming Liberal leader.

    “I suspect he would still like the top job, I suspect he won’t come,” Martin said

    All perfectly sane and sensible, but the usual MSM pack have, as usual. completely missed it all.

  6. Ha!

    New South Wales continued to be isolated within the party during the seemingly united Menzies years. With the elevation of another Victorian, heir apparent Harold Holt, to the deputy leadership in 1956, the NSW “cave” was effectively marginalised. Evidence of an ongoing anti-NSW sentiment in the wider party can be found in a remark by longtime Menzies minister Sir Alexander Downer (father of the Howard-era minister, also Alexander), who went to London as high commissioner in 1964 but kept a close watch on developments in Australia. When John Gorton’s prime ministership was faltering, a young Liberal MP, Neil Brown, found himself in London being interrogated by Downer. “You must promise me one thing, Mr Brown. Never let the prime ministership fall into vulgar, Sydney commercial hands.”

    The whole article is an excellent analysis, and by someone who knows the subject very well:

  7. Leone!..for someone whose irrascible temper on some subjects gives one thoughts of Marjorie Main, how come you know so much about IT. stuff??

  8. jaycee
    I don’t know that much about IT stuff. I do have a son who works in IT but he makes me figure stuff out for myself, unless I bribe him with jam donuts or lamb roasts. So anyway –

    This is what I did –
    I clicked on your link, red the article and watched the video on that page. I came back here and saw all your reposts and thought you might have been trying to post just the video.
    I noticed it was a YouTube thing, so I went to YouTube, checked my history and there it was at the top of the list.
    I copied the link and posted it here.
    That’s all – you don’t have to be an IT genius to do that.
    Someone more IT nerdy than I am will probably have an easier way to do it.

    Yours faithfully

  9. ” I noticed it was a YouTube thing, so I went to YouTube, checked my history and there it was at the top of the list.”…THERE!..that’s it…what do you mean ; “checked my history” ?…what’s your history got to do with you tube?

  10. Oh, I watched it and it was recorded on your history on your computer…I get it now…say! why couldn’t I do that?

  11. OK, I’ll bite, although I suspect…..
    I KNOW you use YouTube – all that cool music you keep posting – so don’t tell me you don’t know how to access your YouTube history.

    You know what? That Shorten video will be in your YouTube history too…..

  12. leone, thanks for posting the link to the ALP Draft National Platform.

    I (obviously) haven’t yet had time to read it, but I note that the first quote in it belongs to PMEJG – so it’s off to a good start already, as far as I’m concerned!

  13. The NE visited a Woolworths today, where he mumbled a lot of garbage about grocery codes of conduct saving the Greek economy – or something.

    Ms Murphy didn’t notice his namebadge, it said ‘Prime Minister’. Was that so he could remember who he was, or was it, as some unkind tweeter suggested, so we could distinguish him from the other vegetables.

  14. MY…you tube history??…I just thought it would be on the computer’s history..don’t tell me I have a personal you tube history !…where do I find THAT with Mozilla?

  15. jaycee
    Go to the YouTube home page. On the left hand side, up the top, is a list
    What to Watch
    My Channel

  16. “They should be setting a better example for the younger generation of this great country of ours,” she said.

    “If they don’t like it, go back to where their parents came from. We don’t need them here in this country to act like that.”

    For a person of her stature, she ought to know better and choose her words a bit more carefully after all she was once the enfant terrible of swimming.

    L Hewitt was a bit of a brat too, but no-one told his parents to go back to where their ancestors came from.

    Apologising was the right thing to do.

  17. Anyone who has been following Australia since 1964 would know that Dawn Fraser is an uneducated, racist boofhead who the papers cream their collective jeans over. Always asking her for an opinion on things she knows nothing about and always there to give an ignorant, knowledgeless answer. I am old enough to remember that she railed against NRMA demutualisation and I am young enough to remember her recent resignation as NRMA board member. No doubt voted in year in, year out by the same boxheads who thought her outburst today is “what most Strayens think”.

    Anyone who knows anything about swimming and it’s history (and I do) will know that despite her undoubted talent, she happened to hit the sweet spot in history where she competed against very few Europeans because they had bigger issues rebuilding their continent and she certainly didn’t have to face up to the drugged up Eastern Europeans that came along after she was FORCED to retire. For an act of insensitive, racist boofheadery

    Dawn Fraser. John Singleton. Pauline Hanson. Alan Jones. John Howard. Tony Fucking Abbott. Shitstains of Australia. You’re standing in it.

  18. Wasn’t Dawn Fraser caught using a Disabled Parking sticker, she thought it was a job perk for being a Balmain? Councillor

  19. Ms Jackson refuses to front court

    She did not appear for the start of the trial on Tuesday, after sending a letter to the court saying she could not afford to be represented at trial, and that any claim against her was now a claim against her estate.

    “I do not consider that I have any entitlement to further participate in the proceeding, nor do I intend to do so,” she wrote in the letter released by the court.

  20. Roy Orbison
    I remember all that too, as well as the way the media tied themselves in knots trying to avoid any mention of the less salubrious aspects of Ms Fraser’s personal life.

    What is it about this country, that we idolise anyone who is ‘good at sport’ and ignore anyone who achieves intellectual great feats.

  21. Speaking of the anti wind farm loons of the Waubra Foundation. Going through some results at work I came across a stack of tests that had been done on the Waubra wind farm turbines. Surprised to learn there as an actual wind farm there. After a bit of Google Earth work I spotted what may well have triggered the loons into action. There in the area there are two concentrations on fairly much adjacent paddocks. They appear to be on the same property. Meaning that owner gets all the money for having the approx. 40 turbines and all the neighbors get sfa.

  22. ” What is it about this country, that we idolise anyone who is ‘good at sport’ and ignore anyone who achieves intellectual great feats.”….I dunno..what about Warnie?…He was a dab-hand with the iphone?

  23. Kaffeeklatscher,

    As I pointed out the other day, the “effects” of “wind turbine syndrome” are inversely proportional to the suitability of people’s land for locating those very same turbines.


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