I really am a slacker . My apologies to all. Next week will be a bumper raffle night with maybe a quick trivia game as well . 

The Alp Conference is on this weekend so that should give us  plenty to discuss and  the MSM plenty to lie about.


———————————————————————————————————————As we 3 are all pretty busy atm. and I  will not be here much soon as going o/s, for the time being this thread will appear every Friday  Raffles will be held once a month with upgraded prizes.Things will kick of again more regularly later in the year hopefully.

It,s Friday . The weekend is here. Chat about what you like,post whatever pics you want,play whatever music you want. Not much different to a normal day really.



  1. Looked in on the TURC for 20 minutes or so. Stoljar seems to be on a fishing expedition and clutching at straws. Seems improbable he’d be able to trip Bill up even on a slur, given Bill’s knowledge of industry and the awards. Bill’s batting everything away pretty easily.

  2. Geez – is this man just stupid or is he lying? I’m going with both.

    Indigenous affairs adviser to PM ‘sorry’ for Confederate flag costume and ‘unaware’ of US outrage

    An Indigenous affairs adviser to Prime Minister Tony Abbott has apologised for wearing a Confederate flag costume to an event, saying he was “unaware” of the flag’s connection to racial tensions after a mass shooting in the United States.

    Mark Coffey, who works for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in the Northern Territory, was photographed wearing the costume last weekend at the Central Australian Beef Breeders’ Fourth of July themed dinner

  3. GD,
    Am watching Shorten. Can’t work out why he’s appearing before a Royal Commission. It’s simply muck raking about nothing. A union person worked for Bill Shorten. Hold the bloody presses. Shorten did deals for workers. Jesus, arrest him. But no doubt Fairfax and Murdoch and the acquiescent ABC will run amok. Tony will have achieved his objective.

  4. Here’s a youtube on Puffed Grass, one of the sponsors of Stan Freberg’s Radio Show, notably the Western Bang Gunleigh

    It struck me that Puffed Grass is a nice analogy for what we’re given in the Murdoch News Empire.


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