Finangling Friday

I am almost lost for words. Yes, we all knew the abbott regime would be a disaster, but the flagrant stupidity, depravity and utter lack of concern for anything other than their and their puppet-masters’ interests is breathtaking.

Is bronnie the Marie Antoinette of Oz politics?

It’s blatantly obvious abbott is Nero.

So, let’s flick the switch to farce this evening and explore the interesting realm of historical analogies.

Starting, perhaps, with

309 thoughts on “Finangling Friday

  1. What gets me so mad about this ‘the states need more money so increase the GST’ business is this – the feds give the states extra funding, in addition to the GST revenue, anyway, Why don’t they just increase the grants?

    It’s bleeping ridiculous that revenue for the states has to be divided up in some arcane manner according to formulas worked out by gnomes hidden in the depths of a secret Canberra cellar, with no variation allowed because the gnomes say so. If we need more hospitals, or more public schools, or better roads, then we should have them, regardless of whether or not the GST revenue can pay for them.

    Fracking Howard and his bleeping GST! His One Big Idea, his reason for wanting to be PM, so he could inflict it on us all. It has been a disaster from Day 1, but we keep being told it was Howard’s Big Triumph. I’d hate to see what a big disaster looks like, if the GST was a masterpiece of government policy.

    Why don’t people understand – the GST is a tax, a whopping big tax! You pay tax every time you open your purse or your wallet, and every time the price of something goes up you pay more tax. How hard is that to understand?

  2. puffy
    I know about that one finger typing. Miss Nicki likes to sit on the desk, beside my keyboard (it’s a very big desk) and demands pats and ear scratches while I’m typing. If I ignore her she just pushes my hands away from the keys.

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